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  1. Reading through your experience with your Miuras I’d personally opt for the T100 as the offset will be a bit lower. I found the offset blending on the 921 tour didn’t work for me. Another idea would be to try trading your MC 501 for some TC201. That’s what I’m playing and the offset is definitely much less visually compared to the 501. They’re incredible irons.
  2. You should be able to break par from the closer tees before moving to the tips full time IMO. I play men’s league from 6700 and casual play from 7100. A couple of my buddies I play with try to argue that it’s easier for us to play tips because we hit it a long way. I tell them they should be able to shoot better scores from 6700 and not to whine haha. As others have mentioned the big difference is par 3s and if your ball striking isnt there for a 4 iron of those models you should probably just keep grinding the swing as you said you’ve been doing. It’s also important to keep your expectations in check. If you look at GIR stats for PGA at 200+ yards it’s not very high.
  3. Is your 7i 170 carry or 170 total? PX 6.0 is a drastically stiffer profile vs. DG 120 S300. That said, if you got fit at a reputable place, the next step is not to go home and Google shaft profiles and what they should do. You get fit into things for a reason and your particular swing may have worked well with the fitted shaft even though it may not theoretically fit from what’s on the tin. As a side note, 99% of the time people say they’re hitting the ball too high it’s because they’re flipping at impact. I know this because I use to do it. No shaft will fix that. People assume that action is for slow swing high handicappers but that isn’t always the case. Doing it with speed can result in ridiculous height on shots. Not sure if you got dynamic loft numbers while you were there but it’s a good starting point. As it happens though, if you’re in the high 80s to low 90s with a 7i the PX 6.0 is a great shaft. I have played PX 6.5 for quite a while now and really enjoy it.
  4. Agree. Also, to counter @DON SVO's point, Collin hits it pin high more than anyone on tour right now. True, he is not as long as some of the predominant faders like DJ or Rahm, but he is a weapon of a mid/long iron player. That was easy to see during The Open. I also think that @c7015 is correct in that the US Open might be the most difficult. The fairways are so firm and narrow and the rough so crazy that at the length they're setting those courses it is a huge benefit to be further down and hitting more loft. That said, he was one of only 12 guys under par at Torrey so he's got a chance...
  5. Jack, tiger, DJ etc would beg to differ re: the right handed draw but yeah he’s a streaky putter for sure. If he gets that sorted consistently he will be winning a whole lot of majors.
  6. 6000 total is what I heard for all models and sizes
  7. I’m now looking and see that ordering two was probably a good call haha. My pro got them for me.
  8. So I ordered both a NP and NP2. I’m going to sell the one I don’t play. Anybody know how limited these are? I’m not going to gouge like many do with this kind of thing but I also don’t want to get stuck with a second expensive putter. Chances these go up in value like the T22?
  9. Also have ADHD. Symptom wise maybe a bit different. I'm just saying, so many higher HCs on here claim to use blades because "they make them focus". Everyone should play what they want to play, but it's generally an ego thing - "I have blades in the bag". I've been there. They look good. Launch monitor doesn't lie though. Just about every single player no matter what speed starts to get helped at the long end of the bag with a CB of sorts.
  10. The "lazy" argument is just so lame. I use an XF UT 4i because it helps gap to my less than 3w club. I can hit a bladed 4 iron with zero issue at all, I just enjoy the ease of launch offered by my 4i. Our greens are rock hard (I rip wedges off greens at munis and they just stop at best on ours) so the extra height is appreciated when trying to get close on 220-230 par 3s. Do you think I focus less on hitting that club because I know it has a bit of help? Not on your life.
