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  1. I played with Skip Snow during both of my rounds at the Ohio Mid-Am this year (held at Springfield (OH) Country Club, a regular site for US Open qualifying). At 76 years old and from the tips, he shot 79-74, often hitting hybrids or fairways into greens. Absolute machine - I think he only truly mishit 1-2 shots across both rounds. He is a 21-time club champion at Dayton Country Club, most recently winning at age 72 (Men's mind you, not Senior division), and won the Ohio Senior Amateur in 1998, 2001, and 2009.
  2. Here's my anecdotal experience with nearly the same clubs you use - I play the Cobra F8+ in both the 3-4 and 4-5 wood. I originally played the 4-5 wood set at 16.5* as my only fairway wood, but towards the end of last year added the 3-4 wood set at 14.5*, lofted up my 4-5 wood to 19*, and removed my 3-iron from the bag. Going from 16.5* to 19* (0.5* from the maximum range in loft) in my 4-5 wood produced the expected results - higher launch/flight, shorter overall distance. I have not noticed any changes to my fade/draw tendencies with the change in loft. Since addin
  3. Did you play for Butler? I played on the team, class of 2004.
  4. Also, given his scoring, Brooks Koepka seems to have done too good of a job as player consultant to Tom Doak for the redesign, lol.
  5. I'm sure Cobra would like Bryson to move on from his old Forged One Length irons (Forged Tour is the non-one length version of those heads) - they are going on four years old at this point. Whatever he ends up liking will probably be their "players" one length offering and whatever follows SZ will be their GI option (in the vein of the F7, F8, F9, SZ).
  6. It is a muni. Tom Doak was brought in to do what he could to make it more playable for the pros as well as the public (it is one of the most heavily played courses in the country).
  7. It's mostly going to be relevant in situations where I'm short of the green (my usual miss is a toe strike that flies straight but lands short) and the pin is middle or back. I think my plan will mostly devolve into using my 50 if I have plenty of green to work with and my 58 if not. In general I'm a decisive player and not prone to agonizing over which club to hit.
  8. Yep, I'll be looking at playing in as much as I can next year. After playing in just my club championship in 2019, I played in the Ohio Mid-Am and two other local amateur events this year. TheGrint Tour is coming to Ohio next year (I played in a "preview" event for the tour last month), so I'll probably jump into a few of those events if the courses match up to the quality I see them playing in other states.
  9. I played my first round yesterday after deciding to abandon my LW-all-the-time approach around the greens. Hit two bump and run chips with my 50*, one snuggled up to a tap-in and the other about 5 feet out - got up-and-down on both. Good start! Shot 70 (Par 70), with four birdies. 50% GIR, 62% Fairways, 27 putts. Handicap dropped to 0.7 from 1.0.
  10. When I play with just one fairway wood, I loft-down my Cobra F8+ 4-5 wood to 16.5*. I like the slightly shorter length and the rails on the bottom of the 4-5 are more aggressive than the 3-4 wood for better performance from the rough/etc. For comparison, when I play with two fairways, I have my 3-4 set at 14.5* and my 4-5 set at 19*. I don't really find much difference in draw/fade tendencies in either loft arrangement.
  11. I'm not sure which ball you play, but since I play the Snell MTB Black so pretty much everything still feels soft off the face. If I played a firmer ball I might find the black wedges too hard for my liking.
  12. My course has removed quite a few bunkers over the last 20 years and in the last 5 years has converted all of the previously flash-faced bunkers to grass-faced. Aesthetically, the course doesn't look as "nice" IMO, but honestly the course plays better than before. The flatter/grass-faced bunkers have much more consistent sand (and improved drainage) and many of the removed bunkers have proven to be somewhat superfluous in retrospect.
  13. Once I'm loosened up I don't tend to fly the ball a whole lot shorter (I usually don't have to change clubs), but in Ohio playing in the winter tends to entail mushier fairways and scruffier turf, so my rollout off the tee is usually not close to what it is during the summer.
  14. I love Zac Blair, but with the momentum King-Collins have after Sweetens, I imagine they are choosing to spend their time/energy working on jobs with more solid backing, rather than waiting on Zac to find Shangri-La.
  15. I think they're great. I especially love their WideLow grind in my lob wedge. I played one of the King (original chrome model) in 56 (WideLow) and a King Pur in 60 (WideLow) for the last couple of years before getting these black ones. I will say that I think the black finish they use seems to make them feel just a bit clickier than the other two King wedge models I had, but I have no issues with their performance. I actually just added a 50* Versatile grind in the black finish to go along with the other two (I want do more bump and run chipping with my GW going into next year rather than
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