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  2. Hey cooneyj1818- I'm interested in the putter, but for whatever reason, I'm having trouble sending you a message. If you could shoot me a DM if it's still available that would be great. Thanks.
  3. I appreciate the replies. I was thinking the seller (or whoever down the line of ownership) ground down the topline, but I've never heard of somebody doing that before, let alone to a Cameron.
  4. Hi all, I'm intrigued by this Cameron putter. While this putter looks legit, the placement of the insert and the dots on the back in relation to the topline look questionable. Given the red paint on the sole, it seems that the putter has been modified, but not sure to what extent. Would love to hear your thoughts. For the record, the seller is asking $175. Many thanks, Benton
  5. I got one of their headcovers for Christmas. The order was placed a few days before Christmas but it didn't arrive until Jan. 11th. Awesome headcover and the leather is great quality too.
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