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  1. I've got 7 pairs of shorts and 3 pairs of pants, the shorts are $OLD shipped for each, the pants are $25 shipped for each, but I'd love to make deals on combining multiple items. All shorts are 30, and all pants are 30x30. Message me if you want other measurements like inseam lengths, or for more pictures. ALL SHORTS SOLD. 1. Black Under Armour shorts 2. Gray Under Armour shorts (there's a really small stain or something as shown, and a smaller one on the back) 3. Black Under Armour shorts (these are similar to the showdown model as they have that subtle vertical pattern) 4. Gray Under Armour shorts (same as #3) 5. Black Under Armour shorts 6. Navy Under Armour shorts 7. Navy Nike shorts 8. Gray Under Armour pants (same as #3) (there's a spot of like 4 small snags as shown) 9. Black Under Armour pants (these feel almost like thick windbreaker material, I believe they have a higher poly content than the others) 10. Navy Adidas Climalite pants
  2. Footjoy Pro SL BOA golf shoes size 12 $OLD OBO (worn 12-15 times).
  3. That introduction resonates so hard with me right now . Anyway, good luck with the sale!
  4. Just like the title states. Tipped 1" I believe (there's a pic showing the distance to the "Velocore" markings). 40 13/16" length, should play around 42" installed I believe. New Tour Velvet 360 grip that is stretched long a little. **This is a pull from an adapter. We just got a spring loaded shaft puller at my club and after half a dozen successful pulls, I figured I'd pull this. Pretty sure I did everything right the same way as I have been doing, but the tip doesn't look quite normal. Can't tell if that's some graphite missing, or if not all the paint was taken off before installation. I believe it's paint, and I even tried to dry fit it into an adapter and it was super tight, so that makes me think all the more that it's paint, but if someone knows for sure that it's graphite, please let me know and I'll remove the listing and just try it out. That being said, assuming it's good to go, the price is $OLD OBO shipped.
  5. I sent a PM 5-10 mins after the listing was posted, did someone beat me?
  6. Might wanna change the price to $450 (I assume) before your dms get flooded. Unless it's $45, which I'd gladly take haha.
  7. Oban CT-115 S+ 4-PW Shafts Set .355. New labels that haven't been put on. Lengths: 37 5/16", 36 13/16", 36 3/8", 35 7/8", 35", 34 3/4", 34 1/4". (You might have to use extensions in the short irons to make them standard length if you want that, or you could make this set be 5-GW Stiff. But I think the short irons will be shorter than standard in most irons you put these in.) There is a tip weight lodged in one of the shafts as you can see. I think it'll come out easy enough, I figured I'd just let whoever buys these do it, so that I don't discolor the tip at all. $280 OBO
  8. Just a heads up, it looks like you've got more than 10 items for sale so the mods might not like that cause I think listings aren't supposed to have over 10.
  9. Oh sick, gotta love tinkering . For sure man, that'd be sweet!
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