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  1. I was lucky enough to play it a few times back around the same time you did. Like you i'm 70 miles away but will definitely make the trip down there this year. I remember it as a fun course that was in excellent condition back then. It's a shame because i think that was one of the more affordable clubs in the area. I guess like many of the mid tier private clubs in they are struggling for members.
  2. When I started playing, I wore a glove on every shot except for putting, I took it off to have “better feel”. I wore it to have a better grip on the club, but I think it was more because everyone else wore one. I started to notice that I was standing over a putt, ready to take the club back and realized I didn’t take my glove off! Later I would notice over a second shot that I forgot to put my glove back on. At that point I said screw it and gave up on gloves. I use full cord grips, wash them good 3 or 4 times a year with dish soap and a scrub brush and I never have an issue. I’ve played glove
  3. Thanks for the feedback, it's very much appreciated!
  4. Good afternoon everyone. I picked up this putter earlier today at a garage sale and I’m looking to see if anyone is familiar with this model, I’ve seen it in black but never in silver. I’m wondering if this is a rare version of the black model or one that has just been refinished. Your feedback is appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Just to give an update, I played Rock Spring again last Saturday. The conditions still have a ways to go but it’s improved dramatically in the last 30 days. Most of the rough has been cut to a manageable length, but what’s nice is it’s still very thick. Greens are overall pretty smooth, still a little on the slow side. Greenside bunkers are all in good shape along with most of the fairway bunkers, a few still need an overhaul. The bar is open along with the grill room, and they were actually having some type of outside event Saturday evening with lots of people in suits. It’s a great golf
  6. I played it this weekend and I’ll give you the good and bad based on my opinion. The course has great bones. It’s an outstanding typical 100 year old private club layout. Great bunkering, contoured greens and rolling fairways. It’s a little cramped with some of the tees being in close proximity to each other and holes running parallel but in my opinion it’s a great classic old track. Given the fact that they just started maintenance 2 weeks ago conditions on a scale of 1 to 10 are a 6. It's like having a 150 acre wooded backyard and you haven’t done any yardwork since last fall, that’s
  7. I was doing a little digging and found this. https://essexnewsdaily.com/headlne-news/79035 A few highlights, the RFQ for management services that Kemper Sports won is only for 20 months. It looks like the city of West Orange wants the option to reassess at that time. It's looking like there is a fairly strong possibility that it will shift from an 18 hole facility to a 9 hole facility according to a representative of Kemper Sports. A quote is below: "Krakoviak also asked about the prospect of a nine-hole course, which Mayor Robert Parisi’s plan for the property proposes after the f
  8. > @" bnr204" said: > kemper knows better than i, but i have to think they could get more than $89 for a weekend round w/ a cart. these prices make this 1 of the best combinations of course/price within an hour of NYC, right behind the black & red. can't think of anything else that's this reasonable. I agree. Based on their warning while booking a tee time that the course is not up to their standards yet I’m guessing that by next season you’re going to see rates much more in the Ballyowen range of $135.00 on weekend mornings. Personally I hope they keep the rates in that premi
  9. Atlantic City Country Club is a great experience, historic club full of history and always in great shape. It should check all your boxes.
  10. Thanks everyone for your feedback, it’s very much appreciated. After a whole lot of legwork (I’ve checked into close to 20 clubs in the area), I have found a club that comes pretty close to checking all the boxes. Newton Country Club in Andover Township NJ looks pretty promising and I’m pretty close to pulling the trigger on a membership. Based on my original post and what I was looking for here are the details: • 40 miles or less, 45 minutes or less from Montclair. – It’s in the ball park, 40 miles and 50 minutes. • 100% private, no semi private. – Yes, 100% private • Under $5000 per ye
  11. I played in a one day member guest and one of the gifts was a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses. They had a rep from the company there and I was able to choose from 1 of 6 or 7 different styles. It’s still one of the best gifts I received. I also played at a member guest at Trump National and received a single fold leather garment / suit cover with the club logo. Another great gift I use all the time when I travel for business. I’m not sure of your price point but both of those were great gifts I use all the time.
  12. I would suggest Glen Riddle Golf Club glenriddlegolf.com It's 2 18 hole layouts, Man O War and War Admiral. It's been a few years since i played them but i remember them being both good tracks and close to OC. Good luck and enjoy the trip!
  13. I've also reached out to Rotaclub back in early January and have not heard back. It looks like potentially a good deal on paper but i'm not sure they are still around.
  14. Walk and carry with a Sun Mountain 2.5+, it’s the best investment I’ve made.
  15. Anchor Golf Center on Route 10 in Whippany. https://www.anchorgolfcenter.com/ Enjoy!
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