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  1. Good point - adding the data point of the X2’s will be a good comparison against the g425’s since I saw how my ball flight figures changed between them during the session. That’ll give me some insight on to how changes in those heads characteristics impact my swing.
  2. Thanks for the read - that’s interesting info. Kind of going down a VCOG rabbit hole now.
  3. So you’re saying the issues from P790 and the like, where they knuckleball, are from VCOG being too high still, and actually having a low VCOG would be the solution?
  4. That’s what it’s seeming like to me, with how manufacturers are designing clubs. So is anybody making a higher CG GI iron?
  5. Exactly - we’re not sure it’s enough after all those considerations, which is my concern with the 425s. I’ve been looking around for high launch/high spin heads, and shaft combos, and it’s not a common need for golfers it looks like based on market offerings, especially in GI irons. Seems the tech in GI is all geared towards lower spin to increase distance. I mention GI because that’s where I’d like to be. Being honest with myself, I can’t get out multiple times a week to practice/play, so higher spinning players irons seems like a futile attempt. I’m out there to enjoy my rounds too
  6. Significantly lower, as in price? Not ball flight - I’m not looking to lower flight/spin/launch.
  7. Ha! So that was my first time on something like a GC Quad, so seeing that swing speed pop up was such a nice surprise. For sure, and my descent angle was hovering 41* - 45*. Definitely something I’d like to get up. We were using all new ProV’s and TP5’s (both higher and lower compression models). I have looked in to something like the Srixon Z Star balls that may give me anywhere from 200 - 500 more spin. I’d have to have another session to know for sure.
  8. So something like the Maltby DBMs essentially?
  9. So sounds like something in the neighborhood of 15* launch and spin consistently in the low 5,000s (5k - 5.3k) with a 7i. That’s my math factoring the 3* retro spec adjustment to loft from standard with Ping. I’ll be working on my swing some to continue my technical progress, but it seems these launch and spin figures are maybe a little low for how I’m swinging?
  10. Yes, the “demo” I referred to was matching the specs listed above, except for the retro loft aspect. The output listed is from the club specs listed with standard Ping lofting (not power spec).
  11. Evening Everyone, Recently went to a fitting and got a recommendation of the following: Ping G425 Retro Lofts DG120 Stiff +1" Lie: 63.5* 7i (+1.5* from Ping Spec) My swing stats from the Quad averaged around the following with the demo 7 iron in an indoor sim bay: CH Speed: 95mph AoA: -5* Path and FTP: +4*/-3* (Battled some shut club face all day with pull hooks being my miss) Carry/Total: 172/188 Spin: High 4,000s/Creeping Into Low 5,000s Launch: 13* (had a few as low as 11* just hitting normal shots for
  12. Any input where to get a test club that won’t break the bank? Not finding anything used on the Bay or here in the +2” range. Was hoping to get a PW and start there. GolfWorks can do a spec’d out DBM for like $90, which is more than I’d like to spend on essentially a trial club. Thanks!
  13. Posting as a placeholder 6’ 4.5” in shoes 38.5” WTF 74” Wingspan
  14. Stumbled onto this thread now that I’m looking for some new irons. I’ve been told by more than a few pros that I’ll need at least 3/4”+ due to being 6’4”+ in shoes, with broad shoulders and a barrel chest from years of football, powerlifting, and strongman. I’ve played a used standard set of X2 hots since I started the game. Anyways, reading through, I’ve noticed all these very upright lie angle recommendations from fitters, but it seems a few of you have found that flatter is helping. I had a lesson with Dan C. a few months ago, and he also mentioned going flatter than standard (and
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