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  1. I'm a Millenial obsessed with golf and I don't think I'm alone, at least if my social media feeds are to be believed. I also have no interest in joining a private club, mostly due to the costs involved. I think the vast majority in my age group and economic position are probably in the same boat. Around me, at least, private clubs are pretty damn expensive, and with volatile job and housing markets and an uncertain path to eventual retirement, I cannot possibly commit the required amount of money to a country club.
  2. That is a steal. It's $279 for the same bundle on SuperSpeed's website. Interesting, to say the least!
  3. I imagine the BB blackouts aren't very sought after because the stock BB this year is nearly identical to the blackout version. Save yourself the extra $130 and just re-shaft the retail version with a black shaft.
  4. The 5W spot in my bag has been occupied by a 5W, 3H, and utility iron, and I don't particularly like hitting any of them. I rarely touch them. I'd carry 13 clubs, but it's not like the extra club in the bag is hurting anything.
  5. I ordered a set of Mizuno's with $-Taper 120s at the beginning of November and they were at my door in 8 days. The shaft wasn't even listed as available when I placed the order, so I figured I'd be waiting a while, so I was surprised to say the least. Just an FYI, I guess. I could have gotten lucky,
  6. There's an alternate universe thread about the second shot on par 5's where the consensus advice is that if you can possibly hit into the group ahead of you on a par 5, wait to hit. The course I play most of my golf at has three doglegs that I could, in theory, reach the green. But there's also a good chance that I never see my ball again - the greens are well guarded with hazards and big, sloping areas of rough, so it's impossible to anticipate where a ball will end up if it doesn't hit the green. Also I would hate being in my group if I held them up three times a round waiting for the green to clear. As another poster noted, these holes are definitely logjams on days with outings. Much more so than the par 3's.
  7. I've never owned a Titleist club, and one of the reasons is pretty stupid: I can never remember their naming/numbering schemes, so I just sort of gloss over them when looking at clubs.
  8. TM Mini 300. 11.5 degree head turned up to 13 degrees. 75 gram Aldila Rogue Silver shaft at the stock length. I play this as my primary driver as it tested out just as long as my regular driver. Except straighter.
  9. Aw, man. I always liked that the BB line was the sort of barebones Bettinardi model available at a reasonable price. It was a very workmanlike, no-frills putter. These all LOOK fantastic, but that $430 price tag is a tough pill to swallow for a basic blade.
  10. Interesting as Rose is Lamkin's most notable pro. His face is plastered all over their website and ads, and they got him to use their new claw grip for a while last year.
  11. Cheap option would be the Wilson Staff Infinite Buckingham model.
  12. 25 degrees on the hybrid, and then the 6-SW are their "hybrid irons" with lofts between 27 and 55.
  13. The driver is 16 degrees and has a 44-inch shaft. That's... interesting. Swingweight on all of the clubs is C8, other than the sand wedge. Also interesting. I guess their target market here is senior or beginner golfers with cash to burn.
  14. Not the "Big 4", but I placed an order for a custom set of Mizuno Hot Metal Pros on 11/3. Stiff flex KBS $ Taper shafts and Golf Pride Full Cord grips. The shafts were not showing as in stock on Golf Galaxy's website but I placed the order anyway. I bought them now with the hopes that they'd show up in time for next season. They arrived today, 11/11. I never even got a shipping notification. I'm flabbergasted, in a good way.
  15. I tried to check but it turns out the weight can't be removed with a regular club wrench. There's a little bit thing in the middle of the star shape that prevents you from using the standard wrench.
  16. One thing that I didn't take into account with the original Stability Shaft, now marketed as the BGT "Carbon", was what it would do to the swingweight of my putter. With the graphite section being towards the hands and the heavier steel portion near the putter head, it ends up adding a few swingweight points to the putter. With the Bettinardi that I installed it in, I really didn't want it to feel any heavier in the head. The Stability kind of threw things a little out of whack in that regard. Odyssey tries to get around this issue with the counterweight in the end of the graphite portion. I believe the entire point of the Stability Tour version was to remedy this and keep the putter feeling more like a regular steel shaft. I have no experience with it, so it may just be something to keep in mind. I would really love to try out the Fujikura shafts, especially the Smooth version, but that's a bit of an expensive experiment. Anyone know if Club Champion has any putters with those shafts on display that you can at least get the feel of?
  17. The one on the 2021 Tyne is Ping's new PP58 "S" grip. It's slightly bigger than the original PP58 midsize. If you go to the "Grips" section of this page, you'll see the different PP58's detailed: https://ping.com/en-us/clubs/putters/ping-2021
  18. I don't know where else to put this, but I recently went through two iron fittings. A local Five Iron Golf opened up and had free fittings for the first month. They're of the Club Champion mold - high end, expensive fitting. It's normally $180 for a 1.5 hour iron fitting. The fitting fee is reduced by 50% if you make a purchase. My second fitting was at a Golf Galaxy, which I went through because I wanted to try out the Mizuno Shaft Optimizer. It was $100 with the fitting fee waived with purchase. Both fittings fit me in the EXACT same clubhead and shaft. I kind of laughed when I saw the Mizuno shaft results because they were the same three that the Five Iron fitter put me in (KBS $ Taper, KBS Tour, and Project X Rifle, all stiff, all standard length/lie). I ended up buying my irons through Golf Galaxy because I could get my $100 back. I guess that's a testament to the Five Iron fitting, because the Golf Galaxy guy had the benefit of the Mizuno gizmo.
