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  1. I genuinely read this and thought "I haven't heard of a physicist called Bryson - who's that?" ?
  2. I get it, it goes beyond pre-school maths so you probably don't understand it. Just don't take part in the conversation is my advice. I regret that particular post and have since removed it. I apologize for being nasty. No worries, I appreciate that. I thought it would be an interesting discussion point based on more than just anecdotes - if nobody's interested then it's no bother and I won't take it personally!
  3. I get it, it goes beyond pre-school maths so you probably don't understand it. Just don't take part in the conversation is my advice.
  4. Maybe we have a different idea of a merry-go-round! I meant an unpowered spinning thing like you would find in a children's playground. The linear velocity will change if you move outwards or inwards but the angular momentum will remain the same. And I'm saying that a longer club won't have a higher velocity at the clubhead if swung with the same force.
  5. Thanks for genuine discussion points: 1) Assuming external forces are equal for both shaft lengths they will be a constant for both shaft lengths. 2) Yes but MOI is directly related to length, especially given that the clubhead accounts for the vast majority if the overall mass. 3) Torque results in angular velocity indeed, but this angular velocity will be lower for an object with a greater moment (i.e heavier, further from the fulcrum) in order to maintain angular momentum. Are you suggesting that a given amount of torque with achieve the same angular velocity regardless of the mass o
  6. So a golf swing is not powered by muscular force? If you have nothing constructive to say then why bother? And nothing you have said has any substance to contradict what I've said so why waste the time in reading my TLTR ramble?
  7. So, most people assume that shortening your driver shaft will lower your clubhead speed and will lose you distance. I'm sure this has been discussed to death with endless anecdotal evidence being put forth but I would like to look at this from a factual, physics based viewpoint. The law of conservation of angular momentum states that "the total angular momentum of a system remains constant unless acted on by an external torque". Think of spinning on a merry-go-round, as you move outwards the speed of rotation slows down and vice versa in order to maintain the angular momentum of the system
  8. Perfect analogy. The 1967 Corvette would be less forgiving and more rewarding (and way cooler) - it would demand that you perfected your driving skill to get the best out of and it would punish you if you were cack-handed or heavy footed. As for 29% less GIR to play the FG100.... those are some lovely clubs, I'll take those and just practice more to hopefully mitigate the 29% losses!
  9. People seem to be taking this quite personally, I've no problems with anyone or any clubs they choose to play so why are people getting worked up about this? I don't think the first world problems term is applicable here as I am not complaining about anything, just expressing myself and how I like to approach things. And as regards whether I would rather spend £700 on a "shiny set of tiny-headed ‘blades” " or "big, ugly clubs that let you hit two more greens per round" - yes I would choose the shiny headed blades because for me they are desirable, challenging and beautiful and to me that h
  10. In the words of the great Eddy Merckx (cycling reference) "Don't buy upgrades, ride up grades" And if spending £700 on a new set of irons would gain me 2 extra greens a round - no I wouldn't be interested. Genuinely it seems there are 2 sides to this and both sides are equally perplexed by the other.
  11. Some seriously polarising opinions here on this one! As the OP, there's clearly no right or wrong approach - personally I just get more enjoyment out of trying to master a technique than focusing on getting a higher score. In many ways this can be detrimental to a good score as I often play a risky shot that is really out of my reach skill wise just to see if I can pull it off! I often take a driver when playing an iron is almost certainly the better scoring play because I enjoy a bit of jeopardy, because in the moment the thrill of pulling it off outweighs the possible detriment to my s
  12. Well thank you for your welcome and for taking the time to keep such an accurate tally of how often this topic has been discussed - in the future I shall endeavour to choose more original topics for conversation. I don't have a theory as such, just posing the question of whether or not playing forgiving equipment actually benefits your skill or just your score. If scoring is the ultimate objective (as in competition) then of course take any advantage that you can, I was just looking at it from another perspective - one that has instigated 2,382 discussions in the past 3 months so I can't b
  13. Do "game improvement" clubs actually improve your game? I ask this as I feel that there are 2 ways to approach golf and indeed any other sporting or competitive activity. 1. Aiming to get the lowest score possible 2. Aiming to be as good as possible The 2 are obviously not mutually exclusive. For me the second option is the goal and the first option is simply a way of measuring the second. If we are not playing in a competition then where does the need for game improvement clubs come in? If your average score comes down by 4 strokes by playing cavity backed GI clubs then what have yo
  14. I've just got an immaculate 983k 9.5 with Aldila NV Xtreme (rare shaft) and I love it. I've tried tons of new 460cc drivers but never found anything that really worked better for me than my old 905t - I only got the 983 on a whim to see how it compared. First round with it last weekend and missed 2 fairways (very good for me) and smashed a couple of absolute monsters past 320 yards. Similar to the 905T but somehow just better - more solid feel, crisper sound. I seem to be able to seriously unleash with this club and maintain form and consistency which I don't seem to be able to do with ne
  15. Hi all Just wanted to see if anyone had any pearls of wisdom to help me with a new driver. I have been playing older Titleist drivers - currently a 983K 9.5 with Aldila NV Xtreme stiff shaft. I don't know what my swing speed is but with a clean contact and without going mad I hit my drives to about 300 yards. I hit two drives on my round at the weekend to 325 (I know everybody on Golf WRX has 120mph + swing speed but I used to hit 300 as a 15 year old with a King Cobra steel driver). I recently picked up a cheap second hand 909 D2 8.5 degree with Fujikura Rombax Z708 stiff shaft and h
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