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  1. Pennsylvania here, and my last few rounds have been pretty miserably wet, windy, and cold. And the courses have been in rough shape. The first round or two you can trick yourself into thinking, "it's just like I'm playing in Scotland! This is real golf!" But after a while it gets tiring dealing with spongy, flooded, unmown courses. The place we played last weekend hadn't mown their greens in days, I guess because of rain. I've never, in my life, putted on greens that slow. The greens were slower than your typical fairway. To me, that takes half the fun out of the game. At least when I'm spending $50 on it. So yeah, bring on the winter, and I'll see you guys on the other side.
  2. I don't think I've ever heard of a fake Bettinardi. It's possible, but I wouldn't be too worried about it. They sold those headcovers on their site in a few colors a couple years ago, if you were curious about that.
  3. I'm 5'9" and prefer my putters just a hair under 34". 33.5-33.75", to be exact. I had a Ping Heppler with an adjustable shaft and landed on the 33.75" number after a bunch of trial and error.
  4. I have this problem. My putter head wants to move outside the line on my backswing and cuts across the ball on my forward swing. I've worked on it a ton and figured out a few things to keep an eye on: (1) My body wants to be open at address. I have to force myself to square up my hips and shoulders. One thing that I've found helps with this is the order in which I set my feet when I step into the ball. I step out with my right foot before my left foot and it seems to set me up more square, for whatever reason. (2) The distance I stand from the ball. I have a tendency to get too close, which pushes my arms outward on the backswing. (3) Stop watching the putter head - this one is difficult. (4) Make a real hit at the ball instead of just swiping across it - you want your through swing to be about as long as your backswing. I bet your through swing is way longer than your backswing right now. Try to do the opposite. Make a backswing and then try to make a pop stroke, or your through stroke only like half of the length of your backswing. (5) Putt more with your core instead of your arms or shoulders.
  5. It's bizarre, to me, that there exists a nexus between the people who (1) are familiar with high end golf equipment, (2) know how to make a profit from high end golf equipment, and (3) are so morally bankrupt as to steal said high end golf equipment.
  6. I saw your stuff on Instagram, too, and thought those were some really good looking putters. Love the different face milling options, too. Good luck!
  7. Go check out the FedEx subreddit. The "Potentially Delayed" thing is happening constantly, to everyone, and it's because they are having massive staffing issues. There are pictures of warehouses full of boxes that they're behind on. It's everywhere.
  8. I got a PuttOut Slim a couple months ago and it's been perfect for my needs. We have hardwood floors that are largely covered by various fancy rugs. I find them annoying, but my interior decorating skills have been overruled. The Slim version fits in places where other mats do not, so that's nice. I haven't noticed any groove issue, at least of yet. I usually use it with a Pelz Putting Tutor, though, so where the ball ends up after it rolls down the mat doesn't really matter all that much to me.
  9. It's not my primary putter simply because I'm having success with my Bettinardi, but I love messing around with the B2-01 that I got from Dallas Golf (guessing that's what you got). I put in a KBS CT Tour shaft and put a blue Pure standard size grip. It's a REALLY good look putter, and I personally think it feels great. Responsive and not overly soft. Sets up nice and square. Roll seems true. I have no complaints whatsoever. I've shed a few of my backups in recent months, but this one is sticking in the collection.
  10. I thought a "notchback" putter has a notch cut out of the back flange, like the Toulon Columbus. Or, obviously, the Scotty Notchback. That seems like a weird name for the TM putter. Though I agree that that model is nice. The others are ugly as hell.
  11. You just know the retail versions are going to have basic flange lines unless you go the Garage route.
  12. I've long claimed that the Ping PP58 Midsize in the regular non-cord rubber is the perfect size and shape for my medium-glove hands and my traditional grip. I recently regripped an older putter of mine but didn't have any extra PP58's around, so I went with the next closest thing I could find in stock around me: the Golf Pride Pro Only Red Star. I think this is the one. It's like a hair smaller than the PP58 midsize, almost like a Pingman that's been built up with 4 or 5 wraps or something. Really firm rubber, which is perfect. It's completely transformed the feel of an old Odyssey O-Works putter, which I had never really cared for because of the insert. On the other hand, I had always used Winn/SuperStroke grips with that putter. I actually had a Red Star on a putter before, but never really gave it a chance. I think with any pistol grip, you have to be sure that you have the precise putter length correct. If you don't, the pistol shape isn't really doing its job.
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