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  1. It'll be interesting to see what the new Mizuno Pro line of irons sells for (as comparison to the i59).
  2. Must've been the shaft. I believe the lofts on the i59 and BP are the same.
  3. Wow. Funny that they charge $5 less because many grips cost $12 at least.
  4. The PXG ads train their fans to call anyone who doesn't like their clubs "haters." What a bizarre, paranoid existence.
  5. I talked to a sales guy at Golf Galaxy yesterday who said that Titleist is so low on grips that it has started sending wedges with no grips to the store and telling the store to add a grip from the existing inventory according to what the buyer wants.
  6. Got very credible numbers from my R10 today at the range. Setup was easy. I didn't even use a stick to line it up, and it was fine. Started with it about an inch lower than the mat, and then put something under it, which didn't change the carry numbers at all. Very good performance today. The highlight, though, was when two guys walked by. I was using the feature to record my swing. I was using a five-year-old ipad (although a pretty big one). One of the guys says "I'd love to have that setup." His friend responds: "It'll cost you at least two thousand bucks." (I'm in the US, so that's USD.) Was a good reminder of how much we get out of this thing for $600.
  7. If there's anything most long-time golfers are prepared for it would be a ball shortage.
  8. That's a fine idea, Stan! Please try to download Edgartown Golf Club (MA) or Ombersley GC (UK).
  9. In terms of being rude about where you stand, I really hate playing with people who constantly park their carts or stand in or close to my intended target line (or unintended if they're slightly in front of me and to my right --where my hosel rockets fly). It gets really old constantly asking people to move because you don't want to be in litigation with their estates for the next five years.
  10. That's exactly what my post was about where I described how in college golf they take "Ready Golf" to an extreme, even leaving their opponents a hole back.
  11. Beautiful club. $1400 USD for 4-PW with standard KBS steel shaft. Not too bad for prices these days.
  12. There’s a thread on the Garmin support forums where a bunch of people have complained about not being able to download courses on HTH.
  13. I understand that there is a rule in junior golf (or maybe it’s just standard practice) that if your opponent asks what yardage you have on your gps or laser, you are required to provide that info. Makes sense if the purpose is to determine who is away. Anyone have experience with this? Are you allowed to respond: “Sorry, not telling” (or something equally childish)?
  14. Shipping included to CONUS. Add $7 for west of Mississippi. Willing to consider offers but no low balls. Paypal only. No trades please. Thanks. 1. TaylorMade p770 4-PW, TT Elevate Tour stiff shafts, NDMC midsize grips, standard loft and length, 1.5 degrees upright, photo is of 4i with tape measure. Very few rounds and only some range sessions in these. $SOLD 2) Ping G410 hybrid 17 degrees, Tensei orange shaft, 80HY X flex, Best Grips midsized leather grip, $SOLD 3) Orange Whip Lightspeed, full size, excellent condition except the ball has some marks from grazing the ground, $SOLD. 4) 4) Recoil F4 stiff shaft, professionally pulled from a Srixon ZX 3 utility, Lamkin Crossline midsize grip, barely used. $50
  15. Lots of people say definitely go to Westfields.
  16. Hey, did you end up bending the BPs? My response is that there is no problem bending BPs. Just buy some orange paint to fill the little dots!
  17. I agree. There is something almost addictive about the feel of Blueprints.
  18. Have you watched college golf on TV? They will tee off before everyone is even on the tee box, and when a player is dealing with a ruling, the rest of the group will sometimes tee off on the next hole and the player with the ruling could be a hole behind.
  19. I got a kick out of the photo of the guy standing on his mat two feet from the net asking what’s wrong. Despite that photo, many people with the distance problem into a net have carefully read all recommendations and tried everything. The course downloading problem isn’t a user error. Garmin needs to fix that asap.
  20. Mt thoughts after using it for 5 days: 1. Distances into my outdoor net suck. About 20% short. 2. Distances at range are quite good. Usually about a +/- 5 yard variability on balls that land within a yard or two of each other (a 150 yard shot), but I can live with it. 3. About 25% of the courses I have tried to play on HTH won't download. That's pretty poor for a company of Garmin's reputation for reliability. 4. I love that I can film my swings so easily. That's a big bonus for me that hasn't been mentioned much. 5. As for E6, I love that we get the 5 free courses. The graphics are really cool except that the numbers on the screen are tiny. I have to walk over to the ipad after each shot to see how many yards I have left to the hole. Is there any reason they make it like trying to read the bottom row of letters on the eye test? 6. I'm on version 3.3. Haven't been given an option on Garmin Express to update to 3.4. Overall, pretty good. I'm hoping a firmware update will fix the distance measurements into a net and that Garmin figures out how to fix the downloading issue on HTH.
  21. Thanks, I finally got it to work. It was only going blue for a nanosecond and my ipad wasn't picking it up. E6 can only be on one device, right?
  22. How do you connect a second device? I connected my phone and that was easy because the light turns blue and it goes into pairing mode the first time you turn it on. What about when you then want to pair your ipad? The manual doesn’t say how to get it back into pairing mode. Isn’t that an obvious thing to address in the manual?
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