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  1. Yes, I think that a scratch golfer playing Augusta for the first time would have nerves. I also strongly doubt that they would compare to the nerves of the reigning US Am champ who is playing in his first Masters. This isn’t the hill I care to die on, but the gravity of the two scenarios is markedly different. If you don’t agree, all good!
  2. He's a 22 year old playing his first live rounds in the Masters, it's somewhat disingenuous to not acknowledge that nerves almost assuredly played a role in his poor play.
  3. Found this little guy on a local classifieds for a song. I'm coming from a 917D3 and, so far, am very happy to have upgraded!
  4. This winter in Revelstoke has been completely bare at valley bottom. IE: zero snow holding, all winter long. I've been playing for the last 2 weeks, so I expect that in some warmer years, people will show up in late March/early Apr - armed with the aim of both skiing and golfing. The season will most positively end when October/November roll around and it is perpetually raining. Anyway, course is going to be a looker. Walked the property recently. Cabot boys know how to do it better than anyone in this country.
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