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  1. Could anyone tell me the stock length of the 15 deg TSi3 fairway wood? I'm going to order a new shaft online and it's asking for the playing length. I believe I found 43.0" on Titleist website but I wanted to check.
  2. For anyone using the DF in their driver what shaft do you have in your 3 wood?
  3. 15 deg TSi3 playing at 14.25 deg. Tee shots on par 4s basically the only time I use it. Maybe the rare longer par 5s. Thinking about getting 13.5 deg head instead though to get the flight down some more. They go so far these days so probably shouldn't.
  4. Is the white weight the standard? Mine came with that but I requested a certain swing weight.
  5. What is the difference between the DF and the Diamana D+ plus limited version? Anything close to the DF profile in the Tensei series or Fuji Ventus?
  6. Anyone know what shaft is similar to a Fujikura Speeder 757 Evolution I Tour Spec X flex? Fujikura website spits out the Evo V but I don't see how that would be possible looking at their charts.
  7. Spieth has had Ventus Blue but the more noticeable change I think that's helped him is using the TSi3 instead of 2. Wallace had Ventus Blue driver and 3 wood in the bag this weekend Berger uses Ventus Black in driver DJ has Ventus Black in his 3 wood, sometimes uses in driver but think he mostly keeps his speeder Poulter and Matt Jones both have Ventus Blue in driver Jimmy Walker Ventus Black in driver Phil I heard was using Ventus Black in driver Fleetwood has had Ventus Black but I've seen him with a Diamana DF too more recently -Probably a ton more
  8. I'd recommend the TSi2 hybrid or the u510 if you want the iron. Still rather traditional in shape imo for TSi2 and more forgiving and higher launching. I don't think he's wrong saying the u510 is more forgiving than TSi3 hybrid they are probably very close in that regard.
  9. Love the smoothness of the Ventus Black 7x I had in my driver last year but it was spinning too much for me for some reason. I hope the talk of a TX version is true.
  10. I'm curious if anyone else has recommendations for this. I've been playing DF in my driver and I like it a lot I'm just always looking to compare something else to it. Had Ventus black in 7x before it and found it to be too spinny and launching a bit higher. My angle of attack was a bit steep with it for some reason. Didn't like Tensei PO bc it was counterbalanced and the white also spun more than the DF for me. Was considering trying out the Diamana D+ limited. Also if anyone plays the DF in driver what do you like in the 3 wood?
  11. Would be nice if Nike offered at least one normal pair of shoes like the air zoom victory tour for more than 2 hours. Can't even buy a normal pair of spiked Nike golf shoes on their site these days.
  12. For me when testing I got lower spin with Diamana DF, Tensei Pro White and Orange, and an Aldila shaft I can't remember. For whatever reason I could hardly keep the Ventus Black 7x below 3000 spin and those others were in the mid 2000s. DF was as low as 2100. I wanted the Ventus to work so bad after playing a speeder 757 for years but it just didn't work for me.
  13. First round with my TSi3 driver and fairway. First drive hit well right down the middle but was so thrown off on how different it felt and sounded compared to TS. Two totally different drivers I feel it should have it's own new name. Hit the driver well it's just a much different feel and sound than I was expecting after playing TS for over a year. Loved the sound of the fairway. Driver looks amazing from address much better than TS.
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