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  1. I would try something with more toe hang and see what happens. A face balanced set up will only leave you with an open face at impact and a face balanced putter. You need to be closing the toe to square the face at impact. Try an old heel shafted mid mallet or something with a short slant neck like a Zing and see if that helps in squaring the face at impact.
  2. I'm gaming an X5 and love it. Seems much more compact than most to my eye. Doesn't feel as nice as the Las Vegas I rolled in store though. Other than that, The ER5 is a nice option.
  3. Looks suspect. Check out the images on the SC website. The name in the cavity should be slightly bigger and stretch towards the screws more.
  4. C3 Custom Golf on IG does a lot of Spiders. I was talking to him about one I was working on for my brother. Great guy, check him out.
  5. Was just about to say the same thing. I'm not overly familiar with the putters but if you could disassemble, you could have parts coated/color changed. Other than that, you could try a DIY job with some very tedious masking on the front end of things.
  6. Only 2 All Star headcovers and the keychain remain.
  7. TBC Winston collection driver cover. I’ve never gamed it but I am not the original owner. Looks immaculate. I bought it last year and my girlfriend bought me the same one a week later. This one has been displayed since. SOLD Keychain made from Club Cameron cash bag. Brand new, never used. $75.00 Patrick Gibbons Handmade Azalea All Star brand new out of box. $140.00 Patrick Gibbons Handmade Pink All Star gamed once. $125.00 Patrick Gibbons Handmade Droids gamed once. SOLD Patrick Gibbons Handmade Boba Fett mallet gamed o
  8. I believe most slant necks from the big OEM's take a .370 tip. I just put one on a TM Spider Tour slant. Other than that, a lot of custom putter shops are building to accept .370 shafts.
  9. Finally found my TeI3 I’ve been looking for. Seller said it was recently refinished by BOS. Threw some PPF on the sole and took it out for a few putts. I’m in love.
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