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  1. Like everyone has said above definitely looks like a scratch in the paint down to the shaft. I wouldn't be worried about them failing due to that but I would be bothered by it.
  2. I don't think the custom shop does oil can/black oxide any longer. You would have to hit up bos for that. As for the coa, I can't imagine it would be worth more than the standard oval track newport of those days unless it belonged to someone famous and you could prove it. Still a cool putter though and a nice one to game.
  3. Tobacco Road at sunrise December 2020 Mid Pines 15 from the tee
  4. 1. City, State Clarion, PA2. Handicap - 243. Do you currently use a rangefinder? If so, what model? Not currently4. What is your preferred price point for a rangefinder? Under $2505. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes
  5. Did some work on a special select flowback recently and had to put some heat to it before the sole plate would pry off.
  6. Paging @Phabs Can only speak to stability tour but I have one in an old 97ish Newport and love it. Distance control has improved as well as putts holding their line.
  7. Weird. I just put a Pure grip on a putter and did not notice any off putting odors. I'd be putting it outside for a bit to offgas.
  8. I've battled elbow tendonitis for the past 15 years. The combination of powerlifting, weightlifting, hockey, and golf did zero favors to my joints. Take it with a grain of salt, but I have found that when properly hydrated my tendonitis issues cease to exist.
  9. There is rarely a day that goes by where I don't think of Opinder and his quest to build a masterpiece.
  10. Just looked through their IG and that is definitely what it looks like. The transition from post or neck to shaft looks a little clunky or thick to me though. To each their own.
  11. No Scotty cover but will ship protected in another headcover.
  12. Specs: Length 35" Loft 4 Lie 71 Grip Superstroke Mid Slim 2.0 Head has some chatter but would be a great gamer or good candidate for a full makeover. Putter has stock 10g weights installed but will come with aftermarket 15g and 20g weights as well as an aftermarket wrench. Price: SOLD shipped US only. Feel free to offer up. Would like to move this one.
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