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  1. Looking for a TSi4 in 9*. Head only, to Canada.
  2. Any chance of seeing an Adam Scott WITB this week?? Would love to see the new woods and wedges he's gaming.
  3. Almost his entire bag is different this week compared to Riv. New driver, new loft on his fairway wood, new irons and shafts, back to the K grind lob wedge, and on his 3rd putter of 2021. So much going on for someone who historically doesn't change much.
  4. Wow is Adam Scott testing a lot of stuff. 1 pic shows him holding 3 different Ventus Reds in 1 hand, and the Auto Flex in the other. Multiple TMBs and I think 4 putters. For a guy who doesn't historically change a lot, its kinda crazy to see.
  5. I wonder what length he is playing it at? I assume 45.5-46". I wonder what a 44.75" AutoFlex would be like in his hands? He's obviously longer this year with the longer shaft and new V1x ball, but missing more fairways.
  6. Seeing 2 drivers in Adam Scott's bag. Curious if both have Autoflex. Also looks like JJ delivered a fresh new set of 680s
  7. Ordered up a TSi 7 wood! Excited for it to arrive.
  8. Seems like the 7w is here to stay. Has been in the bag since Houston last year, including the Masters. He dropped the 716 TMB 3-iron for it, then pulled out the 680 4-iron for a 716 TMB 4-iron. He hit one on the weekend with the 7 wood to about 5 feet, and it stopped on a dime. Didn't have that shot with the TMB 3-iron.
  9. Looking to move a few things today. All prices are shipped and paypalled from Toronto Canada. Up for sale I have 2 great Titleist clubs. The 1st is a mint condition 818H2 19* hybrid. This has seen only indoor use and is just fantastic. Project X Evenflow Blue 85x 6.5 shaft and a brand new headcover. Asking $145Next is a Titleist 718 TMB 4-iron. A bit more play on this but still in wonderful condition. Brand new Project X 6.0 shaft installed. Asking $115Only trade interest is a 716 TMB 4-iron or a TS2 21* fairway wood head in mint condition.
  10. Up for sale is a nice piece from the 2011 Club Cameron kit. Never used it, just sat in my basement. Asking $75
  11. I dont think so. He's still listed on Titleist.com as a brand ambassador. Weird to not see the Titleist hat, but we will get an answer soon I would imagine. Just need a pic of his Tour bag.
  12. Up for sale today is a unique and one of a kind new SM8 wedge set. I have a 50.08F, 54.10S bent 1* weak, and 60.08M. These were jet black stripped raw with CLR & some steel wool and the finish is awesome!! Custom lime and light blue paintfill as well. The 50* has a Project X 6.0 shaft, and the 54 and 60 have Dynamic Gold S200 shafts. Tour Velvet 360 white grips with 4 extra wraps underneath. A great deal on a very nice and brand new wedge set!Asking $410 for the set shipped and Paypalled from Canada. Only trade interest is: 716 TMB 3 & 4 irons TS2 16.5* 3-wood hea
  13. Brand new. Might try to soak it once more
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