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  1. They did but i thought that one was a bit silly... the guy hit the MMC waaaaay straighter. They should’ve just bent them weak to add bounce.
  2. Agree with the above -trying it obviously makes the most sense. What irons are they? It's honestly not that hard to add shaft lean at impact with some practice. I wouldn't just be content with flipping as a lot of improvement can be made to your ball striking by getting rid of that. I used to and despite having speed it wreaked havoc on my game as playing in the wind was a nightmare. I'd hit all my irons around 130ft. Stock shot is around 100 now and distance gains have been immense. If you're shallow that means your low point is likely close to the ball so decreasing bounce could cause some p
  3. I have sets of Modus 125x, 120x and my gamers which are TI X100. Swing speed around 100mph with 7i. One of my previous sets of Miura came shafted with Steelfiber i95 in regular flex. I wanted to hit some shots with the head just to see how it felt before I had time to pull and reshaft. I was super surprised by how stable the Steelfiber was. I could easily play the i95 in stiff or X and I'm sure I will one day. I hit some darts with the reg and I usually HATE soft shafts. I really don't think you'd be disappointed with them. FWIW, I tried the 110 in X flex and didn't like it for some reason. I
  4. Not a whole lot to change the noise. You just have to be super careful with weight... pings are already really heavy so watch the build.
  5. Should be fine for 6.5 then. You might need to adjust the lofts a little weaker if they aren’t spinning enough. Can always retrofit. I had low spinning shafts in my 745 when I had them and the 4 iron would be a bit bullety at times.
  6. Nice to see your vid. Your iron swing, flight, and numbers are very similar to mine which helps a lot! I'll sub.
  7. Do you know your swing speed? The Srixon heads tend to spin a little less as is and the PX 6.5 spin quite a bit less than s300 (generally).
  8. I am positive! They’re great irons. I just think that saying your irons are costing you strokes because they spin weird when you miss hit them is a bit odd? I think if they fit they’re wonderful irons.
  9. Irons like to be hit out the middle. That issue has everything to do with you any nothing to do with the irons. The 588s are good sticks. The 745 are amazing but they will only put out what you put in.
  10. Well it's just a fact that hitting it farther will lower your scores. When I went from carrying my driver from 260/270 to 290 it made a huge difference in my ability to get close to or under par consistently. I don't hit driver that often on my home course, but the holes I do distance flat out makes your ability to score better. My chances of putting it inside of 20 feet from inside of 150 is much greater than 170.
  11. I would test both. I really don’t like the sole width on the 5 series mid irons. The 7 series is absolutely perfect IMO.
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