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  1. There are plenty of fields worse than the one this week
  2. Augusta could simply grow US Open rough and make 13 and 15 par 5’s. It’s instantly a top most difficult course in the world. Score to par is deceiving, especially since many courses that are actually par 72’s transition to par 70 courses for pro tournaments. But doing these things would be stupid. Part of the great thing about the masters is the risk/reward involved. It simply wasn’t on display this week because of soft conditions and no wind.
  3. It's sad that coming from a well off family is somehow "bad". Being poor doesn't make you special. It makes you poor.
  4. Yes, actually. I think the OWGR gets it right.
  5. Completely agree that they should brand themselves as the public golf championship. Frankly, their set up this week was perfect. It was clearly a challenge for the players but produced tons of exciting shots at the same time.
  6. I probably didn't explain myself very well. I understand that majors would still be the most important tournaments if judged by strength of field (outside of the Masters). My whole point was meant to be that winning other high strength of field tournaments should be considered equal to or almost equal to winning a major. I'll give an example: I assume most people on this board would rather win one PGA than two Players championships. To me, that's ridiculous, as winning two Players championships is clearly the greater accomplishment.
  7. Watching the PGA this weekend, I couldn't help but think that "majors" are absolutely overvalued when judging career achievements. Would anyone actually care about the PGA championship if it wasn't branded a "major?" Why is it that we value a PGA Championship win so much more than a win at the Players? Barclays? Others? We shouldn't. Golf tournaments should be judged by their strength of field only (funny enough, the PGA is #1 on that list). It's obvious that winning the Memorial is a bigger deal than winning the Puerto Rico Open. But winning a PGA shouldn't be a bigger deal than winning any
  8. > @padget said: > > @J13 said: > > I'm hoping the Korn Ferry Tour turns into the Purple Haze Indica Tour next > > Well that would separate the pack lol. A couple guys “in the zone” and everyone else spraying it everywhere and asking if anyone has any snacks. > > Golf is surprisingly easy to play while high. Helped me with my tempo back when I used to partake when I was younger.
  9. > @jdc944 said: > Does he just call it a season and rest up for next year? I hope he does. Just try and get healthy and we'll see ya at Augusta.
  10. > @Pent08 said: > It's tough to watch considering the build up and what we've been conditioned to expect. I just hope he can eclipse Snead before it's all said and done. He eclipsed Snead long ago. That record is already Tiger’s.
  11. > @bucky316 said: > McCord went downhill (fast) after CBS hired Feherty to their broadcast team.... Feherty is a comedic genuis who still makes his point with few words; DF was quality over quantity which is perfect in my book ... IMHO McCord couldn't stand being 2nd banana to DF Feherty is the best of all time. No competition in my book.
  12. I think if Sergio stops assaulting inanimate objects with his clubs and focuses on putting he'll easily end up with 26 majors.
  13. > @mosesgolf said: > BK's even surpassed DJ in the hottest GF dept too. Paulina is way hotter, even after kids. Sorry bud, this is wrong.
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