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  1. Kennebunkport Maine. Cape Arundel golf course
  2. gce8

    Vegas in September

    I called Paiute and one of the courses (Snow) isn't overseeding until the 25th so it will be good while i'm there. For the person going on the 28th, they overseeded Wolf earlier this month so it may be OK by then
  3. Hi - Anyone have any suggestions for where to play on Friday (the 14th) considering reseeding schedules? Is there anyplace that isn't reseeding? Any place that's better than others while reseeding? Cost not a concern, would prefer to be ~30 min from the strip Thanks for your advice!
  4. Thanks everyone, really appreciate the feedback Any input on TPC Boston? I know it's a bit far, but they seem to have openings for members now
  5. Hello, I am a young professional (32) new to the area and looking to join one of the clubs near the city (Charles River, Brae Burn, TCC, Weston.) I've tried calling the membership offices of the clubs, but keep being told that I need to know members in order to be considered Does anyone have any advice on how to meet members at these clubs? Any suggestions on how to break in? Thank you in advance for your help!
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