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  1. As title. Looking for one of these. Must be reasonably priced and willing to ship to Ontario, Canada.
  2. Hybrids are about strictly about gapping and finding a suitable flight window. Most players (pros included) are not good enough to consistently strike a bladed 2, 3, and even 4 iron and achieve the right mix of ball speed (consistency included), height, and spin (also meaning keeping spin down). As handicap goes up and or speed goes down, hybrids become more and more useful. The long and short of it is technology means nothing. I actually think the original 2016 cally apex hybrid is better than the newest version. I'm realizing how little I hit my 4 iron because any miss hit resul
  3. Discovering combo sets. Going to 125-130g shafts with a flatter lie angle. Cap down to .7 now. Shot par today and wasn’t swinging well. Keeping miss hits online is key. The most important thing is feeling comfortable over the ball. People overthink irons in that regard. Tech is *mostly* BS. Slap it off the toe or chunk it it isn’t going anywhere. Timing and confidence.
  4. I love Srixon irons but for a full set I’d go the new version of the P790. Great looking iron.
  5. I tipped it and the 6x was an insane hook machine for me. Tried it twice. Nearly unplayable. Heavier was better when I tried it but it kicks pretty hard. Did not work for my timing.
  6. My exact shots with those two lofts! My Vokey Forged 56 (high bounce 10 M grind) is exceptional and I could honestly use it as my highest lofted wedge without issue so this is not going anywhere but very much considering the 60*. Just seems like a wonderful grind with so much versatility. I am a very good wedge player distance control and spin wise but lacking on odd little greenside shots. Trying to get down to scratch and getting those up and down consistently is a huge factor.
  7. That's super helpful thanks for the breakdown. That makes a lot of sense given how the back weight is positioned. The second I saw this in store I knew it would likely have a pretty sizable fade bias given that weight position and how the head is shaped generally. I'm not exceptionally long by WRX standards but I average 300 off the tee (roll included) but that included both bunt fairway finders and bomb balls. SS just over 110 ball speed hovers just over 160. I tend to leave the face open as a miss and really don't like feeling like I have to manipulate it or I start to get the snappers. Prob
  8. Absolutely and I will say it’s nice that the high toe shot just goes straight. I’d like to try to set it up to work but so far it’s a no. The shaft is Evenflow White 65x which I hate though. I have a TZ6 M5 I’m going to tip up for it. Might try to get a heavier back weight as well which in theory should make it easier to turn over. Even huge cuts go miles so it has potential you just have to get it set up well I guess.
  9. If you enjoy hitting blocks you'll love the Sim! In all seriousness it's a good driver but if your miss is a push or push cut it may not be a good fit. I'm testing one out against my Mavrik SZ and it's losing so far...
  10. I would love to see some reviews of these. Looking at a 60*.
  11. Selling this beautiful set of Mizuno MP20. 9/10 condition only seen the course a few times. Specs as follows: 6-PW MB 3-5 HMB Tour Issue X100 soft stepped once Mcc Align Standard Standard loft Standard lie Quarter inch over standard Set flows beautifully. Only selling as I just shot in the 60s for the first time with my Miuras. Shipping included from Canada. Last time I sent something to the US it only took 3 business days. $old Pin 9/13
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