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  1. So I have been searching for answers about whether or not the association between Bettinardi and Tear Drop is true? Does anyone know if this was ever confirmed? All I can seem to find is that it was rumored and that the timeline matches up quite well for it to be a possibility. I will say I just found this mint TD00 putter and the milling on this thing is amazing, so is the balance... It’s a piece of fine craftsmanship for sure. I sure would like to see a timeline with all the models they released in their short-lived existence. Maybe it’s cuz I was a kid in the 90s and always liked Fred Coupl
  2. I’m always wondering about players clubs especially from back then just cuz there doesn’t seem to be a lot of info out there, I love the old clubs and heck they’re usually cheap. I buy them in hopes of restoring them someday probably not til I retire lol, I find it cool to think to myself that they’re similar to something a great player from back when would’ve used. Restoration is a long process I’m sure you all know and I wanna put my time into worthy sets. Found a set of MacGregor SS 2 CF4000 irons at st Vincent the other day for dirt cheap and they’re in great shape still all original and t
  3. Does anybody have an idea of what irons Billy would’ve played? He was a Wilson man correct?
  4. Well... somehow it happened. Go figure somehow in all my googling I never came across the WITB time machine articles which are of course from this very site. Id sure like to know where they get their info but heck I’m happy as can be.. and it’s almost like what I was asking for a list from a certain year and the top five players clubs from that time!! ? I hope they keep it going and really hope they go back to some of the really old school players. Imagine some Sam Snead or Hogan WITB! That’s what I dream of... yes I have issues lol
  5. Thanks for all the info, It makes a lot more sense now... Kmart sounds about right, don’t think I’ll be adding these to the collection any time soon but they’re still cool in their own right. At least they’re out there helping in some way to keep his legacy alive. I have heard a great deal about the lynx contract and how he was set to play those irons and it sure makes a guy wonder if he had been able to do that how would it have changed the fate of their company.. it sure would be interesting to know if those prototypes for him exist somewhere and can’t imagine what they’d be worth if they su
  6. I was wondering if there’s anyone out there that might know more about the origin of the Wilson Payne Stewart NFL autograph irons? What and why? I found results of an old auction which seemed to be an old set of these with the bag that were used by him and I’m wondering at what capacity would he have gamed these and when? To me they look more like something lynx woulda made... lots of questions tho. Where did the NFL come from? I’m lost. Any input is greatly appreciated, thanks everyone!
  7. I’m fed up! Why is it so hard in this age of information to find out what different players had in their bag through the years. It takes a ridiculous amount of research to find info on the players of yesteryear. In my mind I imagine a list of like the top 25 from each era and what they used at least in the pinnacle of their career. Is that really so much to ask... heck I’d settle for top ten!! Top 5!!!! Anything really other than the same old shots of Tigers bag that seems to be all I ever come across when looking for old WITB info. Maybe I just suck at navigating this and other forums and the
  8. > @Craigie1973 said: > Ganderson906 wrote: > > > > Thanks for the replies! It’s hard to find info so evey bit I can get is great. > > > > > > > If you can get hold of Jody Vasquez’s book ‘Afternoons With Mr Hogan’ he talks a bit about the equipment he used. If memory serves me right he says he used the Precision model from about ‘54 and then a few more models after that (Power Thrust in ‘62 maybe). He said Mr Hogan hardly ever changed sets I will find that book!! Thank you for that.. I have been searching for answers for some
  9. So I always watch all the old footage I can find and I can definitely see the “pop” kind of strike these players using this sort of style had but I just don’t think that it necessarily needs to be employed that way. They had to use it that way because of the slow greens but it can be tweaked and used in a different way. For me I’ve found with the arms in nice and close like that, head leaning over the balls line to target, It’s easy for me to make a confident, controlled, predictable, smooth stroke. Although this may come at the expense of one’s back is it any different than trying to get to
  10. So I’ve had this question floating around my mind for quite some time and I finally decided to ask my fellow members of this forum because I have no answers for it, here it is ... Why is there no modern players that implement the Nicklaus or Palmer type putting style. I know it precedes them and one can look as far back as they want and find great players that had that really hunched over type putting stance style with their arms in close practically resting on their legs. You don’t see it now. You’d think people would try to replicate the best players ever but there’s nobody relevant that I’v
  11. Yeah the article I read was an old one but I was researching what kind clubs the shark used during his prime because I know he had the cobra sponsor but wasn’t sure about which he would’ve played since most of thier stuff was oversized cavity or gravity back excuse me... but yeah just thought he’d prefer blades. It said he had MacGregors with a cobra stamp which actually didn’t surprise me too much. Lastly I gotta say the very first cobra blades are pretty nice lookin clubs it’s too bad they’re nearly impossible to find.
  12. I appreciate the help.. I’ve tried searching witb in classic forum, guess I wasn’t patient enough to find what I was looking for but there sure is a lot to sift through. I guess I’ll have to track down some old gold digest catalogs, you’d just think in the age of information this stuff would be readily available. I was reading an article about this woman who had the job of making sure the pros were playing what they were getting paid to play and had to go around taking notes on what everyone had in their bags at each event, if a person could just find those archives!! Lol... gotta have dreams.
  13. If I had a nickel for every minute I spent searching for old pictures of witb I would be very wealthy. Either I’m an idiot or just not good searching the web but I have tried tirelessly to find some 80s or 90s witb photos or even just info!! Nothing!!! I have basically found nothing and I’m getting so discouraged. I will be forever grateful if some kind soul can help point me in the right direction. I can’t be the only one looking for this info, I get great joy looking at what players from the past had in thier bags. I remember golf digest in the 90s when I was a kid had a section towards the
  14. Hey that’s cool, thanks everyone.. I didn’t know if I’d get a response seeing as this has probably been discussed before I’m sure but I couldn’t find any old threads on it. Guess I’m not the best at navigating this site just yet. I never heard of Petron? That’s new to me and also surprised it’s Wilson on top not MacGregor. I wonder how long before the modern brand catch up or will they? Don’t see dusty playing Wilson’s or Spieth with some Macs! haha
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