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  1. Yeah, that could be another route to take....get a 6h and 7h, and keep my Tour Edge Exotics EXS 8i-GW. Probably need to re-shaft my 3, 4 and 5 hybrids, though....I was fit into those shafts at age 51, and I will be 58 next year. Or get fit for the 6 and 7 hybrid irons, and have a true "combo set" of irons, hybrid irons, and full hybrids. Just gotta be sure to get the lofts/shafts/gaps correct. Some options to think about....
  2. Wondering if anyone in the 10-13 hdcp range is using or has used hybrid iron sets, and what the pluses and minuses are or have been? By hybrid iron set, I mean sets like Cleveland Launcher XL Halos or Cobra T-Rails...full-on, 4i or 5i-PW sets with hybrid design; not just a few individual hybrids on the long end of the set. For context, I'm an 11 index whose iron play is the weakness of my game....low ball hitter too often (but improving that aspect with lessons), contact can be iffy, thin in the mids, "diggy" on the short irons.....so my carry distances are neither consistent nor sufficient (distance for 7i is 140). My hybrids (5, 4, and 3H) are typically more consistent and accurate than my 6 and 7i. 5w is no issue at all; completely comfortable on approaches from 190 or so. Driver is my best club; I'm not long but very consistent (I'm 57 yrs old), and I typically hit between 9-11 fairways per round. Average putter; 33 putts/round. Average short game that doesn't compound trouble....typically get up and down 3-4x per round out of an avg of 12 opportunities. That's right; I only avg 6 GIR. I'm just considering perhaps the hybrid design advantages may carry over to the higher lofted clubs for me. Don't really see a downside, but open to hearing of any from guys who've tried hybrid iron sets. Thanks. And Happy Thanksgiving to all!
  3. Your reply resonates with me, much like one I quoted earlier (but for a different reason). One, when you go off the rails, it reads like me....can't get an iron airborne. When that happens, near-panic (well, inasmuch as golf can cause near-panic) sets in, b/c I know the round is doomed. Second you mentioned losing distance as you relearned your swing, presumably as you were going thru a series of lessons. Is that something you find to be the norm (and anyone else can chime in on this one if you'd like) when you take lessons? The thing w/ my instructor is, and I said this in the other thread dedicated to changing instructors, is this....I KNOW THAT THE PROBLEM IS ME, not him. He is an incredibly knowledgeable and professionally noted golf instructor; I also LIKE him tremendously; he's passionate about golf, like me. But something is not clicking. He changes something and/or decides something else is the real issue everytime I see him (which is often, as I practice at the club where he teaches), and I'm completely lost at this point as to what he's trying to get me to do. And when that is the case, the teacher/student relationship is not working; in fact, it's counterproductive. So, since I'm always tweaking, I never get a chance to get comfortable enough w/ the last new move to get it ingrained powerfully in my swing. I'm just losing distance constantly. He's a one plane advocate w/ an RIT release (very Malaska-ish, throwing the right wrist,, no forearm rolling). Makes sense to me "academically", but putting it into practice has been disastrous for me.
  4. To be clear, if I'd done that with my gap wedge and a confident swing, I'd have been really proud of stuffing one in there to 6 feet. But knowing I had no choice but to use a baby 9i to get there and just float it to the hole b/c there is zero authority in my contact any longer just kills the vibe.
  5. That's an intriguing idea, if for no other reason is that I'm one of those weirdos whose golf nirvana is a late afternoon 9 holes all alone on an empty course. I'm not antisocial, but unlike most things, I enjoy golf optimally when alone. Focus is better, no distractions, I don't need to act like I think the same old stale joke one of the guys told for the 16th time is still funny, swing is much freer, etc. Maybe a couple weeks off is the first order of business that is in order. The clutter in my brain about swinging a club right now probably resembles garbage pickup on a Mon. AM on a Bronx street corner. By then, I will be back from our trip to Colorado for Thanksgiving, and I can get back to basics with some single 9 hole rounds before and during the Christmas holidays. Thanks....hopefully; appreciate the suggestion.
  6. In a really bad place w/ golf right now. Game is a complete shambles from a ball-striking perspective. It is not an exaggeration to ashamedly admit that I can't carry a 9 iron 100 yards anymore...got up and down yesterday after a bad drive near the woods and reasonable advancement 2nd, with a 9 iron for my 3rd exactly hole-high....from 98 yards. 6 months ago, 98 was a 3/4 gap wedge. It was embarrassing to card the par. But that was the high-spot. I'm so broken right now that I get ZERO enjoyment from the game. Not even when I do something right...dawned on me last night that I had 3 sandies yesterday, which is odd for me, but all I can think about are the crap shots that got me in those catboxes. I just don't want to play anymore, but since I run a weekend group of 12-15 guys, I feel obligated to do so. You can't even imagine the gamut of bad shot types I'm hitting: fats, thins, 45 degree pulls that never leave the ground and roll 30 yards, toe shanks. 30 hdcps hit it better than I am right now, and my index is 11! I don't know what to do, but I will say one thing. Avoid the idea to overhaul your swing thru "lessons"...that is the baseline culprit of this 5+ months of agony. What do you guys do when it's TOTALLY off the rails. I'm not talking about not hitting it up to your standard....I mean when you simply can't hit it AT ALL?
  7. And to add just a bit more color to help elucidate my confusion, I committed to just doing what this instructor teaches, and not read/view any conflicting/different info. But some of what Plane Truth teaches, and this guy via his immersion w/ Hardy's teaching methods, SEEM to be at such odds w/ principles that I always thought were near universally regarded as timeless fundamentals: - forward shaft lean at impact. He hates it. - setting up w/ left arm and clubshaft in line...wants the butt pointing at bellybutton - chips with ball in front of stance, and basically just throws his right wrist thru the ball (oddly, I've gotten pretty good at that). - wants a massive cup in the lead wrist at address.
