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  1. I really haven't noticed much difference. My blade PW is 45 so I estimate that the 545 flies about 5 yards farther, but I don't mind taking something off the PWs to close the gap between them and my 51 degree 545 gap wedge. Definitely try the 7s. I really don't think I would notice much difference between the two versions of ZXs, and if the gapping is better for you that's a good reason to go with them.
  2. The ZX5s and ZX7s look almost identical to me. They were obviously designed with the mixed set in mind. Seems it would be very easy to blend them. I have blades but I also have 545s 4-PW. On days when I feel like playing the 545s, I have no longing for a mixed set. They are awesome from 4 to PW. I'm sure I'd be very happy with a straight set of ZX5s, but you should definitely try them both out before deciding whether to blend them.
  3. Finally one mention of Matsuyama. Saw a bunch of references to Shane on the first page and was wondering where the love is for Matsuyama. With how great he strikes his irons, I'm surprised everyone doesn't run out and demo Srixons after watching him. As for the Kia comment. That's totally a misperception. Srixons are absolutely as good quality as TM, Titleist, Ping, Cally. I also really like the Z Stars and Q stars. I've played a bunch of Srixons and currently own the 545s and U45. Absolyelt love the 5 series irons shape of head more so than the recent ones. A
  4. Nice. Strong deal on those Srixons. They won't last long. The MBs are beauties too.
  5. I clicked on this ad because I thought the title said something about porn headcovers.
  6. Cool looking putter for those of us who enjoy center shaftedness.
  7. Thanks. I don't know Scottys well. I guess that means that the Phantom F5 is a new model that we haven't seen yet.
  8. Thanks for the photos. I was trying to post one but not that tech savvy. So it seems you don't know what it is. Is that right?
  9. Any club tangle? Any problems getting the clubs all the way down the bag? That's my one nit with it. I thought the clubs would settle down into the bag easier, even though I use midsized grips.
  10. Thanks, man. I was able to find one at a Golf Galaxy about 45 minutes from my house. Because they don't have them on the website, I had to call every GG in driving distance. Thanks for the offer.
  11. I wondered about that, but does the X5 come in a center shafted version. His putter this week was definitely center shafted.
  12. The WITB on the main page says it was a Scotty Cameron Phantom F5. Is that correct? I can't even find one on Google.
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