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  1. I have an awesome combo set opportunity for sale here. Everything is in amazing shape and there are 10 irons included. X-Forged UT 4 Apex Pro 19 5 & 6 Apex MB 18 5-AW The installed set is currently 4 UT, 5 Apex Pro, 6–PW MB. PX 6.5 quarter inch over standard with BCT Cord 1+1 logo down in amazing shape. Can include blank S400 for the AW if you want. Played these at the beginning of the season before I found my Miuras and was really wrestling with whether to sell these or not. Lots of money in this set but will be open to selling everything as heads only and if I’m honest that is maybe preferred. No trades, no splitting unless I have buyers for the blade heads and long iron heads confirmed. $850 shipped for everything $675 for all heads only OBO
  2. I'd be going T100 personally. I think you need to be scratch + for you to get the best out of the 620s. I'm a good ball striker, + cap and hit the ball a decent way and I'd be going T100. I've gone back and forth with blades but I'm noticing right now that my TC201 are giving me just the amount of help I need. They are drastically more forgiving than the MB101 I used earlier in the season.
  3. Agreed it and the TSi3 are both wonderful. I think that both smoke the Sim2 TBH. The OG Sim is the longest driver available if you don't mind the fade bias but the TSi3 and Max LS are both more forgiving than the TM options. I found the 9* Max LS to spin equal to or less than the 8* TSi3 though, and I would say that the Max LS is more neutral, with the TSi3 having slight fade bias as well. I was not fit for my Max LS I just put my Ventus Black into it and it works very well. The TSi3 once fit was wonderful for me. AV Raw 65 TX with heel weight at 45". It wasn't the longest but it was silly straight. I admittedly get along best with Callaway drivers for whatever reason and the Max LS feels ping stable with only 100-200rpm more spin than my Mav SZ.
  4. It's a bit nit picky, particularly if your intentions are to game it. As you said, it won't affect performance so just enjoy the thing.
  5. No question it's close but for me, I want to score as well as I can and I do find that I get the tiniest amount of extra help from my CBs (Miura TC201) is worth it for me. They're still small, I still concentrate, I still have feedback, I can still move the ball around both up and down and left/right, but I do maintain a bit on subpar swings. I shot my first bogey free round on Sunday with a -7 65. I was not swinging that well. I was very, very hungover and granted the putter was hot, I found the green with some questionable swings. Not saying that round wouldn't have happened with blades but my gut tells me it might have been slightly trickier.
  6. I thought this for a while but the Max LS is as long but WAY more forgiving after gaming on course. It is an incredible driver. Feels as stable as a ping but with bomber spin.
  7. There’s a lot of corners to be cut and we have fast fairways. I hit my driver in the 320 range with roll on a good one. Our longest par 4 is 475 so I’ll usually have an 8 or 9 iron into that hole but otherwise a lot of wedges. Our par 3s are pretty long though. 180, 215, 200, 225.
  8. I think this topic gets slightly over complicated. At as base level, I think that if you hit the ball a decent way, you’re more likely to use your wedges for scoring much more than your irons. I play my course at 7100 and there are maybe 2 holes I’ll have an iron into the green that isn’t a par 3. If you don’t hit the ball a long way and you usually end up leaving yourself short on your approaches into par 4s, you’re also using your wedges a lot, though likely more in the green side-50 yard range rather than 50-140 range. Obviously these demographics will want different things out of their wedges. What you need to do is work out how far you hit your PW and how that gaps with your 9i. I play my PW at 47* and it carries 142 on a good strike. Working backwards I figure out what my clock yardages are And see what I can give up if anything 47* - 142 full - 130 3/4 - 120 1/2 51* - 130 full - 120 3/4 - 105 1/2 55* - 112 full - 100 3/4 - 85 half 60* - 100 full - 85 3/4 - 70 half My 55* is by far my most used wedge on approaches so dropping it seems stressful. I have tried playing 3 wedges but it feels like giving up too much. I think for many ams it’s a better idea is keeping the 4 wedges and dropping your 4 iron for a 22* ish hybrid or utility to improve long club gapping, which is much more difficult to get right and not bunch you. Driver - 3w (or 4w) - 5w (or 7w) - Hybrid or utility - 5-9 - P, G , S, L.
  9. Man if there's a dude named Carter Kooper on here he's about to be at full mast
  10. Bought to game but found another love in the mean time. Honestly not out to gouge anyone just pricing at the low end of market on here. Just send me a PM and we can chat about it. $old staying in the great white north thanks everyone
  11. If anybody is after a Newport 35" that isn't a total gouge fest send me a DM. Bought to game but found a new love.
  12. You mustn’t be able to compress an XV then because they feel delightful
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