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  1. Definitely a defect. Mine is flush and has a very normal sound.
  2. I have the Hoofer Tour. Really like the looks, but the tangle is starting to get to me. I might start playing with 5 clubs to enjoy a tangle-free round.
  3. I missed the Jr executive window. Hoping to make the senior citizen discount one day.
  4. Is it the standard 35 inch version? And how thick is the grip? Thanks.
  5. Thanks for the tip. If I were going to put one indoors, I wouldn't hesitate to buy one from StarPro or Big Moss. They have great indoor options. Installing one outside is a bigger project and more expensive, which is why I'm being cautious.
  6. I'm about to start building a green in my backyard. It'll probably be about 10 x 20 feet. I've identified a few companies to buy the surface from but would like feedback from anyone who has built one. Anybody have feedback on StarPro, All Turf Matts, or Big Moss Golf? Or any other companies? I know a guy posted on here about 4 years ago very cool pictures of his project for which he used All Turf Matts. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Not weird at all. I feel the same way. And the guy who suggested you must give yourself lots of putts must never have putted on the practice green.
  8. All items are OBRO. Add $5 for west of Miss. Paypal only. All shipping will be by USPS unless requested by buyer. Thanks for looking and please let me know if you have questions or want to make a reasonable offer. No trades (unless you have an MP32 2 iron you want to part with). Thanks. 1) Ping Blueprints: 6-PW; Project X LZ 6.0/120 shafts; all serial numbers match; standard length; Green dot; all clubs were made by Ping 1/4 club strong in loft so about 1 degree strong. Some scratches on bottom of 9 iron. PW is most used club (see photo closeup); that is just the hydropearl
  9. Don't know crap about torque. What I know is that i recently bought an old set of MP-32's and have been enjoying them. I hadn't hit the long irons, though. This week I took the 3 iron out and couldn't believe how great it was to hit. I compared it to the brand new hollow utility iron I have and hit the MP-32 more consistently than the new club. I'm really blown away by how much I enjoy hitting them.
  10. That is a gorgeous golf club! Do you own it, or is that a stock photo?
  11. Been hitting my ZX 20 degree at every opportunity. Definitely my favorite club in the bag.
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