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  1. How long until the thread starts "Could a pair of 4 handicaps beat Poulter/Mcilroy in foursomes?"
  2. The tee shot on 4 looks absolutely terrifying!
  3. It's taken me over 4 years to fix a similar problem (and I'm still not done yet), a problem which I was facing when this event took place I get what you're saying, but at the time I was battling a 2 way miss even though the ball was hit out of the middle and it was pretty much unplayable, so it's a huge problem I'd rather be mishitting it but it stays in play than strike it well but miles off line
  4. Maybe he truly believes it and that's the drive he needs to succeed, maybe he's saying it for dramatic effect. Only one person knows the answer. Is there a chance he will actually achieve it? Almost no chance. As previously mentioned by another poster, he is tied 9th for all time majors and I think a great goal for him that would actually be achievable and is not too far fetched is to put his number of majors up there with the likes of Hogan. It almost sounds insane to say out loud but he could be a modern equivalent to Hogan (if Hogan wore high tops and sometimes terrible Nike clothing) Here's some food for thought: - Hogan didn't win his first major until he was 34 (Koepka is currently 31 and already has 4 to his name) - Hogan managed 6 of his majors battling the injuries from his car crash, Brooks has a dodgy knee and wrist with modern surgery on his side - Hogan is seen as one of the best if not the greatest ball strikers of all time. I'm now going to draw the parallel with this quote from Steve Williams who said this in 2015, so bear in mind this is before any of his major victories: "ONCE IN A GREAT WHILE, a player comes along who hits a golf ball the way it was meant to be hit. Powerful, piercing, the perfect trajectory. Of the young players out there, one I've seen has that special ball flight: Brooks Koepka. Adam and I were paired with him at the Open Championship last year, and from his first tee shot on, I thought, This kid is special. Obviously he's searching to find the other parts of the puzzle, but I haven't seen a ball flight like that since Tiger, and before that, Johnny Miller." To be compared to Tiger's ball striking like that is huge - Now I'm going to strap on a helmet and some kevlar, this is going to get controversial. Hogan was not a popular personality, he was seen as cold by some people although massively respected for the quality of his golf. Now I realise Koepka is unpopular with some because he has said some dumb things and often contradicts himself and seems to try cultivate a strange image for himself, but I'm sure he is respected by his peers for his performances The only glaring difference that I can see performance-wise is Hogan's 64 PGA tour wins, but overall I think grand slam and/or 9 majors is a great goal at this stage
  5. Another vote for pebble, such a classic and I think the 18th is my favourite hole in all of golf (either that or 13th at Augusta) I also love Kapalua, but a lot of the reason for that is because when they play the tournament of champions it's the deep end of winter in the UK and we're lucky if the course is even open due to weather, meanwhile our favourite players are in Hawaii living the dream
  6. Horschel and his caddy with the iconic "relief from high pressure situation fist-bump-high-5" combo
  7. Heard a pro giving a lesson at the range say "I'm not too worried about your shots going left into the trees because at least you're flushing it"
  8. - Rust finish wedges - A large towel draped over the top of the bag, not attached by carabiner - An old 1 2 or 3 iron, despite the rest of their irons being relatively new - Alignment sticks with a purpose built cover in the bag - Their whole bag looks generally tidy
  9. Could you describe the ball flight when he hit it? I've never seen him play live and I've been intrigued by him since he first won on tour. Other descriptions I've read are usually along the lines of a low fade that seems to explode off the clubface at an unreal speed
  10. Right, thank you for clearing that up.
  11. So, having an interest in CAD/CAM and a clinical obsession with golf I have decided to take on a project to design and machine an Anser-type putter. The part I am having difficulty with is where the center of gravity/mass shoiuld be located. Now, logic says to me that it should be at the middle of the face where we will strike the ball. However, does the COG/COM need to be located at the face center with or without the hosel included (assuming no shaft) In other words, do I need to add toe weighting to even out the extra weight from the hosel in order to located the COM/COG at the middle?
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