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  1. Just purchased and returned my first piece of Zero Restriction gear. As a bigger guy at 6'1 and 245 lbs, I generally always buy XXL in Footjoy, Travis Matthew, Johnnie o, Sunice, etc. While the XXL Zero Restriction pullover I returned was plenty large across chest and shoulders, it was quite short in length barely touching top of belt. Shame as I really liked the fabric and style.
  2. Checked out their website. Looks like good stuff..........Do you wear the lined or unlined? I'm in the Pacific Northwest and play year around. Generally more wet than cold. Might check them out. Looks like a good savings when you bundle with their jacket. Do you have their jacket as well?
  3. I dislike pulling out my rain pants and doing the one leg hop on the tee box mid round when the skies open up. Additionally, once my "clown fit" xxl rain pants are on, I am constantly pulling them up and re-tightening the draw string. It seems as if most rain gear uses a draw string and rain pants are without belt loops. I am thinking of looking for a pair of water proof/water resistant pants to wear to the course when the forecast calls for rain. Something that looks more like regular pants with belt loops and maybe even comes in colors other than black. Not really interested in hiking pa
  4. Thanks for the ranking! Any concern playing Sagauro or Southern Dunes just 3 weeks out of overseed closure?
  5. azgolfer44, I checked on dates that the following courses might have come out of overseed to re-open: Quintero 10/15 We Ko Pa Cholla 10/22 We Ko Pa Saguaro 10/30 Greyhawk Talon 10/4 Southern Dunes 10/29 Whirlwind Devils claw 10/8 Whirlwind Cattail 10/29 Papago 10/23 Based on these dates and the reputation for these courses, how would you rank them? Which 4 might you select if you were playing out of the Chandler area for 3 days? (might play 2 one day) (Not afraid to drive a bit) Appreciate your time and advice!
  6. Thanks for the recommendations. I will check out the course you mentioned online. Would you consider it worth the drive from Chandler to play Quintero and or We Ko Pa?
  7. Traveling to Chandler the week of 11/16. Plan to play 3-4 rounds in the area. I have only visited the Scottsdale area twice playing the Phoenician course while staying there and most recently playing Boulders South. I am 7 hcp and travelling with a buddy who is 20 hcp. We are looking for nice courses and not afraid to drive a bit. I was thinking of Quintero and We Ko Pa and maybe one closer to Chandler? I didn't realize November was not considered a good time of the year to golf in AZ. Any advice on 3-4 courses to play that might be a good experience in a coupl
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