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  1. So i was going to get stands on hole 18 with beer sponsor and 20 dollar admission lol Should get a ton of people for sure.
  2. Also i grew up with owner go Six Rivers brewing, they are already going to be a sponsor with dollar beers! Obviously I doubt players would be drinking with 1500 on the line and a 1st place prize of 20k ish. But who knows!
  3. No offense, but why would more than a dozen people care about score updates covering guys they've never heard of on a mini, mini tour they've barely heard of? Most people don't even care about live updates on PGA Tour events unless it's the back 9 on Sunday. You'd have to get really creative to make a mini tour work. I wouldn't count on mass fan adoption. I would focus exclusively on how to make it beneficial for local businesses to be sponsors. Maybe partner with 2-3 courses and make them equity partners in exchange for course use. Try with all your might to partner with a talented TV p
  4. Jeez I wasn't expecting all the feedback. Thanks in advance for the replies. So payout is numero uno from what i gather. Also i've spoken with Marriott and the casino here that owns one of the courses. Both parties are willing to help with housing. Also this won't be a huge thing for the first year. Webpage and insurances and all that stuff is free for me. I spoke with PXG and Bridgestone and they both said they would help anyway they could once im ready, they're the only two sponsors i called. here is an example of the first event i want to put on. 144 players. 4 days 50% cut after day 2
  5. Im thinking of Starting a Mini Tour in Ca that actually GIVES A CRAP about the players. I keep seeing 300 dollar entry 130 guaranteed to go to prize fund. Or even better 550 entry we will strive to do our best to make $300 go into the prize fund. Ugghhhh Im done with it. And on top of all that $800 for first place!! ridiculous! Web Pages suck balls and aren't updated often enough. How are golfers who want to test their skills and develop into a true pro going to do so when the Mini Tours are for profit and just offer no help with hotels or housing or any of that stuff. Oh yeah and food! At
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