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  1. So I'm struggling with a crazy thing--when I go to the driving range, my iron shots are either flush or blocks right. BUT, during my last several rounds, my misses for irons has been HOOKS LEFT, which is absolutely destroying my scoring chances. Can anyone see something obvious in my swing that would cause the hooks off of grass? Out of nearly a full bucket yesterday, i only hooked 2 shots, and the vast majority were blocks right or really good. Twofold question--1) Does anyone spot why i might miss hooking left when on grass instead of mat (or would it mean i'm clearly doing some
  2. whatcha mean? I was under the impression that regardless where you move it's always adjusting gps to be FCB of the green, and changes depending on the size/layout of the green.
  3. there was a guy earlier on that hated his, i'm sure he'd be willing to sell his lol
  4. Those are out of stock as well. How much do you want to bet in 6 days when the price jumps back up to $220 they magically come back in stock? :-) But to be fair, that's understandable. They probably had a set allotment of units that they wanted to push out with the discount and hit that limit.
  5. i had much greater success finding the course faster with the setting L1+L5, not to mention improved shot accuracy. According to shotscope it doesn't use more battery either. Some folks have reported ghost shots being recognized, but i have not seen that.
  6. settings gps l1+l5and it doesnt need ur phone at all. you only need bluetooth to sync after round done
  7. Pretty accurate for me, but i'm also not the biggest hitter. My range doesn't have any targets beyond 200 but within that it seems really good.
  8. Unit was only used for a bit and looks practically new. Includes full retail box and USB-C cable. Asking $450 shipped
  9. paging @Shot Scope V2 ....what do you think? I've been working with Andy (CSR) and he wants me to wait another 2-3 weeks for the new firmware. You think a replacement might be in order?
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