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  1. Looks like they won't add the extra 20% off to the TP5 anymore
  2. Justin would look terrible in Nike. I'm picturing a less schlubby P Reed
  3. 1. Srizon Z U-45, 3 iron, KBS C taper lite 115, XS flex. Used but in good condition. $120 2. Ping S-55, 3 iron, Stiff flex. Used but in good condition. $80 3. Various Nike hats, all unworn. $26/each
  4. Camarillo, CA Nike outlet had the LCV2 for $34.99 for the white and red, and $60 for the white and blue. The white and red had low quantities. The White and blue were fully stocked, every size. Damn great deal
  5. What's the lowest price people have been able to get Toulon putters through CPO? I keep debating about picking one up during one of their sales or through their eBay site but it seems like the price is never quite low enough for me
  6. Anyone feel like this this thing is super loud?
  7. Are the UNIQLO stretchy a little or pretty form fitting? Pretty stretchy. Pretty similar to the Nike aerolofts
  8. Cobra needs to pay guys to put the driver in their bags (a la Taylormade)
  9. Statistically I feel like his driving has taken a nosedive since 2015.
  10. Would love to see him win a US Open but I fear his days of being long and straight enough for their setups are behind him.
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