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  1. I get this, but how much manipulation do you really need to add? How much of that natural movement/twisting/torqueing of the putter is counteracted simply by your hands holding the putter? Here's Peter Finch essentially "defeating" the Revealer with a TM Spider by simply putting a finger on the putter:
  2. I really like the look of their mid mallet but their putters are SO heavy. I've never putted with something that heavy before. Wait, maybe I'd like it...
  3. The PP58 midsize is the same PP58 midsize that's been around for years. Thicker than the "Pingman" PP58 size, for sure, and by today's standards probably is considered a "standard" size grip. The PP58 midsize "S" is a tad thicker in the butt end and less tapered. It's about 10-12 grams heavier than the PP58 midsize. It's really a pretty similar size, though, just a bit different shape. I would call both grips midsized. Also in case anyone else was wondering, Ping isn't selling their grips separately right now because Golf Pride was ravaged by a tree fungus that caused
  4. I sent a club via USPS Priority a couple Mondays ago. I was holding my breath, but it made it from PA to MA quickly and was delivered on Wednesday. So a true 2-day Priority delivery. Felt like a miracle.
  5. A three-putt bogey to give up the lead on 17 is such a brutal way to lose a tournament. It looked like Atthaya had to stop and compose herself for her par putt on 18. You've gotta feel for her, even if you know she's got a long career ahead of her. Can't help but love seeing Ariya back in the winner's circle, though it took a competitor's collapse to get there. What a year for resurging former superstars, eh?
  6. Yup, I reaaaaaally like the feel. And I didn't think I would. It does seem to feel and sound quite different depending on how hard you hit it - short putts are a bit rubbery and springy much like the previous Sigma insert, but longer putts have a nice solid thwack. That might take some getting used to, but apparently it's intentional. Of the models I demoed, the Kushin 4 was my favorite. Felt like it wanted to hug the ground and felt nice and solid off the face. Good stuff, Ping.
  7. I keep thinking about how, even if we assumed that the best 48 golfers in the world were participating, those limited fields are going to inevitably shine a spotlight on how streaky golf can be. Any random tournament sees a world class golfer firing a +6 over two days and missing the cut. By Sunday you're watching the golfers who, though they may not be the very best in the world over the course of the season, are the very best in the world over the course of those 4 days. What's it going to be like on day 3 of these 48-golfer tournaments when you're watching some dude trudge his w
  8. This came up in a recent thread where a guy was questioning the cost of his build from CC. IIRC, it was Modus shafts in his case. Those are the prices that really get me. Ignore the fact that the shaft and grips would be free from the OEM if you ordered directly from the website. Why is CC charging MORE than retail for their components? There's no reasonable explanation for it. I believe CC chimed in to explain that they are obligated to charge MSRP for components, not retail. But that's nonsense. You can't tell me that a major national chain has its hands tied when dealing with OE
  9. I still can't get consistently good ball speed readings with the PRGR hitting into a net. I've tried a bunch of different set ups and while occasionally I think it gets it right, the next day trying to same setup and I'm back to extremely low ball speeds. My last swing was an 84 mph 7-iron that was well struck and yielded a ball speed of... 97 mph. So a 1.15 smash factor. If I didn't know any better, I'd guess it's reading my tee flying away and not my golf ball. I haven't tried it on a driving range yet, so hopefully that will yield better results. But given that I got this thing
  10. They're made by Nippon, for what it's worth. Same shaft that came with the Heppler line if you ordered a fixed shaft. I have putters with both shafts in them (the KBS and the Ping) and to be honest, I wouldn't bother with the extra expense and effort of installing the KBS. I certainly can't tell a difference.
  11. I would do truly terrible, unforgivable things for that high toe Hexperimental Prototype.
  12. (1) The vast, vast, VAST majority of golfers (99.9%?) have no idea what side saddle putting is. Or have never seen it in action. (2) Even if you are aware of what side saddle putting is, it requires specialized equipment that is not found in stores and is manufactured by virtually unknown companies. Even if I decided to try it out, I haven't the foggiest clue of what to buy, what specs, etc. (3) So if you get past those first two hurdles, you then have to commit to the technique and practice it. I think that's sufficient explanation.
  13. Thinning the herd once again! All prices include shipping, which will be either FedEx, UPS, or USPS, in that order of preference and depending on whether the prices are substantially better with one particular company. If you want me to ship with one, just let me know and I'll let you know if that'll be an issue. Any questions, feel free to ask! Trade interests, you ask?! Well, quite frankly I there isn't much. The only items I'd be interested in would be a Taylormade Original One 13.5 degree mini driver. Okay, also a Ping Anser TR 1966 putter (the bronze Anser version).
  14. I tried calling Ping yesterday afternoon and found out that their customer service line was only open from 7am to 11am, Arizona time. I called back today and was put in the waiting line for a customer service rep for 1.5 hours before I just gave up. Shrug? UPDATE: They called me back within 10 minutes of making this post, meaning they are clearly stalking these forums (or I'm just an impatient jerk).
  15. I'm a long time Callaway driver player and really did not like the Bertha Mini. I thought it would be perfect for me, but it was shorter than my driver and way less accurate than my 3-wood. In fact, I was off the planet with the thing. It was a really useless club for my game. I also hated the feel/sound. I loved everything about the TM OO, I just needed a little higher launch and spin. The 13.5 degree may have been perfect, but I never got the chance to use it. If they make this model a little more playable for us plebs, I'll be ecstatic.
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