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  1. Our trip to Hilton Head/Savannah was a success. Hilton Head welcomed us with the perfect golf weather and we enjoyed our golf view resort and 3 rounds at Sea Pines. Atlantic Dunes was challenging, Heron Point was a nice break between Atlantic Dunes and Harbour Town. Harbour Town was a lot of fun with handful of memorable holes. We ate at Skull Creek and Smokehouse which both were okay. Played another round and stayed another night in Savannah. Fantastic town.
  2. Thank you for the video. Just ordered mine so very excited about it!
  3. We are heading down this Wednesday and staying at Sea Pines Resort to play their 3 courses. Also another night in Savannah to check out the town and play The Club at Savannah Harbor. First time in Savannah and Hilton Head. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
  4. Multi item 10% off. Lacoste, good condition, S/M, $30 shipped. Lacoste, good condition, S/M, $30 shipped. Fairway & Greene 2021 Women's AM, worn twice $25 shipped. Peter Millar 2018 US Open, never worn $25 shipped. Cutter & Buck, never worn $25 shipped. Masters Magnolia Lane, worn few times $25 shipped. Footjoy, never worn $25 shipped. Sunice, never worn $25 shipped. Barstool Sports, never worn $25 shipped each. pin 11/8
  5. I got butt kicked by the course. I need a rematch.
  6. 10% Discount for multi item purchase. All are medium. Masters Collection Worn once, $25 shipped. Cutter & Buck Worn once, $25 shipped. Cutter & Buck Worn once, $25 shipped. New without tag, $15 shipped. SOLD pin 10/25
  7. So far there aren't many airbnbs popped up. Ones posted are whole house/apartment go 5 figures.
  8. I like this idea since car ride will be a terrible idea. Thank you!
  9. Since this category falls into "travel", I'm posting to get the local help. I just got the tickets for the Open and have no idea where to stay and how to get around. I assume staying in St Andrews will be nearly impossible because of the price. So maybe a daytrip from Edinburgh or Dundee? We'll be on the road before or after Ireland trip, so most likely just attend one day. Thank you for your help in advance!
  10. We are planning ours next year so this is so great! Thank you so much!!
  11. I don't know how, but golf god wants me to be there. I got the tickets!
  12. St Andrews & Edinburgh St Andrews is not only Home of Golf, it’s also home to the University of St Andrews which is ranked as the second best university in the United Kingdom, behind the University of Cambridge (also where Prince William attended and met Kate Middleton). Town is filled with electric energy from the golfers around the world and the university students. It’s beautiful buildings, kind people, breathtaking sceneries, great food, unlimited beer and whisky selections (not whiskey!) should be enough reasons to visit even if you weren’t a golfer. I miss our nightly walks over Old Course’s 17th & 18th fairway back to our hotel. Our last stop was the capital city of Scotland Edinburgh. We didn’t have any expectations and pleasantly surprised by the beauty of this city. The city was full of gorgeous old buildings and castle. People were well dressed, out and living their lives. Too bad we didn’t have enough time to explore more! \ The moment of truth. I finally got to try Haggis with neeps and tatties.(savory pudding containing sheep’s pluck minced with onion, oatmeal, suet, spices and salt with turnips & potatoes) Which wasn't bad at all? It just tastes like minced meat. I did hear it can be bad, but mine was pretty darn good. It's not something I would crave and look for to order, but I'm glad I tried!
  13. Day 7 Last morning in St Andrews. Our last round in Scotland was Kingsbarns. It opened in 2000 and has been rated as one of the best courses in Scotland. Owned by American and majority of golfers are Americans as well. Visually stunning and fun & fair course. Protip: While it is an expensive round to play at £328 (roughly $445). But the half price replay covers a week, not the same day. We were joined by two American single players. An older gentleman who is well connected in the area and a university student who's attending a semester at The University of Edinburgh. He happened to come from the same hometown area as my boyfriend so we made an instant bond. Our caddies from St Andrews booked Lindsey and Dennis for us at Kingsbarns who were also great caddies and really nice guys. Another pleasant walks and talks. Always have time to stop and meet a good boi. A beautiful Scottish Deerhound. Casually making an eagle at 16th hole 504 yard par 5. Knew he was a good player, but didn't know he was a plus handicap player. Shot 2 over just because he never played the course with no help from a caddie. I'm just gonna take a picture of my shoes, flowers and bunkers. What an experience to play 6 great courses in Scotland. Coming here we thought this would be the once in a lifetime trip. As we are leaving, we are thinking about when will be the next time. Hopefully soon enough!
