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  1. Not free but.... https://www.shotbyshot.com/ is terrific Strokes Gained data, no gps required, but you need to answer a few quick questions at the end of each hole as you enter your score.
  2. Long shot but maybe Google and Fitbit will take a stab at the golf watch market. I've chosen Google to be the official harvester of my personal information, might as well let them know I suck at golf too.
  3. I really have a hard time seeing Garmin improving data collection accuracy like pin location, approach shots and putts. I think it is still too hard to edit those things on the watch with accuracy and GPS still not accurate enough to provide any value to putt location, length of putt, etc. They would have to invest in updating site, new maps, allow edit of those details on the website. There likely is a sizeable cost to updating site, maps, green details, etc. I'm not sure they want to be promoting editing online and all that "work" for a golfer. As well what percentage of
  4. ok Thanks. Interesting. I was wondering how it determined if a putt was short, medium, long without knowing where the hole is (i see that as a stats screen in the app). But I guess it uses the GPS to determine things somewhat. Once you have enough data, maybe there is some value to the data. I was going to try it but my putter has a counterweight in the end and that sensor will not screw in there. At the time, decided it wasn't worth the effort to try the CT10. Maybe I will give it a try. Thanks.
  5. Sorry to see there is no feedback on this. I was wondering the same thing. What is the value of the CT10, especially on the putter? How often does it capture a putt? How does Garmin know where the hole is? Can I edit post round? Is the hole location based on where I pre pick it on my watch? If so, that seems terribly inaccurate for putt data purposes. There is almost no information online about how this would work? Maybe that tells me everything I need to know.
  6. Now that is something I would be interested in as well. App tracks my walk, go to dashboard, fill in my round. I suspect they might not be so keen even at $99/yr as it might add data into their system that they don't trust.
  7. Hard to say if any one product will die out. I'm a fan of the Arccos site, dashboard, data layout and now SGA. I'm a fan of Garmin watches with shot detection. Not a fan of sensors and having to buy hardware, batteries and hoping it works, continues to work when software is updated. And really not a fan of the Garmin Dashboard. Feels like a website from the 90s. Perfect scenario for me. Garmin watch, shot detection, let me edit putts in watch or after on site. No sensors. Arccos dashboard/website OR Fore dashboard are great examples of h
  8. So I have about 80 rounds completed using the Fore Tracking App. I just use the app on my phone. No watch. My observations Battery - no issue. Start at 100%, finish round around 70-75% left. I would say it picks up about 90-95% of full swings correctly just sitting in my pocket. Sometimes it picks up two hits in the same spot but that is easy to clean up post round. Chipping/Pitch shots get picked up about 50% of the time (at best), but you see a walking trail line of where you have been and it is very easy to remember and mark that spot post round.
  9. Fore formally brasserie phone in pocket and able to track shots. Can't argue with that.
  10. Currently using bebrassie. About 50 rounds so far. Excellent data collection and presented very well both in app and website. Shot tracking catches about 90% of swings and then you can review your round on website and fine tune clubs, etc on a map of the hole. I find it easy to recall my round and what club was used. Putting details require extra work. I do in at the end of each hole but could be done online later if you remember or track on paper. Downside, not free. But rare that something good is free.
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