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  1. I can't believe I didn't do the Callaway free driver promo. NOOOOOOOoooooooo
  2. The ball came through the tree, hit the cart path, and bounced back into it. I think.
  3. Keep in mind that these face technologies are designed to do different things. Evnroll's grooves, Cleveland's milling pattern, and Ping's TR grooves are designed to achieve the same speed across the face. In theory, this means your putts will go the same distance no matter where on the face you hit the ball. On the other hand, you have Bettinardi's Roll Control grooves, TaylorMade's insert, and Odyssey's Microhinges. These are all designed to aid in the creation of forward roll on the ball. Balls with top spin are supposed to stay on line better and roll truer.
  4. I think the tournament has been on three different channels in the last three hours. Wild.
  5. Am I nuts, or is the Golf Channel continually running commercials for an event that already happened? That commercial with whatsherface, that actress who played college golf (?), is advertising the Women's US Open. The commercial says "June," so presumably they're referring to the Women's US Open that happened a couple weeks ago?
  6. In all the years of cringe-inducing golf equipment, and particular golf shaft, naming conventions, I figured we had reached the bottom of the cringe barrel. Nope, we hadn't. Congratulations, VA Shafts. This is the lamest name for a piece of golf equipment I have ever seen.
  7. I mentioned in my review that I felt like the putter face was pretty "hot", which feels great to me. I'm contrasting this specifically with an Odyssey with the MicroHinge insert, which had a nice feel but almost felt pillowy, like the ball was a bit delayed coming off the putter face when I hit it. With a softer face, I especially struggled with shorter putts - it seemed like I had to hit the ball harder than I normally would because the ball was coming off the face so slow. With the SeeMore, the ball is popping off the face really nicely, which gives me this great feeling of conne
  8. I keep saying this in every thread where the "why do people use mini drivers?" question comes up: it's the TEE HEIGHT that makes hitting modern drivers so difficult. Well, not the tee height itself. We all played tee ball (probably), we can hit a floating ball. But it's the effect that the teed up ball has on our brain that causes all kinds of weird things to happen in the swing. You want to hang back, or try to hit up on the ball, and your swing gets all funky and way different from a long iron swing. And I think this is a problem that plagues lots of amateurs, myself included: wi
  9. The worst part about using air on a SuperStroke grip is that if you want to blow the air in through the butt end, the weight port means that you have to use a larger nozzle size than you would for a grip. It's easy for the larger nozzle to not really form an airtight seal and therefore the grip won't blow up enough to get it to move. I've only installed SS grips with air without grip tape involved, though. I wouldn't think it would be too difficult with solvent involved.
  10. First off, I’d again like to thank the fine folks at SeeMore and GolfWRX for the opportunity to test out a custom SeeMore putter. These sort of review threads are what make GolfWRX such a unique place and invaluable resource for us golf nuts. If anyone has any questions, feel free to reach out to me! Now, on to the review! I’ve had the putter for about a week and a half now, which has given me a bit of time to get to know how it plays on the course, on the practice green, and on my living room carpet. I plan on coming back with a more long term review after having the putter for a few
  11. I'm going to have my review of the Platinum FGP20 up shortly in the SeeMore giveaway thread. This thing is quality, and I'm feeling super confident on the green. I understand why these putters have such dedicated fans.
  12. I have an old Cleveland Mashie 5 hybrid that's 26 degrees. It's far and away the easiest club to hit in my bag. I can hit it out of the rough, off the tee on a long par 5, and obviously from the fairway. We have a par 3 that plays about 180 that I use it on allll the time. I can hit it 180-190 and get the ball to stop on a dime. It comes in super high with a crazy steep decent angle and just STICKS on the green. It's tremendously fun to hit. I should add that I'm in my 30s and with a driver SS around 105ish, so I'm not an old fart. It's just so easy to rip.
  13. I don't understand how the head can keep coming loose. It looks like your standard over-the-hosel shaft insertion. So either someone is botching the epoxy job or they machined the hosel stem incorrectly? That's bizarre. My money is on some bad epoxy. If you've ever pulled a head from a shaft, you'll probably know that not every epoxy job is the same. I always use a small butane torch to heat the hosel and then pull from the grip end. The last one I did was my Bettinardi SS 17. After heating that one for 30-60 seconds or so, it still took a lot of twisting to get the epoxy to break
  14. Are Callaway clubs even faked ever? I know there are a ton of fake TM drivers out there, but I feel like I haven't seen the same of Callaway.
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