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  1. As long as low point is well after the ball you'll have no problem.
  2. If you’re a mint ball striker they’ll look great. If you aren’t, people are going to know about it
  3. Don’t choose clubs on looks... love to play that type for money.
  4. That’s an expensive set of irons not to have been fit for. I had the TC201 to test against my 57/001 gamer combo last season and the 57 beat the 201 in every category but looks. No idea why. Playing MB101 now.
  5. The Mav sounds AMAZING. Performance will largely be the same. Very quick ball speed and very low spin. I’ve tried all of the 2021 drivers aside from the TSI3 and it beat or matched all of them.
  6. It’s uncommon to find. TBH it fits so few players that I think manufacturers don’t bother with them. They feel more stout than the X, but the actual performance is very similar. You usually have to get them through a boutique fitter that has a heads only account like TXG, CC etc.
  7. Extra grooves, slightly more offset in 7-Pw to help with digging.
  8. If anyone thinks T100 feels better than Endo forged ZX7 my only guess is that you must have a very shallow angle of attack and/or your low point is very close to the ball and you’re getting scrubby turf interaction where as the titleist’s leading edge relief is giving you extra room to get into the back of the ball. ZX7 is one of the most pure feeling irons you could ever hit with the proper delivery.
  9. Over a season on Arccos or similar I would very much doubt you'd see anything more than a yard or two in it. Seriously. I've hit everything new vs my Mavrik and nothing is longer. I hit EFSZ next to my Mavrik and they're the same the Mav just sounds better. We have marketing shoved down our throats - you're leaving basically nothing on the table. If you have the money get fit and go for it but for me, drivers are massively about confidence over the ball. I think we that change a lot take for granted how important it is to feel comfort with what's in your hands...
  10. I don't think it's unforgiving. Heavy weight needs to be in the back though IMO. Very good driver that still can hang with, if not beat the very best for ball speed.
  11. I’d probably just epoxy together a 7 iron and a long iron to try it in. Not to be negative but that shaft fits very few people. It isn’t like a DG which almost anyone can pick up and play. It’s super low spin but high launch. It has an odd looking flight to it. The 130x is also meant for people who swing 7i around 100mph+. It’s extremely stout. Of the heads you have I would say AP2, but the thing is the launch will probably be insane with those and the other two will likely have zero spin. This shafts is meant for guys that shallow the club like crazy, take all of the loft off at imp
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