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  1. # Ping tour 65s # *** Stock length, Pure Grip. $85 shipped # Scotty 72&Sunny blade cover # *** Perfect condition. $90 shipped # Scotty Select Cover # *** Very good condition $35 shipped # BB&F co "Great Outdoors" # *** $20 shipped # X Forged 2018 Irons # *** 4- P ; $450 Shipped # *** Project X 6.0 s # *** +1/2 ; STD lie loft # M2 3 wood , AD DI 7s # *** Unsure of length. $140 Shipped ## No trades Please
  2. Textbooks are expensive and ive only got one semester left, so i'm letting go of some gear. All items OBO 1. Callaway Apex 14, 5-pw ++ 4iron head. KBS tour S shafts, 1/2 inch short. BB&F ferrules. Great feeling clubs with serious distance. Bag chatter but all faces are good. $280 shipped 230 Shipped 2. Odyssey O works #1W. SS pistol counter core grip. 34 inch Headcover included SOLD $100 shipped 3. Mizzy MPH4 3iron. C taper 120s shaft. 1.5 strong 1.0 flat. perfect condition $70 shipped 50 Shipped 4. Adams red 18 hybrid. Matrix altus tour stiff
  3. It’s been bent and even if you bend it back, it’s now weak and will almost assuredly bend back into a crooked position. True. I’ll just ride it out until they send me a replacement. I think the rest of the set is fine but I’m paranoid now
  4. Didn’t know they were 30 for a single iron. I’ve got a 4i i3 head laying around, but I’d say it would be much more trouble to get the thing out. Just fill it in, i3s are great clubs even today
  5. He means go to eBay and search for golf club components. However I think you’ll have better luck buying a single iron. Which iron was it?
  6. I just had my c taper lites pulled and reshafted in iblades. Now I’m noticing my 6 iron has this problem. I wish my pro would have told me before installing it. Is attempting to bend it back a terrible idea? My gut says yes but if it needs replacing anyways why not...
  7. Awesome i have seen similar head weight irons with the lites now so i'm going for it.
  8. I have a set of ctaper lite 110s in a beat up set of apex forged irons. I like the launch and lightness of the shaft, but the heads are much to offset and large. If i put the ctaper lites in my set of iblade heads, would the swing weight be too low?
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