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  1. Some awesome responses, hopefully it benefits others so thanks to all. Those that have done it, how have you gotten around? Rental car I presume is the most prudent way? Or do you use a golf booking agency service? I'd imagine ubers will break the bank (if you can even find it since some of these courses seem far). I'm flying in & out of Lisbon so wondering if we should stay there or not.
  2. In excellent condition. Looking for $SOLD shipped obo
  3. Cobra driver sold. Last item remaining is the Callaway Mavrik
  4. the selfiegolf and the TSI headcover have been sold. Added the Callaway Mavrik Driver.
  5. ONLY ITEM REMAINING is the Callaway Driver. Cobra Speedzone 9 Degree Driver with Aldila Rogue Silver (110 MSI)60g Stiff Flex, No noticeable scratches on the face, some light scratches on the back. See up close pictures. - $SOLD SelfieGolf - $SOLD TSI Driver Headcover, great condition - $sold shipped ADDED: Callaway Mavrik 9 degree Driver with Hazrdous Smoke Stiff Shaft 6.0 60g low spin 3.5, Headcover in great shape is also included on this one. Club is in excellent shape, some scuffs on bottom as shown in pictures, but overall great shape. - $soldplus actual shipping
  6. heading to spain next year with my gf to visit family i have in northern spain, and I had been hearing about how wonderful golf in Portugal was and flights lined up, so we're ending our trip in LISBON, PORTUGAL! So now the big debate comes, where do I need to make sure I book & play (and stay?) while I'm in the area?? Not sure how many rounds I'm going to be able to get away with, but figure I'll ask for more and be happy with a few less. Not sure if LISBON is ideal, but obviously for travel I had to end the trip there, so if there's good courses there that would also be ideal and make travel with golf clubs easier. I won't have a car, so convenient locations would be ideal. Will be going in May/June, so hopefully weather should be great. Thanks!
  7. Okay so....I'm thinking they're fake but would love to have a fellow cp2 user advise. I checked out the grips at the pro shop and the gate mark is in a different location. And then the grip pattern itself is not nearly as deep as mine (the pro shop ones barely protrude down) Thoughts?
  8. Oh wow. Ok, that they definitely don't. Guess they're real! Thanks fellas. I'm playing tomorrow so I'll check out their grips to quadruple check anyways lol. Tough to tell from photos I'm sure
  9. Like rubber I suppose. Not too strong
  10. I bought some grips off eBay for the first time (never changed my grips). I made sure to use a seller with several hundred reviews. Good but not stellar deal so figured legit. Then eBay took the seller down, thus making me worried. Got the grips now, and without a comparison they sure look legit to me, but don't want to waste my time installing them if they're fakes. Anyone know the CP2 line good enough to advise? EDIT: Yes, I know they are fake. I compared them with my local shop's grips. Damn good fakes though lol. Might actually keep & use them
  11. Just 2 items today: Cobra F9 Driver Head Only - Definitely has some use, nicks and scratches, but never stopped me from crushing it. Only selling as I upgraded. $sold shipped OBO Cobra SPEEDZONE Driver HEADCOVER - Practically new condition - $25 shipped
  12. Haha whoops . Guess this is the right stuff. Glad Lowe's didn't read this
  13. So...another update. Thanks to worthless home depot website that said they had it in stock. Got there, and they did not. Staff insisted that it was LA county which prohibited the sale. I ended up purchasing Paint Thinner in a metal tin. Then....got to the office and got an email that my Lowe's order of odorless mineral spirits was ready for pickup. I picked it up, but Andy's comment made me nervous because it's in a plastic container. See pic below. So....do I keep the paint thinner instead?
  14. okay, so update for those in California. Lowes definitely doesn't sell the Mineral Spirit in the store. Frustrating experience, as I went to go look at paint thinners (since I had read it was an alternative), but only saw a giant bottle of paint thinner, and then a lot of other stuff which no clue how it would work with grips (see below): So since I didn't want 128 oz, I just left the store frustrated. BUT, in checking Home Depot, it looks like they DO CARRY a Mineral Spirit in the store, as the prior poster mentioned the one with CARB formula. So I'm going to go there after work and pick it up unless someone else advises it's a bad bad idea. Not sure why HD can carry it and Lowes can't, but whatever lol.
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