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  1. We had our trip got canceled last year and this year. As of now, we are scheduled (for the third time) September 3rd to 11th. I’ll believe it’ll happen when I’m onboard waiting to takeoff.
  2. Mine: 1. Pac Dunes 2. Bandon Dunes 3. Sheep Ranch 4. Old Mac 5. Trails Boyfriend: 1. Bandon Dunes 2. Sheep Ranch 3. Old Mac 4. Pac Dunes 5. Trails All these courses are so great, I think ranking also can change based on the weather and your scorecard.
  3. Extra If you fly into Seattle to layover somewhere from the east, sit on the right side to see Mt. Baker. Flying into Eugene sit on the left, flying out of Eugene sit on the right. You can see Mt. Jefferson, Hood, St. Helens, Adams and Rainier. Driving from Eugene to Bandon is very scenic. It is two lane road can be blocked by campers. So try to stay on I-5 as long as possible. Otherwise get comfortable and enjoy the ride. Wild lives were everywhere! Deer, squirrels, racoons and all
  4. We finalized our trip on July 5th, 9 days before the departure. I guess I got really lucky with my birthday this year. I felt so lucky and blessed every single moment I was in Bandon. Grateful for everything in life.
  5. I'm relatively a new golfer. Got a set of beginner clubs 2015 Christmas and started taking lessons 2016 & 2017. 2018 finally started playing 18 holes when I could move along with a foursome. My index before Bandon was 21.8 and now 20.3. So this trip report isn't so much about the course info. I just would like to share my experience at a great golf resort and maybe you can get something you didn't get elsewhere since my approach is bit different. July 18th 2021 Sheep Ranch 9:10am First round at Bandon Dunes,
  6. We were supposed to be in the UK for the Open Championship and 5 rounds at St. Andrews. But UK still put us in 10 day quarantine (even for those fully vaccinated) until July 19th. So we had to cancel the Open and push St. Andrews to early September. Meanwhile, we scrambled last minute trip to Bandon Dunes. Lodging was fully booked until November, 2022. But with the huge help from Samantha, Patricia and Jasmine at reservations we were able to make the trip happen in 2 weeks notice. A miracle. July 14th 2021 Left our apartment 5am.
  7. I came to golf heaven without dying. Full trip report to follow in a week!
  8. We were suppose to go to the Open at St. George's, play the course day after the tournament and another 8 days in St. Andrews to play 5 courses. But UK is still keeping us in Amber country which requires 10 day quarantine so the trip is canceled yet again. For now, St. Andrews is pushed to the late August and we are inserting Bandon Dunes from July 14th to 20th. I was going to make a solo trip next year since my boyfriend doesn't want to fly all the way just to play golf. Some miracle happened and now he agreed to come. Samantha at booking miraculously made our trip ha
  9. We are heading to Bandon in 13 days for 7 days. Your trip report is greatly helpful. Thank you so much and hope to report back my own version!
  10. Been playing 5 years and just got one. Ridgewood Country Club West Course. 6th hole 98 yards par 3 with a pitching wedge. We thought my boyfriend's shot was close to the hole not knowing mine was already in the cup. I knew I struck really well and it was going straight to the flag but the green was elevated so couldn't see anything. I was busy looking for my ball behind the green. Boyfriend tapped in his birdie and goes "There's another ball in the cup...". It was unbelievable.
  11. All the items are women's. Multi item purchase gets 10% discount. Masters Collection Cotton Shirt. Sizing is closer to M/L than L. Worn once, like new condition. $20 shipped. Masters Magnolia Lane Reversible Vest Large, like new condition. $30 Shipped. Masters Magnolia Lane Reversible Vest Large, like new condition. $30 Shipped. Masters Magnolia Lane cotton sweater Sizing is closer to M/L than M. length is in shorter side, good condition. $15 Shipped.
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