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  1. One general caveat for all online instruction. There needs to be frequent followups to make sure that you are not misinterpreting the instruction and falling back to your old habits.
  2. 1. Stand up straighter at setup 2. First still-at 9:00 your lead arm is angled too much away from the target line - see enclose article by AMG 3 At the top your trail elbow is far too bent second still Suggestions #2and #3 are related . Both will be improved if you keep your trail arm straighter for longer in your backswing . As an added bonus , a straighter right arm will increase width , which is correlated to greater clubhead speed
  3. Milo Lines teaches a very rotational swing with a similar emphasis on trail wrist extension . He videos on YouTube are worth watching
  4. Because of insufficient light indoors , much of the movement of the shaft and hands are blurry. You also need to line up the camera in back of your hands not the ball
  5. When one is learning a new motor skill , a new neural pathway is created in the brain . This new neural pathway is at first weak and needs to be strengthen via numerous repetitions . If a golfer encounters stress( like competition) or fails to strengthen this new neural pathway sufficiently , there is a good chance that he/ she will regress back to the older, ingrained , incorrect neural pathway. This brings up a problem that is present in both in person instruction and especially with online instruction. Golfers need frequent very short followups to make sure that they are correctly performing the motion correctly . This is more likely to happen when you have easy personal access to your pro. If golfers do not have frequent followups , there is a good chance that they will misinterpret any new correct suggestions
  6. The smart ball keeps the distance between your arms at a constant level , Helping to prevent too much trail arm bend and helping to prevent the right elbow from getting behind the seam of your shirt. The force pedals train you on how to use the ground going back and down . Since they do not train contradictory motions or feels , they can be used together , but it might be an overload for your neurological system to use both at the beginning. Since learning to use the ground is a more complicated process than keeping your arms at a constant distance, it might be a good idea to learn the feel of the smart ball first. After you get used to the feel of the smart ball, then move on to force pedals
  7. Still too inside .Try the “forced” method . You can adjust the angle of the box if needed
  8. Your shoulder turn is better , but you still need to prerotate your head at setup to avoid it interfering with your backswing . After doing that you need to work on keeping your trail arm straighter for longer in your backswing . 1st still Bending your trail arm too much and too early reduces the width of your backswing . This will get your lead arm too far away from the target line going back . Less width will also reduce your potential distance . To fix this try two things . Hit balls via 1/2 swings without bending your right arm at all going back. This will feel difficult at first , but will also help with your rotation in the downswing . The second way is to hit balls with a soft inflatable ball between your elbows . You can go the expensive route via the Tourstriker smart ball or the cheap route via the smaller spiked ball at the dollar store or larger red ball at Walmart.
  9. Athletic Motion Golf has a video “ Flat left wrist at the top of the backswing” highlighting the use of the Hackmotion Sensor”. They said that among the pros they tested the tendency was towards a slightly cupped wrist at the top. This is confirmed by the Hackmotion database. It is unfortunate that Dustin Johnson’s extremely bowed lead wrist along with his strong grip has been used as a example to emulate by some amateurs and teaching pros. Dustin’s mobility is off of the charts even by tour standards . It is probably impossible for those with average mobility or even above average mobility to bow their lead wrist at the top if they have a strong grip.That is not to say that a strongly cupped lead wrist at the top is desirable ; it is NOT . But a slightly cupped lead wrist like most pros who have a strong grip is and should be the goal instead of bowing the lead wrist at the top. Considering that righties or lefties use their trail hand for most of their activities , it might be easier to emphasize more extension in the trail wrist rather than more flexion in the lead wrist . Hackmotion data shows that most of move towards extension in the trail wrist happens in the backswing with only a small additional amount occurring in transition.
  10. The position of the wrist at the top is highly dependent on the strength of the lead hand grip. While Dustin Johnson can be very flexed at the top with a strong grip , for most pros with a strong grip, an extended lead wrist at the top is common. That said your point is well taken with a more flexed lead wrist CLOSING the clubface I have previously made the argument that for “righties” focusing on extension of the right wrist is easier to accomplish , so your focus on the right wrist is hardly odd.
  11. Face looks open. Right elbow seems to be too bent . In order to shallow the shaft and get the club more in the slot , you must perform a very aggressive right shoulder external rotation . This may be very difficult from the position of your right elbow and angle of your right forearm . Stills can highlight specific incorrect and correct positions , but they need to be used as part of an analysis of the dynamic action of the swing. Please provide a front and dtl video
  12. Most golfers need to rotate their heads in the backswing in order to make a full shoulder turn. Often accompanying this head rotation is a small amount of lateral head motion away from the target . In your case your head rotation is affecting your ability to rotate your shoulders . Compare your position at 9:00 with that of Tigers. Notice that the left side of his spine is tilted away from the target while yours is straight.Notice the relationship of his left shoulder relative to his chin and compare your position to his Suggestions 1. Prerotate your head at setup ala Jack Nicklaus 2. Practice the correct shoulder turn by placing your hands on opposite shoulders ( after prerotating your head ) and making a full shoulder turn.
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