  19. I'm about to plunk down some money for new irons, and I need to justify my purchase, so that's where you come in! Let my gain be your... gain? It's a win-win! All prices are "OBO" and include shipping within the CONUS. I'm only looking for cash right now, so I'm not interested in any trades. Feel free to reach out with any questions or if you need more pictures. Let's get into it! (1) PRGR Launch Monitor - $SOLD - Includes the original box, instructions, and carrying case. I bought this from PRGR directly back in March and probably only used it under 10 times. Works perfectly. (2) Rose & Fire Ballistic Nylon blade headcover with magnetic strap - $50 $40- I think I used this for one or two rounds. Retails for $75 and takes forever to ship, so save yourself some time and money! (3) Odyssey O-Works Jailbird Mini S putter - $120 $110 - I bought this almost a month ago, brand new from DSG, in a fit of annoyance after a bad round of putting. I used it exactly one round, which was enough to confirm that it wasn't my putter that was the problem. This is actually the only mallet shape that I've ever really liked, but I'm a blade guy. It was supposed to be 34" but actually measures to be more like 33.5-33.75". Has a Golf Pride Pro Only Red Star grip that also only saw one round and was blown on with air, so easy to remove if you want to save it or something. It's in great shape, obviously, with one tiny speck of paint missing on the back right fang (came from the store like that, you'd have to be pretty anal to care). Lie angle is 72 degrees. (4) Cobra F9 5-6 wood - $SOLD - Used for about one season and is still in great shape with no ugly scars. I bought this directly from Cobra and everything is stock. Stock stiff shaft, headcover, grip, etc. (5) Max Swing Speed training aid - $SOLD! - Used pretty sparingly, so still in great shape. Not much else to say. I have the little carrying bag thingy, which I forgot to picture. (6) BGT Stability Shaft - $SOLD! - I have no idea how to price this. This is the original BGT Stability Shaft with a .370 tip. I installed this in a Bettinardi Studio Stock 17 before deciding to go back to a regular steel shaft (more for swingweight purposes than performance). This was an over-the-hosel install, so the steel part of the shaft is still nice and clean. The inside is already prepped and ready. Has a SuperStroke Pistol GT Tour grip installed. The shaft measures at a little longer than 31" (see pictures below). Your finished length is going to depend on the distance between the hosel opening and the ground. It PROBABLY plays around 34" in most putters. In my Bettinardi, it was pretty much 34" exactly. I did some measurements with other putters I have, and the finished length ranged from a little under 34" (in the Odyssey in this ad) and about 34.5" inches.
  20. Pennsylvania here, and my last few rounds have been pretty miserably wet, windy, and cold. And the courses have been in rough shape. The first round or two you can trick yourself into thinking, "it's just like I'm playing in Scotland! This is real golf!" But after a while it gets tiring dealing with spongy, flooded, unmown courses. The place we played last weekend hadn't mown their greens in days, I guess because of rain. I've never, in my life, putted on greens that slow. The greens were slower than your typical fairway. To me, that takes half the fun out of the game. At least when I'm spending $50 on it. So yeah, bring on the winter, and I'll see you guys on the other side.
  21. I don't think I've ever heard of a fake Bettinardi. It's possible, but I wouldn't be too worried about it. They sold those headcovers on their site in a few colors a couple years ago, if you were curious about that.
  22. I'm 5'9" and prefer my putters just a hair under 34". 33.5-33.75", to be exact. I had a Ping Heppler with an adjustable shaft and landed on the 33.75" number after a bunch of trial and error.
  23. I have this problem. My putter head wants to move outside the line on my backswing and cuts across the ball on my forward swing. I've worked on it a ton and figured out a few things to keep an eye on: (1) My body wants to be open at address. I have to force myself to square up my hips and shoulders. One thing that I've found helps with this is the order in which I set my feet when I step into the ball. I step out with my right foot before my left foot and it seems to set me up more square, for whatever reason. (2) The distance I stand from the ball. I have a tendency to get too close, which pushes my arms outward on the backswing. (3) Stop watching the putter head - this one is difficult. (4) Make a real hit at the ball instead of just swiping across it - you want your through swing to be about as long as your backswing. I bet your through swing is way longer than your backswing right now. Try to do the opposite. Make a backswing and then try to make a pop stroke, or your through stroke only like half of the length of your backswing. (5) Putt more with your core instead of your arms or shoulders.
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