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  1. I live and die by this. I'll ride a hot putter until it is cold and blue then make a switch. I'm about at that point right now. I'm dumb, so take my advice with a grain of salt; I go with what fits my eye and feels good that day. Most of mine play very similarly so it's not like I'm going from one extreme to another.
  2. There's 6 of mine and 2 others at the moment. -Ping Zing Karsten TR -Studio Design 1 -Newport Classic -TeI3 Newport -Cushman 2 Step -Weld neck X5 Then an Odyssey and a TM I'm working on for friends.
  3. Chapman pitch and putt would be electric. I need to get the boys in to this some day.
  4. Love the UTX cord and at $8 or so a grip I can deal with it. I really regret not buying more of the Z5's when they were clearing inventory. If you're looking leather definitely go Best Grips. Zach makes a great product. It is all I use on my putters. I'm considering making the switch through the rest of my bag as well.
  5. kb7


    Get with Ken at Flanigan Bilt. Great guy and awesome work. Did the neck work on my X5 for me.
  6. kb7

    Putting woes

    I like this guy. He's one of us! I'm guilty of buying unneeded (if you ask my girl) putters. I like to collect some and I like to game a couple different ones. Most spec out about the same but look just different enough to switch it up from time to time.
  7. I've been using Patrick Gibbons covers on my blades and mallets. Super strong and never have fallen off.
  8. Beat me to it. TM does a fantastic job marketing their products. They put them in the hands of high profile tour players and social media people. You're getting blasted from all sides by their brand if you follow the sport at all.
  9. I would try something with more toe hang and see what happens. A face balanced set up will only leave you with an open face at impact and a face balanced putter. You need to be closing the toe to square the face at impact. Try an old heel shafted mid mallet or something with a short slant neck like a Zing and see if that helps in squaring the face at impact.
  10. I'm gaming an X5 and love it. Seems much more compact than most to my eye. Doesn't feel as nice as the Las Vegas I rolled in store though. Other than that, The ER5 is a nice option.
  11. Looks suspect. Check out the images on the SC website. The name in the cavity should be slightly bigger and stretch towards the screws more.
  12. C3 Custom Golf on IG does a lot of Spiders. I was talking to him about one I was working on for my brother. Great guy, check him out.
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