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  1. I use the big tour 3 as a driver replacement. It’s definitely hot. If I had one complaint it’s the face height — it’s a little shallow.
  2. Keep the blades, makes the game way more fun as there is so many more shots in the bag.
  3. Tiger: “Look how far I can hit this on one leg, imagine what you can do with two”
  4. There is definitely a difference in blade designs. Just depends on your miss, if you miss on the toe look for a blade with tungsten plugs on the toe. I play vr pros and nearly missed the grooves toward the toe the other day and still had a good result. If you miss on the heel you’ll want something with a cg more towards the hosel. I can’t speak to either of the designs you mentioned but hoped to inspire you to continue your search. For whatever reason most of the people that play blades on here are complete snobs. God forbid the words forgiveness and blade are mentioned in the same thread.
  5. Ahh yes, the “white sunglasses” phase. No offense to those still wearing white sunglasses — but please save some women for the rest of us.
  6. I’ve got a buddy that still plays the same bag he played in high school golf (08). Cleveland launcher, TM burner 3 wood, MP62s, Cleveland 588 wedges and a Scotty futura. Still gets it around just fine.
  7. It’s cool the face is red. Imagine first tee at Augusta, birds chirping, dew rising, Tiger teeing it up with the iconic red face. Notorious snap hook into the other fairway. Patented high cut over the trees to make par. These things will sell like any other TM driver. Since the sim, everyone has always said they are ugly in the pre-release. They start to look a lot better when you see Tiger, DJ, and Rory smashing them in the marketing videos. OAN, playing some mens softball I learned that composite bats take awhile to break in before they reach their peak. I wonder if these things will get hotter through time. I can’t hit a driver anyways so I don’t have any skin in the game. #2WoodGang
  8. T-4s with the spinners. I was hoarding them on eBay for awhile. Hit some of the best wedge shots of my life, I still have them but I ordered a custom wedgeworks low bounce K so I’m financially committed to the vokeys.
  9. Can’t hit driver to save my life so I decided to build a hot 3 wood. Put a Cobra SZ Big Tour w/ Ventus Black 70X in play for the first time yesterday. For me it was everything it is cracked up to be, stable but with feel. First swing was a toe block that would normally hook but held its line along the right tree line. Next shot was a slight block out of the middle that would normally leak a bit right but held its line that kept me barely in play — I think previous clubs would have put me out of play. Last shot of the day was a 550 yard downwind par 5 that I aimed a little left to account for the block and smashed it dead straight. Hit it 10 yards past my buddies driver for 240 in. Normal 3 wood is about 260 carry for me so this was a freak shot, hard fairways downwind etc. Final thoughts, great feel for how stable it is. Not going to be a club I’ll be able to hook or cut on demand, just seems to want to go straight which is cool with me. I was an Atmos Black fan before and I’d say this is a tighter version with more feel for those wondering. I’ve always preferred the blueboard to whiteboard profile FWIW.
  10. As others have mentioned, the ball change has spiraled out of control. He immediately changed iron shafts after the ball change, didn’t work, and then started chasing his (imaginary) swing issues. His iron play is putting too much pressure on his short game and now that’s gone. It’s a mental death spiral. I root for BDR but his mental game has never been his strength.
  11. Current setup: Cobra F9 Atmos TS black 7X Handicap: 12 Location: Port Tobacco, MD (courses just opened back up) Test Model: TR 440 10.5 Willingness to participate: Happily Testing Approach: Dial it in on the range and take it to the course and let her eat.
  12. Thanks guys, didn’t even realize this shaft existed. Just ordered a Bridgestone tour b Xd h with the KBS tour prototype. Sub $100 experiment.
  13. Currently playing KBS Tour 130X in my ping G25s and love the feel and performance. Looking for some hybrid shaft recommendations that would compliment the tours. I’m around 115ss with driver and prefer something in the mid 80 weight range in hybrids.
  14. I’m an idiot and quoted on accident and now can’t figure out how to delete. Anyways, I’d like to test out the hosel rocket capability.
  15. Same thing for me. On the course it’s better, but, super unforgiving for me on mishits. I did crush a couple that rolled for days. Sold it a week after I bought it. 11.5 with rogue silver
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