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  1. They're good irons. Chipping... anything forged with no tech is better. Messing around with some Mizuno MP4 right now and chipped in with the PW (not a club I chip with normally) and had 3 or 4 come with a ball of going in and were tap in.
  2. Haven't seen anything, but I find it interesting that they went back to a centralized muscle design. I'm not sure how the MPF CG is measured, but it's interesting that with all of that weight moved toeside on the MP20, the CDIM on it was actually "worse" than MP4, MP5, and MP18. Anecdotally, I have a set of MP4 and find them just as, if not more forgiving than MP20. https://www.golfworks.com/images/art/MPF_MIZUNO.pdf
  3. 100%. Every Mizuno I've tried with a wider sole is a tough go for me. The combo of wide + low bounce is a bad combo as half of our season is so damp. I have a set of MP4 on the way which I am going to play with a 919 HMP 4 iron bent 2 weak to add some bounce to it. Mizuno blades are amazing through the turf for me despite being low bounce but any of their clubs with big Word not allowed ends are tough.
  4. Somebody is going to be stoked. I foresee Skytrak and Mevo+ having to get their act together quick or they're going to get blown out of the water. The ease of use, value, and metrics on this thing is crazy.
  5. Just as an FYI this thing is the absolute sh*t. Best golf purchase I’ve made in a long time.
  6. As title states. Preferably head only. Must be A weight (6i head ~263g ish).
  7. Hoping for Mint A weight heads. Let me know if you have a set kicking around.
  8. Thought the Rapture and now M2 thread by @cardoustie was quite interesting. Older drivers keeping up while we spend $500+ a year on the "latest and greatest". Yes, we are all enthusiasts on an equipment forum so I understand the spends, but the normalization of super expensive equipment is now striking me as more and more odd. I love trying things and recently hit some shots with my buddy's Vapor Pro irons. By all accounts these things are not supposed to be very forgiving, but they are up there with my favorite irons I've ever hit. I properly love them. I can pick a set up for $350 or so that will keep up with or even exceed the performance of my $2000 Miuras. I hit a 2016 M2 recently as well and if properly fit I have no doubt it would be as long as my Max LS. So why are we eating it up? Is it because we want to believe that it's the gears fault? My buddy that plays the aforementioned Nikes shoots in the 60s with his eyes closed and the only thing in his bag he will mess with is: 1. Putters - he has a million 2. New wedge set at the beginning of every season 3. His driver is modern (Sim) but doesn't love it. 4. Driver shafts if he isn't swinging as quick
  9. Agreed I think 99% of golfers would get better performance out of the i210.
  10. Really helps you understand why so many tour guys still play i210. The Blueprint actually could be argued to have performed better than the i59. More potential. Turf interaction maybe? Forgiveness seems a wash.
  11. Flat out hit my longest drive ever with this shaft but yeah.. It can go left I find.
  12. 100% CP is not worth the money. T200 is a nice looking iron and would add some launch in the long end.
  13. Agreed I think those reduced bounce ones were for links turf. I think he was playing a standard set at Ryder Cup. The i59 seem to be absolute spin monsters. No Bueno for me. It still very much confuses me why guys like Hov don't play Blueprints rather than having the ever living hell grinded out of a set of these.
  14. Great deal here. Only been playing these for a couple of months and they have all of my lowest ever rounds under their belt. VERY nice set.
  15. yes but mats have a propensity to drop your spin. If I spin an 8 iron 8000 indoors it’s going to be close to 9000 off grass and that’s more than I like as I usually play in a lot of wind.
  16. I spin the ball a lot but it did not spin more than my TC201. I'm quick and take a healthy divot. High 6000s but sub 7000 on most swings with the BP even with DG 120S which I generally spin quite a bit. As a comparison, the ZX7 was low 6000s at 2 degrees stronger. I'd like bend the Blueprints one strong in 4-9.
  17. Edited as I don't want to seem elitist (very much am not) - I'd love to hear from anyone tbh but I just find that often lower HCs are more realistic about what I blade does/doesn't do. There is some rose tinted glasses with higher HCs and blades at times (I used to be guilty of it). Fact is, PGA players often don't chose the blade to get a little help when they don't hit it perfect and no, they definitely don't pure it every time. I don't think irons make a huge difference and I can play well with just about anything but there are certain scenarios when I know if something has helped or not and my scores have definitely improved going from Apex MB to TC201. That said there was some shaft influence there. The Apex MB were lower spin and I find it easier to control my shots with TC201. I love the shape of the blueprint - square irons are where it's at for me.
  18. How are you finding your Blueprints long term? Have you stuck with them? Moved away from them? I tried a demo set a year and a half ago for a couple of rounds and hit a lot of good shots with them but I'm a much better player than I was then. I was at the local golf shop checking out the new T series (which I did not like) and my buddy handed me the Blueprint which I proceeded to absolutely stripe. At 1/2 inch shorter and a degree weaker in loft the Blueprint kept up to my TC201 ball speed wise and seemed easier to hit a powerful fade with. One of the things I liked best was that I could maintain ~130 ball speed on a cut. It seemed as though I could think a shot and just hit it. Dropped like 20 balls in a row around a 180 flag and was pretty sure I wanted to grab a set, but of course I could not hit the long irons to check out gapping. I like a firmer/denser feeling iron like these are Miuras these days rather than super soft like Mizuno. I also found they didn't overspin. I was getting 16 launch 6800ish backspin and just shy of 130 ball with the 7i. Did not get to try it in my ideal shafts either. Most interested in: How are the long irons in pressure (tournament/match) settings? Do you feel like you're giving up much in forgiveness? How are they out of the rough? (one thing I love about Miura with the heavy heads) Does the thin sole do okay when it's soft (I'm in Canada and half of our season is quite soft) I do believe that MOST blades sacrifice some forgiveness and I do love the fact that with my current setup I can catch my u500 4 iron a little clean or toey and it will still carry the water/bunker on some of our tougher par 3s which are around 220 and often play into the wind. I believe in Ping though and their irons always seem more forgiving than other offerings. I do notice that most of their tour pros use i210 which I find quite surprising. Let me know what you think!
  19. Toss up some pictures of these beautiful gamers
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