  11. Baby Blades are a yep. MB 001 are dope. Sleepers are the CB1008.
  12. Mark says the main help is launch and that I do believe is the case. This season I've been playing an Apex MB combo. I started the season with 5-PW in the MB and an X forged UT 24 bent to 22.5 (it was going a bit too high). I have 5 and 6iron Apex Pro 19 heads as well, and I put the 5iron in play instead of the MB about 2 months ago. I do believe that it is more forgiving and offers more consistent launch. I have no issue with distance, my ball speed with 6i is ~137mph. When I had a Titleist fitting day at my club recently, I hit the 620 CB vs my blade and found the Cb more forgiving than both the Apex Mb and 620 MB. It wasn't a stark difference - ball speed was very close as was spin I just found the CB to launch in the same window every single time even if you caught one a little clean. I have since picked up a set of 718 CB heads on the cheap which I'll build and test out. If they prove to be a bit more forgiving overall I will keep playing them. Basically I just want my slightly clean shots to retain a bit more but I want to keep the workability and spin consistency of the blades. I do not like the long left shot. If you're a good/fast player, I don't think you get much more benefit from something "hotter" like Apex or Apex Pro over the TCB for example, but I do believe the TCB gives you that ounce of forgiveness that can make the difference between being in the water or bunker vs making the front edge and having a putt. That's why so many tour players choose small CBs over blades, even at their speeds. Notice Morikawa absolutely rinsed everyone this week in iron play? He is by far the best ball striker, but even he uses a 4i with a touch more launch, has switched into a small CB from 5-9 in the P7MC and then has a bladed PW.
  13. it is my pro just emailed saying we are getting a good crack at them. Thinking of ordering both a NP and NP2 and selling the one I don’t prefer as much. Not crazy about the bottom but you don’t play with that bit so who cares haha. Around $650 USD and in shops Aug 6th.
  14. We are in complete agreement. I would go as far as to say it's one of the worst irons I've tried in years.
  15. Very little difference in “forgiveness” for whatever it’s worth. I do agree with one of the above comments regarding shaft. Might be worth doing a retrofit and grabbing some pulls off BST if something makes them a bit easier for you.
  16. This is pretty correct. Bonus points for the fact that you can bend them weak, take even more offset out, and add some bounce to Mizuno irons, which play pretty weird in the long irons for me with their thick sole and low bounce. No issue with the blades being low bounce but I absolutely hated the HMB for this reason. Had an MP20 MB 6-PW and HMB 4 and 5 and sold them right quick because of the long iron hatred.
  17. I've played a lot of different sticks. If you can compress a ball, anything that's a high end forging feels amazing. Mizuno can have a slightly different sound (which I think many love in fairness), as does Miura, as does Srixon. It's all person preference. If you're a talented ball striker and hit middle, everything feels good out the screws. At least now you can ravenously consume every video on Youtube with mizuno in the title, SMASH that like button and comment below nOtHinG feEls LiKE a MIzuNO.
  18. I'm pretty interested in the ES TD coming from Mav SZ but I just don't find there is a forgiveness issue. I don't generally miss middle it's just face to path misses for me so that might be part of it. The TD LS seems like it might be a good fit for me though. I just need to find out somewhere to hit them.
  19. If you're playing your driver that short you'll already be used to crazy light swingweight. Not what I'd be doing personally. A reasonable shorter length is 44.5. Going under that you're going to be giving up a TON of distance IMO. You need to swing weight it based on shaft etc so get it on a scale at a shop and figure out how much head weight you need to add and then order that weight. Agree with all of this. Play Mav SZ with Ventus Black 6x and I don't understand how it isn't forgiving. Been gaming it for over a year and nothing can beat its ball speed for me. It's also easy to shape and is super forgiving.
  20. What kind of equipment is grip talk...
  21. I use it on a handful of tee shots on our course. Lots of fescue and very tight fairways. I’m pretty accurate with driver but there are a lot of runouts and I can get the 3W out there between 280-300 depending on hole so it isn’t really a disadvantage at 7,000 yards. When I play men’s league which is 6,600, Ill only pull driver on maybe 4 or 5 holes so the 3W gets a ton of play off the tee. I have considered a mini driver because we only have 3 par 5s, all of which I can reach with an iron on my second as the approach will be sub 260. So, I’ve thought of doing mini driver 4w for a bit of extra height. I think many people assume 3W becomes less important when you’re longer but in fact I think it’s actually more so when you’re shorter. My dad switched to 4w+7w+24* hybrid and his game has improved immensely. He doesn’t hit his driver far enough to get into trouble and isn’t all that confident hitting 3W off the tee.
  22. Unexpected is definitely the word haha. Prefer these to the new 770s. Someone will be happy!
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