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  1. Typically a less absorbent wiping towel nets me the best results. I have actually had really good luck with the old school brown recycled paper towels from the dispensers.
  2. Here’s the cavity of my most recent custom. I’ll always think of my grandmothers each time I pick this one up. Those two ladies mean the world to me and if this helps me to never forget the great memories we made together, it is all worth it. If it’s a custom you never plan on selling, why not do something just for you?
  3. So i got my putter in. I’m tired from a day of driving and shoveling snow, but I tossed on a grip and rolled a few on my mat. All I can say is “wow”. Every last detail is perfect. I’ll post more when I’m not so tired and actually can get some time to roll it, but for now here’s a picture of the sole engraving that was done.
  4. Maybe it's just me, but most of the allure to the older carbon Camerons is the feel you get from a raw carbon head. Any coating you have applied may change that "feel". I can not say whether or not PVD or DLC would (I would imagine DLC may have more of an effect as it is a very hard coating) but I had a carbon head Cerakoted for a project and it became slightly clicky. Now if you want a finish that is essentially "maintenance free" you'll most likely sacrifice some of that pure, soft feel that many love about the Circa 62 line.
  5. Thanks guys! I’ll be sure to post up to the Mack Made thread over I get to roll it a bit. That is in fact a pack of Marlboros in the cavity. One of my grandmas loved drinking black coffee and smoking Marlboro Reds. The other loved owls.
  6. Just got the update I’ve been waiting for! Mack Made “My Jewel” 34.5” eog 3.5°/70° Stability Black Bestgrips Microperf
  7. The hand finished artistry that was around in the late 90's-early 2000's is all but gone for us peasants. What you get now is more like a precision made razor vs a handcrafted knife. I always prefer something with a little character, but can also appreciate the consistency and precision of a 100% milled head. But for anyone looking for that $400.00 OTR putter; just buy it. Maybe you'll love it, maybe I'll scoop it from you for a fraction of retail in the BST forum here. Then, go get your white whale, whether it is an older otr or a one off custom.
  8. Yup, what you're looking for is a 4 wood. Something around 16.5-17 deg. I just picked up a Mavrik 4 wood and love it.
  9. Can confirm .390. You could turn down the post to accept .370 but it might look a little odd.
  10. The work he did for me on my X5 is great. People are going to think I'm on Ken's payroll with as much as I recommend him.
  11. Mill marks in the cavity are so cool. Great putter.
  12. kb7

    Ranking of Newports

    1a. 95-97 Newport 1b. 98-99 Oil Can Classic 2. 97-98 TeI3 Sole Stamp/Face Stamp 3. 08 Button Back 4. 00-02 Milspec 5. 99-01 Teryllium 2 6. 02-04 Studio Stainless 7. 05-07 Studio Style 8. 08-11 Studio Select 9. 21 Champions Choice 10. 12-15 Select 11. 20 Special Select 12. 16-19 Select I'll take any and every carbon Newport out there and slap some lead tape on it over the stainless Newports. There's just something about the old ones.
  13. Call me crazy, but would some while silicon caulk not work here? Somewhere I remember a story of a young Don T Cameron emerging from a hardware store with some caulking that he would use to fill in some holes on the back of a putter with a copper insert.
  14. I had a neck done by Ken. Pricing was good and the work done was great. If I remember correctly, return shipping is not included in his pricing.
  15. This is the most eloquently worded sentence I have ever read on this forum. Big things coming if this how we are starting 2022. I'm thinking slight advantage goes to the squareback shape with the meatier shoulders. I highly doubt you'd be able to tell the difference though unless you're that one guy who wanted to fight Tmag over the feel of GSS. One option would be to have the slan neck cut off and a plumbers neck welded on. Ken Flanigan does this. Might be worth an email.
  16. About 4 years ago I picked up a studio design 1 for a steal. Since then I’ve went full on degen and can’t stop buying milled putters. It’s really a problem.
  17. You might have some luck with a good soak in hydrogen peroxide. Do this at your own risk though and take the head off the shaft to make life easier on you.
  18. Yikes. Believe these are a PVD finish so the only way to really get it looking right is a refinish. You could also see if you know someone that could do a light bead blast of the head to strip the PVD then rock it raw and let it rust.
  19. kb7

    Putter grip

    Grips will not change the toe flow/toe hang. The only ways to do that would be to change where the neck goes in to the putter or add tons of weight to the heel or toe.
  20. Only other option would be to have a neck fit and glued in place. I know some people are doing that with copper heads and stainless necks. We trust epoxy to hold up to our 140 mph swing speeds so it should be good on a putter.
  21. Have rolled both the ER5v slant and X5.5 in stores. Also have an X5 flow neck I game from time to time. The ER5v had a tingy sound to it and the ball really jumped off the face. That being said, the 34" one I tried in store had a Gravity Grip and it was a magical putter. Everything was rolling so well, but I couldn't get over the sound. The X5.5 had the nice solid sound/feel that you'd expect from a Cameron. In the end it comes down to what suits your eye. I tend to gravitate towards the X5.5 style. Another one that is worth considering is the Toulon Las Vegas H7. I don't any Toulons but every time I pick one up and roll some putts it has me wanting one. I love the feel of the faces on them and the Las Vegas H7 is no exception to this.
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