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  1. Hideki's had some ridiculous Scotty's over the years. Who was the guy who won with the modified Ping Anser 4?
  2. The stock grip on the PLD Prime Tyne is just the Ping PP58 Midsize, isn't it? It's a 75ish gram grip, pretty much the bog standard definition of a "midsize" grip. It's slightly bigger than the Golf Pride Pro Only Red Star. Slightly smaller than the Pro Only Green Star. Other "blackout" type grips you might want to think about are Garsen and Rosemark, though those have some writing on them. Those are multi-material grips. The Golf Pride Tour Classic is an all-rubber midsize grip that is slightly heavier and bigger than the PP58 Midsize
  3. I had a long saga maybe a year ago with trying to buy a Toulon Austin from them. My first "Like New" purchase was comically beaten up - big gouges and scratches all over and it was missing a screw in the sole plate. Okay, human sorting error, no big deal. I got a replacement and it was... maybe 20% better. But still not even remotely "Like New", with a ton of very visible scratching and a couple dings. I sent that back for a THIRD "Like New" club, which was... okay, I guess. Still didn't think it met their stated condition, but whatever, I was sick of feeling like a problem customer. For refer
  4. Lots of good and well-cared for stuff here! All prices include shipping, unless you're somewhere exotic, in which case we can probably figure something out. Feel free to make offers or ask questions, though I'm trying to pare my stuff down so I'm likely not interested in any trades at this time! If you need any pictures from any other angles, just let me know and I'm happy to oblige. (1) Ping Vault Arna - 33.75" - 72 deg. lie angle - $SOLD! - Beautiful milled mid-mallet in pretty great shape. Bought used from a member here. There are a couple of inconsequential nicks, particularly
  5. I have an old Anser 4 as one of my "mess around" putters, and despite it having too much loft (probably 5-6 degrees), I still putt great with it. It feels very stable and the center of gravity makes it feel like it hugs the ground. I think that the long blade length of the Anser 4 coupled with the heel toe weighting make it feel very forgiving and stable. Or at least more than I would expect with a 310ish gram head. I don't know if I'm imaging things, though.
  6. Bettinardi's website has it at 43 degrees. Basically the same as a standard Anser/Newport.
  7. I own both the Ping Heppler ZB3 (the model you tried and didn't like) and the new Bettinardi Studio Stock 17. I like the Heppler a lot better than you do and it's going to be my main backup putter, but I can just say that I'm totally in love with the Bettinardi. I can't see it leaving my bag anytime soon. The feel is sublime - of the ones you tried, I'd put it closest to the Scotty. It'll be softer than the Betti Queen Bee, but it's definitely firmer than the Mizuno. The way that the neck intersects with the putter is probably a little different than the others. The neck is pretty close to the
  8. It is not difficult to take pictures that are in focus. Any modern phone or digital camera can do this. Posting an out of focus picture should be considered unacceptable for this place.
  9. I love that Na is a Callaway staffer and yet does not have a single current generation Callaway club in his bag. You'd at least think they'd get him in the Jaws wedges! The guy just plays what works for him.
  10. We've come a long, long ways in our treatment of homosexuality. I'm only 34 years old, and even within my short lifetime gay sex was criminalized, gay marriage was banned, and gays were barred from military service. It wasn't too long ago that you could beat a guy to death and use the fact that he was hitting on you as a defense to a murder charge. And that's just the obvious. You can't say the word. You just can't. It's a vile slur now and it's always been a vile slur. If it's a part of your vocabulary, that's your problem. Progress is good.
  11. Good catch. The lower weight in the new shaft means that the lower weight in the heads makes sense.
  12. The headweighting is strange. The blades are listed as 350 grams for both the standard and Stroke Lab shafts. However, wasn't the whole point of the Stroke Lab shaft to remove weight from the shaft and add it to the butt AND head ends of the putter? Not only was there a counterweight in the butt end of the SL shaft, but the heads were slightly heavier than usual. The blades in the initial Stroke Lab line of putters had headweights of 360 grams. The swingweight of those putters was actually lower than you would expect with a 360 gram head because of how the weight was distributed. I
  13. The standard grip is the same thing as the Lamkin Deep Etched, if that helps. I'd say it's about the same size as the Ping cord, maybe just a hair bigger. I'd consider the Deep Etched to be a classic "midsized" grip - definitely bigger than a standard Pingman, but not as big as something like a SS 2.0. I'm not 100% sure on how it compares to the SS GTR tour grip, but I'd imagine that the standard is definitely closer to that size than the jumbo.
  14. Living in PA means I'm stuck with carpet putting for the next couple months, but I'm beyond thrilled with it. Everything about it is just perfect for me - the feel, size, and finish are exactly what I was after. Love how the slant neck intersects with the head, too. It makes it really easy to line up. One thing I did do was cut off the stock grip for a Golf Pride Pro Only Red Star cord. I go back and forth on the Deep Etched shape - it fills my hand perfectly, but sometimes the sharp edges bother me. After spending a bunch of time with the stock grip, I can say that I'm definitely
  15. They did a podcast episode with Rick Shiels (worlds collide!) where they talk about how embarrassing it is for their worst video (in their words) to be their most popular. So I agree that TXG is definitely not going down that road.
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