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  1. Anyone know what replacement spikes to buy for the Adidas ZG21 shoes?? I had some Champ ones laying around that I put in Nike tour premiere's but they didn't fit these Adidas shoes. I have one spike that keeps coming out so wanted to buy some new ones to see if it would fix it. Not sure if the plastic thing is bent and that's why the Champ spike wouldn't go in or if there is another type I can buy at dicks or golf galaxy tomorrow.
  2. SOLDOrdered and built up by Will People's: Fujikura Ventus Blue 6X tipped 1" playing length 45.5" with TSi adapter and golf pride tour velvet midsize logo down. Was used on course for just a few rounds to test out. Asking $250 shipped. SOLDTitleist TSi3 15 deg fairway head only. This was a brand new replacement head sent from Titleist this week since I cracked my original one. Bought a new one in the mean time because I couldn't wait so have this new to sell. Still in wrapper and never hit. Have my original TSi 15 deg headcover I can include if you want it. Asking $25
  3. Titleist TSi3 driver 8 deg @ 7.25 deg Titleist TSi3 fairway 15 deg @ 14.25 deg Best driver I've ever played by far. Prefer the original TS3 fairway to the new model though so wish I had kept my old one.
  4. Really curious to see how much higher and farther the T100s launch or if the muscle channel thing really does anything noticeable. I play T100 1 deg strong but this year was looking to move to T100s 1 deg weak to add some bounce and reduce offset but now this whole channel thing seems to throw that idea out the window since it changes the iron.
  5. I just want to see the lofts for T100/T100s/T200 so I can order
  6. Update on my cracked 3 wood. I didn't ship it out until last Monday but just got an email notification that my new head was sent out today so should get it by Tues/Wed next week.
  7. Trying to order a Dynamic Gold x100 shaft but seems they are backordered everywhere like everything else these days. Does anyone know about when they will get some restocks of these?
  8. I sent a TSi3 15 deg fairway sent back to Titleist on Monday. Waiting for the replacement they quoted me about 2 weeks turnaround for just the head. Word of advice after cracking 3 Titleist heads in the past 2 years......don't hit range balls with them. At least don't hit many and make sure they are newer balls.
  9. 1. City and State? Winston Salem, NC 2. Where do you practice (outdoors or indoors?) Both, garage off turf into a net and outdoors at driving range 3. Have you used a personal launch monitor before? No 4. How could a Rapsodo MLM help your game? Help me work on improving wedge and iron distances 5. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes
  10. 1. Caledonia 2. True Blue 3. Pawley's Plantation 4. Heritage 5. TPC MB I would just play those and not waste the time anywhere else. Caledonia has to be ranked 1 but I really liked True Blue. Wide open fairways and massive greens was a fun round.
  11. I'm the same as this. I've found some shaft combinations for my 3 wood that get me to hitting my 3 wood 300 yards but it defeats the purpose so I have a setup for my 3 wood to basically be my 275-280 club. Hybrid is 245-250 and 4 iron 225-230 so it gets me good gapping.
  12. I'm just trying to decide between T100 1 deg strong or T100s 1 deg weak. I hit it pretty far as is and don't like the wedge gapping if I go full T100s stock lofts. I like my wedges at 50-54-58 so don't want my PW less than 45 deg. I'm a high launch and spin player and tend to get a bit steep as well but don't seem to have digging issues with the reg T100 bent strong. Only worry is the dry summer time here in NC if I go S and get more bounce. I can notice the added offset from bending the T100 and don't necessarily like the look of it but haven't ever played anything with hardly any offset. Kin
  13. For those playing the T100s did you keep the PW at 44 deg and if so what wedge lofts do you use?
  14. Do you play T100s bent 2 weak to play like the reg T100? If so what made you do that? And how does the bounce play and offset look? I'm looking into getting the new T100 and maybe the s to bring spin and launch down but worried about the 6 deg loft gap from PW to my 50 deg.
  15. I hit my 3 wood off the tee and that's about it. Rarely do I ever hit it off the deck so the way it sits on the ground really hasn't been noticeable to me. I played my 15 at 14.25 deg last year the whole season and never thought anything about the sole so my eye didn't catch that.
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