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  1. I do think they could further remove the rest of the offset to be in line with the MB. As it is there isn't a whole lot of reason to choose CB over T100 other than feel but even that is pretty close in the short irons. You aren't even taking a hit on address looks with the T100 like you did AP2 to CB. There was a clear reason to choose CB back in the 716 and 718 series because the Tungsten in 3-7 meant it was essentially as forgiving as AP2 while looking way better in every way. Now that the offset is basically a wash between T100 and CB and there is only tungsten in 3 and 4 of the CB, there's really no reason at all to choose CB over T100 other than personal preference. I got my best fitting numbers last year with CB but am currently playing T100S bent weak to remove offset which is nice.
  2. No idea why they’d update MB/CB. Current design is incredible and there’s nothing to change. They’re hunks of metal.
  3. Doing some consolidation before my wedding in a couple of weeks. I love these clubs - most playable blades I’ve ever used by a large margin - and would keep them if they don’t sell. these are basically shop worn. I’ve hit them twice off mats since they were bought new two weeks ago. Full set 3-Pw at standard specs. let’s try $OLD
  4. I’ve just done a test batch of Z-forged (which I realize is not available lefty unfortunately) vs T100S 2019 (bent weak) vs Zx7. I thought the ZX7 would be the most forgiving of the bunch but honestly the rankings would be: Feel: Z Forged > ZX7 = T100S Forgiveness: T100S (by an incredibly small margin) > ZX7= ZForged (for my swing no difference which I was surprised at. Maybe a TINY difference in 4i) Looks (bag appeal): ZForged > Zx7 > T100S Looks (address): T100S (look more like blades than ZF) > ZForged > ZX7 Turf interaction: T100S = ZForged (surprised) > ZX7 (don’t love the sole width) I found the T100S to be quicker and more consistent for distance than ZX7 as ZX7 can get a bit nuclear on certain shots. The long irons especially can come out low and just absolutely sail. The ZForged spins more than both and flies higher. Overall, even though I love Srixon and played the 745 on and off for two years, I would never choose the ZX7 over the T100s or the z forged. Both are much superior irons in my books.
  5. I think the biggest thing is the amount of bounce they’ll have comparatively. If you miss heavy there will be a pretty big help there. Thin maybe not so much
  6. They are basically game improvement forgiveness with a true spin model. That particular version is one of the best of the bunch. Extremely forgiving, easy to work the ball with (admittedly I had trouble keeping them low), and pretty soft/solid. The new T100 line is much slimmer. I have a set of T100S bent weak and they are MB in size from 8-PW and the long irons are still very slim. The 714 look very big in comparison and I can see why the new models aren’t as appealing to many AP2 players. In fact I really think they made a mistake with the line. The new t100 line should have been something entirely different and AP2 should’ve remained. The new t200 is more what the 714 was. But I digress. Distance isn’t everything. Those clubs bent a degree or two strong would be equal to almost any players distance irons. Ive played around with the t100s at stock lofts and I usually carry my 6i around 200~. I actually don’t mind playing the lofts a bit stronger but do prefer a bit more spin on the ball as long is dead on every hole at my home course and we have extremely firm greens.
  7. These are GOAT status. Don’t sleep on them people. Broke par for the first time with this set. They’ll always have a place in my heart
  8. ZForged are the most stupidly forgiving blade ever made I think. Tested back to back with some other irons recently and it's silly even in the long irons. On thin strikes and miss hits vs other blades (titleist MB for instance) they retained almost 10mph ball speed with the same shaft. They flat out play like a T100 or similar.
  9. Over standard length preferred and tips in good shape
  10. If I'm going for this bracket of club it's a Ping G series every day and twice on Sunday...
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