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  1. Any input where to get a test club that won’t break the bank? Not finding anything used on the Bay or here in the +2” range. Was hoping to get a PW and start there. GolfWorks can do a spec’d out DBM for like $90, which is more than I’d like to spend on essentially a trial club. Thanks!
  2. Posting as a placeholder 6’ 4.5” in shoes 38.5” WTF 74” Wingspan
  3. Stumbled onto this thread now that I’m looking for some new irons. I’ve been told by more than a few pros that I’ll need at least 3/4”+ due to being 6’4”+ in shoes, with broad shoulders and a barrel chest from years of football, powerlifting, and strongman. I’ve played a used standard set of X2 hots since I started the game. Anyways, reading through, I’ve noticed all these very upright lie angle recommendations from fitters, but it seems a few of you have found that flatter is helping. I had a lesson with Dan C. a few months ago, and he also mentioned going flatter than standard (and
  4. Any updates on when Shot Scope will be coming out with their Strokes Gained stats? Just took a look at my Arccos dashboard and it's pretty impressive what they've been able to do on their end with SG.
  5. Yeah, my pro had me use it a bit when I went to go see him last week, and I've seen him reference it on here a few times now that I'm searching around about it. His had the training grip on it too, so I'll probably go with that. I'll definitely be using it alongside two or three other drills, but it was crazy how it put me into a position I'd never felt before in my BS. Giving me a feel to replicate is exactly what I was looking for.
  6. @me05501 @dhc1 Thoughts on training grip model vs. regular grip? Any updates on training with it? Thanks
  7. I don’t know about a pure guess. I can narrow it down to like a 30 yard area with my worst contact, which is still helpful I guess lol. You’re right though, there are other apps like Arccos that’ll do what we’re talking about.
  8. I understand what @Oqvist is saying, the further offline your first shot, the more the reverse math (total yardage of hole - distance to hole = distance of shot) won’t be completely accurate. But, that reverse math trick should get you in the somewhat right area like @shadymg is saying until hopefully a firmware update includes a more robust feature. Thanks guys
  9. It sounds like this isn’t a feature, but is there a way to know how far you hit your last shot? As in, you’re walking from where you last hit and there’s a yardage readout that increases as you walk. Incredibly handy feature for when you know you hit it in an area, but can’t find your ball because of tall rough, etc.
  10. Haha! If he can overnight it to me for my Saturday at Streamsong, I’d be out some cash!
  11. Agreed - I reached out to SS to ask if I could reserve an order at the promo price point, but they said I’d just have to wait until they come back in stock. Can’t be mad at them for it, I should’ve pulled the trigger a week ago.
  12. They’re out of stock on most of the colors until October apparently. Sounds like a good launch.
  13. Random thought - anyone have experience with armlock putters and putting tracking? Wonder if the added grip to wrist distance is an issue.
  14. Not trying to derail the thread, but with Shot Scope V3 out now, what’re everyone’s thoughts on a comparison?
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