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  1. Try hitting irons with a very narrow stance ( feet 1-2 inches apart). If your hips continue to outrace your arms , you will fall over.
  2. My injury is more of a chronic injury caused by overuse and age , not by any specific trauma. It is an aching pain accompanied by a feeling of stiffness on the pinkie side of my wrist.I never associated clicking noises with this injury.Most of the time it is not present , but golf seems to activate it . Likely I have retained full strength and mobility, but I can NOT hit balls without resting a day or two between sessions. I do extensor and flexor stretches every day and immediately after hitting golf balls.I also do “ sweeper stretches “. Lightly place the affected hand palm down on a
  3. I have an inoperable TFCC tear. Although the WRIST WIDGET will not help to repair my tear , it is a game changer in helping to perform physical activities involving the hand/wrist.
  4. Many golfers are overweight and out of shape . Those facts combined with swings that place too much rotational pressure on the lumbar spine , instead of the thoracic spine are a recipe for problems Some suggestions 1. Lose weight 2.Do Yoga stretching and Palates strengthening exercises . 3.Completely stop hitting off of mats if possible. If grass is unavailable, tee up the ball to minimize the shock of hitting the concrete or macadam underneath the mats 4.Adopt a swing , which minimizes pressure placed on the lumbar(lower) spine .The swing taught by Mr Ballard has t
  5. Voltaren is promoted as being effective for arthritis . The instructions state that it is. suggested for use if the pain is relatively near the surface( like the fingers, wrist or knee ,)but is not effective for problems with deeper tissues , such as the shoulders. It used to be “black boxed”, so be careful if you have cardiovascular problems. I take CBD oil for other reasons .If you decide to go the CBD oil route , buy those products , which include some THC.In your case it is worth trying, , since there appears to be little negative interactions. Try warming up the entire hand/ wr
  6. Many golfers attempt to become more shallow , but end worse than before.First golfers need to answer some questions before trying to effectuate any changes How do you define shallowing? What benefits does shallowing have? What effect does shallowing have on the club face? At what part in the swing do you start shallowing ? Can shallowing be counterproductive? How are shallowing and torso rotation related?
  7. I am exceedingly fit at 73. I can do 90 pushups in a minute, 30 chin ups , 15 standing evil wheels , HIIT for 30 minutes have practiced yoga for decades .But I have still lost 30 yards off of the tee in the last decade despite the improvement in equipment .I have periodically suffered from numerous wrist , shoulder and ankle injuries and have not been able to compete at the state level for over a decade .I would rather not play at all then play from the old mans tees. My advice to everyone is to do as I say NOT as I do . If you are not playing for money, you are playing for pleasure. A
  8. PGA Tour Attack angle (-1.9) degrees Clubhead speed 113mph LPGA Tour Attack angle +3 degrees Clubhead speed. 94 mph
  9. Jack Nicklaus is a poor example of pelvic / hip rotation , since he suffered from degenerative hip disease resulting in the replacement of his left hip in 1999 when he was 59. He has commented that this hip bothered him for at least a decade prior to his hip replacement . Whether he suffered from imbalances in IR and ER of his hips is unknowable, but it is reasonable to assume that the manner in which he used his lower body during his swing contributed to his diseased hip.
  10. Start with this simple balance drill Stand up on with your arms relaxed by you side . Then time how long you can lift one foot off of the ground and alternate to the other foot After you feel competent in balancing on either foot,CLOSE your eyes and do the exact same drill. The average pro was able to balance 27 seconds with his/her eyes closed.
  11. Please do not continue to associate rotation with flexion/extension. Rotation is anatomically IMPOSSIBLE with just flexion/ extension. When flexion/ extension happens the hand tilts either towards the wrist or away from the wrist . It can NOT ROTATE the shaft or the clubface . Rotation is associated with pronation/ supination of the forearm and/or rotation of the humerus caused by external / internal rotation of the shoulder. But as I mentioned previously ,Flexion of the lead risk definitely effects the ORIENTATION of the clubhead not by rotation but by advancing the ha
  12. There are two anatomical movements which can rotate the wrist/hand and thus the shaft a.Rotation of the lower arm or forearm -either pronation or supination b.Rotation of the upper arm or humerus- either external or internal rotation Extension/ Flexion is not one of these, although it can be a coupled motion, meaning that it is more likely when other movements happen.When you flex your lead forearm you are tilting your hand towards your forearm . Any rotation of the clubhead is caused by forearm rotation and/ or rotation of the humerus. Tyler Ferrell has wr
  13. Actually the act of bowing the lead wrist causes the hands to advance relative to the clubhead, thus causing the clubface to face more to the right. Other actions must have happened to square the clubface at impact. You can easily demonstrate this . Just setup with the head of a 5 iron lightly touching the ground and your wrists neither extended or flexed . Notice where the clubface is pointed. Now leaving the club very lightly touching the ground, bow your lead wrist, so that you create obvious shaft lean. Now notice that the clubface faces more to the right .
  14. The anatomical definition of extension/ flexion is clear -either tilting your hand toward the inside of your wrist( flexing or bowing ) or tilting your hand toward the outside ( extension or cupping).Rotation is not part of the definition of either extension or flexion , since the wrist is NOT anatomically capable of rotation . By this standard definition there is absolutely NO basis to think that flexing the lead wrist will by ITSELF square the clubface. On the CONTRARY , flexing the lead wrist will advance the hands relative to the clubhead , resulting in the clubface pointing more to ri
  15. Pepperturbo Last summer when my torn tffc really acted up, I suspended golf and upper body workouts for a couple of months because my wrist would severely ache for a couple of days after hitting balls. Ice and Voltaren only temporarily reduced my discomfit. Even though my fitness levels are off of the charts,I will never criticize those who choose rest over pain.I have a number of friends who suffer from arthritis . The general consensus is that movement is beneficial , so I can also understand your attitude.
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