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  1. I know this is a long shot, but does anyone have a spare razr x 8i with a stock graphite stiff shaft?
  2. I sent a PM 5-10 mins after the listing was posted, did someone beat me?
  3. Might wanna change the price to $450 (I assume) before your dms get flooded. Unless it's $45, which I'd gladly take haha.
  4. Oban CT-115 S+ 4-PW Shafts Set .355. New labels that haven't been put on. Lengths: 37 5/16", 36 13/16", 36 3/8", 35 7/8", 35", 34 3/4", 34 1/4". (You might have to use extensions in the short irons to make them standard length if you want that, or you could make this set be 5-GW Stiff. But I think the short irons will be shorter than standard in most irons you put these in.) There is a tip weight lodged in one of the shafts as you can see. I think it'll come out easy enough, I figured I'd just let whoever buys these do it, so that I don't discolor the tip at all. $280 OBO
  5. Just a heads up, it looks like you've got more than 10 items for sale so the mods might not like that cause I think listings aren't supposed to have over 10.
  6. Oh sick, gotta love tinkering . For sure man, that'd be sweet!
  7. Niceee That's sweet man, are you sticking with the hulk shaft? Gl this season tho!
  8. Moving on from the F9? It's Judah Aderhold, small world haha
  9. New Wilson FG Tour V6 4-PW KBS Tour 80 Regular. Stock Lamkin Crossline grips. These are 1/4" short of standard specs (so they are: 38.5" 4i, 37" 7i, 35.5" PW). The 4, 5, 9, and PW are still in the plastic and the 6, 7, and 8 are not, so those three do have some signs of shop wear, like light scratching and they have obviously started to rust as these are raw. Lmk if you want more pictures. I would be willing to sell just the heads or just the shafts, so you can shoot me a message and we can try to work that out. $OLD Shipped OBO
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