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  1. Checking the member’s join date helps. I won’t buy or sell anything from anyone that joined recently
  2. I would say, in general, stocking up on anything Michigan colored is not a good look. Ohio state on the other hand....
  3. What’s really funny is my father in law almost lost his whole bag in the same lake the week prior because he didn’t lock his push cart!
  4. Once, par 5, tee shot into the water, 4 iron skips on the water and out on the other side on the bank, 56* from 105 in the hole: birdie. Couldn’t make it up if I tried
  5. Whoop arm band, it’s a fitness/health tracker. JT has been wearing one as well
  6. We played Madison a couple times this year in our league and the conditions were good. No complaints here.
  7. I’m indifferent when it comes to his strategy, his approach to the game and his physical changes. What I don’t understand is why people fault him for doing what the majority of golfers have tried to do at some point in their careers: hit it as long as possible within their limits. Swing away big guy!
  8. I played the XR16 for a season about 2 yrs ago and it worked well for me. The only issues I had with it was on, what felt/sounded like a perfect strike, I didn’t gain yardage also dispersion was not great for me. I switched to a g400max and am much happier. I wish I would have testing the xr on a launch monitor to see numbers. It could have just been too high spinning for me like others said.
  9. Not having to look through the archive section when trying to search the bst section. Categorized bst section would also help when searching for a specific brand or club. Also, better odds of actually winning one of these giveaways.
  10. After viewing an ad it doesn’t redirect me to the top of the page when I go back to the previous page. I did see some double and triple posts on bst last night though...
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