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  1. lmao no offense taken. I honestly did not buy this with the intent of resale I just do not use it nearly enough to warrant the price. been way more busy then I anticipated and my 3rd garage space where I have been using it is taken up at the moment.
  2. essentially what the other reply said. I paid 2k + Tax. Checked ebay and it seems like most are selling for my asking price or even more (seriously go check theres one at $2600 with 17 bids that looks far more used lol) Sadly the land of covid is doing wild things.
  3. Hey guys. Bought most of this at the start of the pandemic thinking I would be able to use it a ton and just haven't Skytrak probably has less then 1000 shots through it. Have all original boxes and manuals. Asking $2300 obo ; Can throw in TGC 2019 for an extra $600 Fiberbuilt hitting mat: Also like new. got this later so even less use on it. maybe a couple hundred shots total. Perfect condition. Only really looking to sell this one locally. Asking $550 obo (what I paid for it after shipping) WOULD ALSO BE WILLING TO TRADE FOR AN NVI
  4. finally got my response from Dick's sporting goods (had a gift card for there) order shipped today should be here by Tuesday ordered 8/29
  5. Ordered my set from Dick's only difference was modus pro 120's. No length or lie adjustments. Ordered 8/28 and still no update. I'm gonna lose it waiting for these lol
  6. wonder what my wait time is going to be like. Ordered the 921F from Dick's on Aug 29. Still just says "in process"
  7. probably not. I don't have first hand experience but have actually heard that the tour's are the least changed model of the bunch. Which makes sense. A ton of high end/tour players already loved the tour model and better players are even less receptive to large changes.
  8. Hmm yeah that's around when I ordered. That would be nice some people were saying into october
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