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  1. Same here I have liked the feel since I put them in my T100. Does a good job cutting spin for me but I still hit them higher than I would like. Wondering how the 6.5 LS compares.
  2. I watched a WITB video of Rahm a few months ago. Don't see any way he changes anything other than new heads that TM gives him. The guy doesn't seem to care what he hits he just mashes everything. Has had the same stuff forever and doesn't even hardly know what he has. lol
  3. I do all of my fittings at CC and use their recommendations and what I like and make my own decision on what to buy. I don't buy anything from them though I order through other means to get cheaper prices. I love going in and getting fit there but I'm also able to use the data they give me and go by my own feel and what I see to buy what I want. I never feel pressured to buy from them and have never been pushed to test something more expensive. Think people have preconceptions on CC trying to upsell them so that's what they are thinking they are trying to do the whole time. They have always le
  4. He's been switching iron shafts up a lot the last 1-2 years too. Think he was a higher spin player and the Ventus Black isn't really that low spinning. Wasn't for me at least.
  5. Noticed he had PX in the bag maybe a few tournaments ago. Wonder why he made the switch from DG X100. P7MCs look really good.
  6. Had a 14 deg bounce K grind 2 years ago which was great from fluffy bunkers but nothing else. Last year played a 12 deg D grind which was more versatile around greens and still great from bunkers, but just had too much bounce for tighter lies. This year the D and a then a 10 deg S grind which was average from the bunker but good for more chips/short pitches. Have an 8 deg M grind that will be here early next week. Find the more I play the more I've realized I needed less bounce in my 58 deg lob wedge more times than not and the M grind will still be good from bunkers for me. If the M grind doe
  7. Have been looking at buying a U500 2 or 3 iron with the MMT 105 TX. Like the weight of it at 113g being lighter than my irons but not too light like a hybrid. Is it actually a pretty low spin/launch shaft?
  8. Cam Smith's look really bad on the face but otherwise I really like these. The heads look smaller to me from address being black. Kind of like my jet black Vokey wedges but I like the smaller look. If the black didn't finish held up and they had thee in T100 I would have ordered a set.
  9. I like the TSi alignment aids. Shape is the same for TSi3 it looks amazing so I'd give the address look an upgrade. TSi3 fairway wood looks amazing. Can't order these soon enough. Want to hear the TSi3 driver sound.
  10. Really want to know more about what is going on with the face. Actually looks good from address so even though it's strange looking straight on it looks good from address. Not being a long time Titleist driver user the TSi on top actually looks better to me than the arrow. The TSi 3 wood looks the best to me I'm sure that's another rocket launcher. Just hope these are available sometime in October so I can get some use out of them before another baby comes along.
  11. After giving it a night to sleep on and seeing the face from address I'll buy the TSi3 as soon as I can. Just hoping for a less tingy sound and I'll be very happy. Alignment aid on top doesn't bother me being different but I've only ever played TS3 for Titleist woods. Like being able to adjust the slider easier on the back rather than take in to get adjusted. Hoping they stick with PX EF White for their stock shafts. Has been a great 3 wood shaft for stock.
  12. It looks as deep as TS3 to me. I played TM drivers for about the past 10 years and that's what made me switch to TS3 this year was the deeper face. SIM was so shallow and I hate the blue.
  13. Not loving them at first look but need to wait for more pictures and give it some time as I've learned. TS3 has been awesome for me this year so just really hoping this performs the same/slightly better but sounds better. Need a better sound (less tingy) and I'll be happy and buy this right away. I am just really really hoping that you can't see anything more than black from the face at address because it looks horrible. Titleist clubs have always performed awesome for me and fit my eye from address but the badging on clubs haven't looked great to me recently (including T100 which I play).
  14. Currently playing T100 6-PW (1 deg strong), T200 4-5 (1 deg weak), and and older Titleist 19 deg hybrid that I don't like. Really dislike T200 the more they are in the bag because I just hit them so high off the tee and that's mainly when I use them so wanting something lower launching. Don't like my current hybrid mostly the look so looking to replace this for another 19 deg hybrid (either TS or another one if someone had a recommendation). Trying to figure out what to do between my 29 deg 6 iron (195-200 yard carry) and 19 deg hybrid (245-250 carry). I would really like a driving iron but do
  15. Yeah they did post that....but after I had placed my order. I looked back and my order was placed 8/17. Now I'm just waiting. Baby due in October so won't be able to do some on course testing up against my T100 like I had hoped.
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