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  1. I game the Apex pros. They out perform 921 Tours in every area for me. Wasn’t sure about the hollow body construction at first but I love them now.
  2. I watch every weekend. It doesn’t change the fact that the fedex cup is meaningless and completely ruined the tour championship
  3. Things nobody cares about for $1000, Alex
  4. I wear black socks, I don’t tuck in my shirt, I bring my own beer, and I break 70 semi regularly. Come at me bro
  5. Who calls a course “Royal St George’s” any way? More like Royal St Goat Track
  6. In the next ten years more and more players will skip the British. In twenty years they’ll be paying top 200 players to show up. Eventually it will be cancelled and replaced on prime time TV with reruns of MASH. The British Open will be reduced to irrelevance, right where it belongs.
  7. This right here folks is an all time great reply
  8. Brooks is a thin skinned child whose act is getting old
  9. A majority of amateurs would shoot lower scores if they used bump and runs with an 8, 9, or pw in almost every situation that doesn’t require a flop.
  10. Okay this makes up for the post round whining
  11. Every single one of those scores happened early before the wind picked up.
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