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  1. Diamana TB 60 TX w/Titleist adapter plays 44.75” in a TSi3 $230 pin 12/12
  2. I’m sure people are going to be climbing over a size 8 shoe... going to make a killing when no one buys them and I return them next week.
  3. Bushnell V5 Shift Patriot Pack Rangefinder (with slope). New Never used. $sold Nike "Fearless Together" Air Max 270G . New unopened (I accidentally bought 2 pairs) Size 8 (Don't laugh too hard) Sold
  4. Scotty Cameron Newport 2. 32", pistolero grip. Almost new, only minor sole wear. SOLD Tour Striker Planemate. Used only once SOLD Titleist 917D3 9.5 Brand New with headcover $135 Head only (Can include full 917 weight kit for $25) $160 Rogue Max 65 S
  5. OBO, discounts for bundles. Want to sell quickly! More pics available upon request $sold U500 with Tensei Pro Orange Hybrid 100 TX 38.5' mint $165 917 D3 9.5 new $Sold 915 D3 10.5 mint Drivers available with following shafts (45'): Rogue Max 65 S, Diamana Blue S 60 (Dialead), Rogue Black S 70 $95 917F2 13.5 Mint $120 917F2 18 New $sold 915F 15 New in plastic Fairways available with following shafts (43') Diamana Blue Dialead 70 S, Diamana White Dialead 80 S Headcovers $175 Grey/Black Circle T $175 Red/White Circle T $225 Circle T Paintsplash $150 LTD Patchwork Gallery
  6. OBO, happy to reduce if multiple items taken. Will send addition pics upon request. $sold U510 2 Iron, head only. Mint $sold Scotty Cameron, Futura 5S 35", Brand New (With head cover) $sold Scotty Cameron, Select Newport 35" 7.5/10 $sold Scotty Cameron, Select Newport 2 34" 7.5/10 $sold SM6 Chrome 52.08F (Stock shaft). New in plastic $sold SM6 Black set: 56.10S, 60.12K (Stock shafts). New in plastic $sold SM6 Black set: 54.14F, 58.12K (Stock shafts). Mint 9/10 $sold SM6 Black set: 52.08F, 56.10S (Stock shafts) Mint 9/10 $sold SM6 Black 56.08M (Stock shafts) light wear 7/10 Pin 12/4
  7. **All clubs are -.5' of standard length. Happy to bundle items for better price.** Titleist U510 2 iron, Tour AD black 95X Basically new, barely hit (20 balls) $215 ~~Sold* SM6 Vokey set Tour Issue Dynamic Gold Black Onyx S400 46-08F, 50-08F, 54-08M, 58-04L Grooves still have full depth, some chipping on black shafts (Stamped with PARK on back)~~ **SM6 Vokey Tour Issue Dynamic Gold Black Onyx S400** 58-04L no stamping $45 **All SM7s are in good condition, no real groove wear** ~~Sold* SM7 Tour Chrome 50-08F, Tour Issue Dynamic Gold S400~~ ~~SM7 Tour Chrome 52-
  8. Looking to sell quickly. Professionally pulled 95g X Tour AD from a Titleist TMB. Basically brand new, no blemishes. Played 38.5' Looking for SOLD
  9. I have Tensei CK pro Orange 60 TX, I got it from a club maker last year. I still don't know what it is though. It is TX which I think means its legit, but it **does not have the big tungsten W on the front side**. Does any one know what model this is?
  10. My name is not Paul and I've never sold anything on eBay, and I was not introduced to this site by you. You're psychotic and I wish you'd stop sabotaging my sale cause I don't want to deal with you. I will be really disappointed if the moderators don't take action on your crap. I only paid 10 dollars to list on here, but this is really weak.
  11. I looked up your prior posts saw you've caused arguments each time and posted "tour issue" items falsely that were clearly not. You have your profile from hong kong. You also requested me to email you instead of just messaging me on here. Every action you made was suspicious. You're not someone I want to do business with. To actual buyers I have everything you need to see with the actual trackman. I have plenty more pictures and can FaceTime to demonstrate it working.
  12. PM me if you want to make a contingent offer and I will get the tape measure out. I know that when I had them done I had my guy that works on a van tip it standard for Titleist since I did not need them any stiffer since I play shorter length.
  13. Whatever standard Titleist tipping is, had my club builder put them together.
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