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  1. Dustin Johnson. He won 4 times in 2017, was the number 1 ranked golfer in the world, and was still somehow ranked 96th on the tour in SG putting! Looks like he worst year was 2011, where he was 174th in SG putting.
  2. The Golf Pride Microsuede wrap doesn't seem to get much attention but I tried those out this year and am loving them. You could definitely go without a glove. They're kinda soft like a wrap grip but with some tack. It's hard to describe the feel, but it does feel kinda like... suede. Also they're only a buck more expensive than the Tour Velvet, which is nice. I'm done with $10 grips.
  3. It looks like it comes standard with a longer grip, like the Ping wedges. I really like the grip on my Ping Glide 3.0, so that would be a nice thing. And there is obviously a place for cavity back wedges. The three guys I play with (handicaps in the 15-20ish range) all use ancient cavity back sand wedges and would definitely benefit from something like this. Personally, I see the appeal in having one for any wedge that I would take full swings with, which for me would be my gap and sand wedge. So long as the turf interaction is good enough around the green, why not?
  4. I really enjoyed the putter fitting I had with Rhiannon at the CC in Pittsburgh. It was fun, I learned a lot about my stroke and specs, I got to try some stuff I never saw in stores, and nothing was pushed on me. Actually, I went and bought the putter that gave me the best results at my fitting on eBay and had CC put in a new shaft and bend it to my specs. It's worked out great and I love the thing.
  5. I haven't even been hitting balls when I'm doing the drills and I'm definitely (1) feeling improvement in my swing and (2) seeing improvement on the course. I always struggled with the concept of feeling the weight of the clubhead. I knew that you were supposed to feel the clubhead, but I really never have. I guess I've been more of a body/arm mover than a club swinger. What's clicked for me is, when I get do Cast A, not only feeling like I'm casting with my wrists but also feeling the weight of the clubhead dropping while I do so. So it's almost like a 50/50 of making a motion wit
  6. As a former hockey player, I totally want to try one of these out. With the weighting and thickness of the shaft, it definitely reminds me of a hockey stick. Throw a little hockey tape on the grip and you're in business. Of course, I don't know that I'm $135 curious. And I'm not sure how installation will work. The website doesn't say anything about what sort of tip size you'll want, so assuming it fits most standard .370 hosels, will you have to shim the shaft in for a .355 hosel? One other thing - I went onto Paderson's website and put one in my cart for fun just to s
  7. I have no idea who My Swing Evolution is, but that Be Better Golf guy chucking the ball back into the hole at 9:35ish of the video should have been grounds for ejection from the course. Not to mention the club throwing, but at least that's just baby behavior and not damaging to the course.
  8. It feels different from a traditional counterweight set up because the shaft is much lighter than a traditional shaft.
  9. I have no idea, but it's such an amateur look. Reminds me of when I grew up playing with my father. "Just aim it riiiiight HERE."
  10. Two items for sale today. Prices include shipping, unless you live somewhere exotic. Not interested in trades unless you happen to own a Ping Vault Arna in mint condition: (1) George Gankas G Box - $SOLD shipped. I think I put this thing on twice in my backyard for 5 minutes at a time, so it's pretty close to new. I had big plans but I'm entering a zen phase of "no training aids, no lessons, no swing thoughts." In other words, I've accepted that getting better requires more effort than I'm willing to invest. Anyway, I paid $115 for this guy (Gankas's shipping will kill you), so gra
  11. I recently bought a Bettinardi putter headcover from a random guy (not a large operation, though he did have a bunch of headcovers for sale). Anyway, that thing was packaged nicer than anything I've ever bought. It was in a sturdy box that was well taped and the headcover was in a Ziploc bag and surrounded by tons of stuffing. It's a small thing, but I was super impressed. I made sure to point it out in the feedback I left.
  12. This is an interesting thread - if this was a serious competition, I would look a bit askance at a routine practice of liberally interpreting the provisional ball rule. I don't think that the rules were meant to allow free practice sessions on the course, after all. For casual rounds or even less serious competitions, I would agree that the pace of play argument for liberally hitting provisionals outweighs any potential benefit the player may receive from hitting extra balls.
  13. My father in law won't even entertain the thought of moving up a tee until he's 65, because that is the age that he has apparently decided qualifies him for the "senior tees". He's around 60 now and his distance has been dropping pretty steadily in the last couple years. He's a decently straight driver but can't possibly average anything over 175 yards. It's very rare for him to reach any of the par 4's in two and went from regularly shooting in the high 80's a few years ago to struggling to break 95. He gets all frustrated with it, but he doesn't seem willing to accept that it's almost imposs
  14. Something that Stan Utley said about the putting stroke made a bigger improvement in my putting than any other instruction I've read. I had gotten kind of obsessed with something that I've heard from a ton of different instructors (and Phil Mickelson): that the backswing length should correlate to the through swing length in some way. Like if you take it back X feet, the putter should go forward Y feet. I think it's usually either a 1/2 ratio or a 1/1 ratio. Utley was asked about his forward swing length and he basically answered that his putter went... however long forward as the
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