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  1. finally got my response from Dick's sporting goods (had a gift card for there) order shipped today should be here by Tuesday ordered 8/29
  2. Ordered my set from Dick's only difference was modus pro 120's. No length or lie adjustments. Ordered 8/28 and still no update. I'm gonna lose it waiting for these lol
  3. wonder what my wait time is going to be like. Ordered the 921F from Dick's on Aug 29. Still just says "in process"
  4. probably not. I don't have first hand experience but have actually heard that the tour's are the least changed model of the bunch. Which makes sense. A ton of high end/tour players already loved the tour model and better players are even less receptive to large changes.
  5. Hmm yeah that's around when I ordered. That would be nice some people were saying into october
  6. I ordered a set of 921 forged's DSG says "standard delivery 9/14/2020" obviously don't think its coming today lol Anyone got anything?
  7. the distance on the p790's was just too uncontrollable for me. Bought a couple irons to test on my launch monitor. Idk what it was but what people say about it occasionally just jumping off the face is true. I normally hit my 7i between 180-190 depending on the loft. With the p790's I was hitting it 200 and occasionally idk if it was just a dead center strike or what but it would just pop off for like 210-215
  8. Hey guys. bought all of this stuff when the pandemic started. None of it has even seen a course just a little fiberbuilt mat play, Most of the PXG irons have probably been swung less than 50 times. total. These things are pristine. About as close to new as a used club could possibly be. Standard length, loft and lie's I would prefer to sell them local (DFW) but am willing to ship as well. Will come in the OEM box from PXG. let me know if you would like any additional pictures or anything Looking for $600 obo for the PXG set
  9. Yeah I actually liked my modus pro 120's. A buddy of my also let me try his forged tec black's with AMT s300's that felt really good. I generally go with stiff flex. I could probably even step up to X stiff but not sure I should. it looks like Dick's has quite a few options from KBS, Nippon and True Temper
  10. @Exactice808 wow thanks for all the info! definitely will looks through all this and decide whether to go for a true shaft fitting
  11. hey guys been playing on and off for about 2 years. Work and kids have kept me from playing as much as id like but I love the game. I have had 3 total sets of irons all with different shafts. One of the starter dicks sporting goods sets when i first got into it for about 2 months. Then my brother ended up getting me a big discount on a set of PXG 0311 XF's that had Modus Pro 120's and currently "gaming" I say that in quotes because I got them right at the start of the pandemic and literally have only hit them on my fiberbuilt mat pxg 0211's with elevate tour's. While I
  12. curious where from? a local dealer or straight from mizuno?
  13. thinking of picking up a set of the forged's. Saw somewhere say the 28th but havent seen anything Thanks!
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