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  1. Various Items for sale. Pictures of everything in post. Everything is or best offer, shipping not included in prices. Taylormade R15 10.5 Driver - Speedster Evolution Regular Flex Shaft, with Headcover - $140 Fujikura Atmos Tour Spec 6S Stiff Shaft only with Arccos grip barely used with Cobra Tip (F9, Speedzone, etc) - $80 Cobra King F7 Driver 10.5 Grey/Red Color Combo Head Only, No sky marks. Face in solid condition see pictures. - $110 Shipped Cobra King F9 Driver Headcover Excellent Condition - $15 Cobra Fly-Z Driver with VLCT-SP Stiff Flex Shaft 60g w
  2. Okay, been working on this quite a bit....seeing some improvements overall which is great. I've really focused on shifting weights during the swing and trying to insure my left side turns back against the wall. THe part i really am struggling with though is keeping my chest/head down during the swing. I keep getting higher at impact, which with my butt against the wall means it's resulting in some thin shots. Any ideas? Thanks to all! Videos from today: https://imgur.com/a/TcyHOwR
  3. Thank you so much @Valtiel, I can't thank you enough. This is the struggle with golf and various coaches. I've had some say I "fire my hips too much" and then I focus on"arms starting the downswing". I'll give it a whirl, thank you!
  4. I'm driving myself insane with my swing, knowing the very obvious issue that is plaguing me but having yet to find any way to solve it, so reaching out again after a while to see if anyone has any better ideas. I've tried 2 different coaches since my last swing video, but alas....still this casting issue & early extension plagues me. I have tried EVERY drill. In my practice swings, i see perfect form and lag. But then as soon as i go up to the ball, blah.....casting. Detail about me: Been golfing 5 years, go to the range almost every day. First coach taught me the one-piece ta
  5. it's used. some scratches on the back of the unit but the front is perfect. here are some more pics attached, thanks
  6. Includes the device, charging cable, and retractable cable bag clip. $SOLD
  7. So I'm struggling with a crazy thing--when I go to the driving range, my iron shots are either flush or blocks right. BUT, during my last several rounds, my misses for irons has been HOOKS LEFT, which is absolutely destroying my scoring chances. Can anyone see something obvious in my swing that would cause the hooks off of grass? Out of nearly a full bucket yesterday, i only hooked 2 shots, and the vast majority were blocks right or really good. Twofold question--1) Does anyone spot why i might miss hooking left when on grass instead of mat (or would it mean i'm clearly doing some
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