  14. Day 6 First rainy day in Scotland which we welcome for the full Scottish golf experience. The Carnoustie Championship Course. The Championship Course has hosted eight Open Championships, two Women’s Open and two Seniors Open making it one of the very few to have done so in the UK. It is one of three courses used for the annual Dunhill Links, the others being Kingsbarns and the Old Course in St Andrews. What you see is what you get. Unlike other links courses, Carnoustie doesn't hold much surprises. Yet it is really hard. Just two weeks prior it hosted 2021 Women's British Open. The course is hard and the conditions were tough. I didn't play my A game and was struggling through. Yet somehow my boyfriend was having a round of his life! Well, I didn't suffer as bad as he did. Playing Carnoustie in rain and wind 5th straight day playing golf, I would say this is as good as it gets! What a round he had!! Cheers!!! Back to the Old. Old Course is a public course over common land in St Andrews, Fife, Scotland and is held in trust by the St Andrews Links Trust under an act of Parliament. The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews clubhouse sits adjacent to the first tee, although it is but one of many clubs (St Andrews Golf Club, The New Golf Club, St Regulus Ladies Golf Club and The St Rule Club are the others with clubhouses) that have playing privileges on the course, along with some other non-clubhouse owning clubs and the general public. Originally known as the "golfing grounds" of St Andrews, it was not until the New Course was opened in 1895 that it became known as the Old Course. St Andrews Golf Club & The New Golf Club. Guinness & Extra Cold Guinness at The Keys Bar. 5 degree temperature difference. Since we'll head to Edinburgh right after our round at Kingsbarns tomorrow, this is our last night out in St Andrews. I'll be counting down days to return. Thank you for everything, St Andrews.
  15. Day 5 Another beautiful day in St Andrews. We were very lucky to have beautiful weather with very minimum wind. Today was originally a day off from golf and do some sightseeing. But since this might be the last good weather, I much rather play another round. So we canceled everything but a distillery tour at The Glenturret. The Glenturret Distillery is in the middle of nowhere about an hour and a half north of St Andrews (we had a driver). Established in 1763, it is the oldest running distillery in Scotland. I was just missing our cats and needed some fur contact. And there he was, greeting me belly up. One of two resident feline pest control expert at Glenturret. His name is Glen. This was an hour tour through out the distillery to learn their history and hand operated Glenturret single malt whisky making. Learned where "blind drunk" and "monkey shoulders" originated from. Turret is sleeping while on duty. They had a female long-haired tortoiseshell cat called Towser (Towser the mouser) from 1963 till 1987. She currently holds the Guinness book record victim count estimated 28,899. I don't think that record is breaking anytime soon. Especially not by Turret. The fun part! The Glenturret Lalique restaurant Italian high end crystal Lalique Group purchased Glenturret 2018. They poured some new money into the distillery and upscaled the restaurant. They currently have Michelin starred chef Mark Donald who was creating some unbelievable cuisines. This was the most beautiful bar I've ever seen. In the middle of nowhere in Scotland! Unfortunately we didn't have enough time to enjoy the full course. But little we tasted were amazingly flavorful. Next time we'll have more time and dress better. I felt like I was going around to crash all these beautiful places in my shorts and hoodie. Shame we never stay in our room long enough to truly enjoy this view. I much rather be out and playing golf though. So we won't get this nice of a room next time. We got a last minute tee time at Jubilee. 6742 yards, par 72. The third championship course at the Home of Golf, the Jubilee is considered by many to be the most challenging course on the famous Links. Built in 1897, it was originally intended for use by ladies and beginners. However, after seeing its prime golfing location between the New Course and the sea, the Jubilee was converted to a championship layout in 1988. It was late afternoon and sun was setting. Just two of us and same caddies from two previous rounds. We were enjoying ourselves too much, didn't even take much pictures/videos. We had one pound per hole skins and winning team's caddie was getting extra 20 pounds. Me and my boyfriend were neck and neck going into 18th. I got a par and he got a bogey. I won a pound (plus bragging rights) and took a great care of Neil. More seafood and local beer! Tailend Restaurant was fantastic. Drinks in Dunvegan. Nightly walks over 18th & 17th fairway back to our hotel.
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