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  1. Well, I’m starting to find some similar concepts, and this one was actually a good find. If the pros do it, it can’t be completely wrong.
  2. I’m finding like with almost anything else in life, its the same in golf instruction. What’s old is new, just repackaged.
  3. I’ve seen that Austin clip with the rope, that was definitely an ah-ha moment for me when I was getting into the whole right hand throw feel. I’m a former college athlete, so getting away from traditional teaching about static positions, and getting towards making an athletic movement where my body just responds has been the best thing I’ve done for my game. I still revert to the ball sometimes and get that hit impulse - but when I just let the ball get in the way of the swing, it’s such an improvement.
  4. Hadn’t heard of this guy - much appreciated! Both those videos are definitely on point.
  5. Agreed - wouldn’t mind going down the rabbit hole here.
  6. What’s everyone’s thoughts on this new video from Clay with TSG? I’ve been playing around with a similar feel the last few months, along with an overall feeling of throwing the club down range with my trail hand, and wondered why I couldn’t find much info on something of this nature. I’ve been hitting the ball great recently (respectively for me), but can’t quite put a finger on what exactly it is that’s creating the solid striking. Just looking to dive into any similar info, so any other resources you all can share would be much appreciated!
  7. Good point - adding the data point of the X2’s will be a good comparison against the g425’s since I saw how my ball flight figures changed between them during the session. That’ll give me some insight on to how changes in those heads characteristics impact my swing.
  8. Thanks for the read - that’s interesting info. Kind of going down a VCOG rabbit hole now.
  9. So you’re saying the issues from P790 and the like, where they knuckleball, are from VCOG being too high still, and actually having a low VCOG would be the solution?
  10. That’s what it’s seeming like to me, with how manufacturers are designing clubs. So is anybody making a higher CG GI iron?
  11. Exactly - we’re not sure it’s enough after all those considerations, which is my concern with the 425s. I’ve been looking around for high launch/high spin heads, and shaft combos, and it’s not a common need for golfers it looks like based on market offerings, especially in GI irons. Seems the tech in GI is all geared towards lower spin to increase distance. I mention GI because that’s where I’d like to be. Being honest with myself, I can’t get out multiple times a week to practice/play, so higher spinning players irons seems like a futile attempt. I’m out there to enjoy my rounds too, so easier to hit clubs is a welcome addition. The DBMs were a recommendation from the other user in here, and I have seen them referenced quite a bit before on the forums. I’m not interested in the irons arms race really, since I can hit it far enough already, so maybe I’ll dig a bit further in to Maltby.
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