  8. So, I've come to the conclusion that I need to change instructors. Committed to a 6 lesson package w/ a Plane Truth (Hardy) guy, very accomplished and cited for multiple awards. At the outset, me coming to this conclusion is not an indictment of this pro. Super guy, very accessible by text for questions in between lessons, and really very knowledgeable about the one plane swing. But 4 things are undeniable....1, I'm not getting better, 5 and 1/2 months in....in fact I'm getting worse. 2, I've definitely lost distance w/ all clubs. 3, I've determined that my physical makeup is at odds w/ the 1 plane swing (thick chest, short arms, flat turn). 4th, and worst, this pro's communication style is all over the place, and I have no concrete idea right now what the real issues are. He knows his stuff, but he communicates in a way that I don't understand or comprehend clearly (talks in "golf code"). Plane Truth guys seem to be hung up on the concept of steeps/narrow and wide/shallow to the exclusion of all else....in this 5+ months, I've been told I'm too shallow, too steep, too narrow, and too wide. I just don't know what to even attempt to do anymore. Further, I'm at the point that I don't enjoy golf at all. I've worked my tail off, and I'm worse. It's just no fun anymore. So, while the responsibility of the relationship not working ultimately lies with me, I'm also the one forking out the $$, so if it's not working, I've got to make a change. You guys who've changed instructors....what parameters have you used? Do you talk to prospective instructors and explain what went wrong w/ the previous instruction and swing methods taught and what seemed difficult for you in which to gain competence? I'm just at a loss, so, so frustrated....
  9. Don't think this could work, given he'd already taken a clearly incorrect drop and played it 120 yards ahead of where I found his ball. Or are you saying that after dropping and hitting, and then subsequently I found his original, that he can go back and apply the rules correctly to the original ball without extra penalty?
  10. He searched for, most likely, the 3 min timeframe, but I know that he knew he wasn't searching anywhere near the correct area....he was setting up a pretext of "where" he'd drop. I'm asking what the ruling is on the incorrectly dropped ball that was played, knowing he was a 9i ahead of where his ball went into the unplayable area. What should've happened is clear....he could have found his ball had he not been trying to BS the group by "looking" way up the hole....he'd have dropped in the fairway adjacent to where his ball was laying unplayable, hitting his 4th. It was social golf, so no sense in pushing the issue. It's just that I don't know what the penalty should've been on the dropped ball, given the obvious infraction of taking that 9i of extra distance from the general area where the errant ball clearly landed, and that I found his ball after he'd dropped and proceeded.
  11. Guy hits his tee ball into unplayable area (not hazard), can't "find" it. Drops 120 yards further up the hole, and then I find his original ball, b/c I knew where he was "looking" was a fantasy. He takes a 1 stroke penalty. What is the correct penalty?
  12. Yes, of course I can. And I will tomorrow. Was just wondering what others here might think and/or may have been given the same advice. Sorry, didn't mean to not get clearance for a topic/post.
  13. I know I shouldn't care WHY what my pro is having me do is working so well, but curiosity is winning the day. My pro, a Plane Truth Hardy guy, is working me thru a series of 6 lessons over a 5 month period, about 1 lesson every 3.5 weeks. One plane, RIT release....for reference, my "old swing" was built on Jimmy Ballard methods....so, more down-the-line in terms of plane (or even inside-out). I'm a hard worker and "into" it, so the pro and I have become buddies as a result of our work together. Halfway thru the series, making nice progress for such a major change (or so I think), when I get a text from the pro. It says, and I'm only barely paraphrasing, 'at the range, go to the top, stop & freeze your body, and simply throw the right wrist from extension into full flexion with no body movement. This is hard to do, b/c you'll think you'll whiff it. Tee a 9 iron and see if you can make contact for a series of balls. Then, keep feeling "throw, no body" as you go to hitting live balls, without the freeze at the top. I know this sounds crazy, but trust me.' I honestly thought he'd lost his mind. So, I went ahead and dutifully did the drill, shanked 3, and hit about 20 weak fades (I'm a hooked, naturally), about 1.5 clubs short of my 9 iron distance....but frankly, I made better contact than I thought I could on an in-to-in arc (which to me, feels like 45* to the left). So, onto live ball-hitting. MAGIC! No thoughts, no mechanics, no intentional use of the body or my left arm....just go to the top and throw the right wrist thru the ball, on plane. Light, airy, center-face contact, perfect trajectory, on target. And further, after every shot, my belt-buckle was facing the target, in perfect follow-thru position. Took it to a tough course I hadn't played in over 5 years and shot 80, with back-to-back doubles and no birdies. 11 F'Ways and 10 GIR, not bad for a 12 index. So the curiosity is killing me. What swing maladies would THAT instruction be addressing?? Overactive body, which I didn't know I have (nor has he told me that)?? Dominant left arm pulling, which I do know I suffer from? Any pros who've done this??
  14. Been working w/ a really good instructor. My issue was one of being too shallow based on a setup that was too upright, arms/handle too high, way too in-to out, a bit of lateral sway, 1 plane backswing coupled w/ a leverage release (just incompatible), super low ball flight, etc. Over time, I'd become a real mess....76 one day, 96 the next time out. So anyway, got the setup fixed and turn more centered. Contact/solid strike is way better w/ every club, except driver....which in the old swing, was my strongest club. Have lost a club off driver, and am hitting it WAY TOO HIGH....I mean ridiculous moon balls. Now, the extra solid contact I'm getting on my irons & hybrids & FW woods is making up the difference, but I want my 10-12 yards back, and the improvement in the other clubs doesn't seem to mesh logically. My driver is fitted to my old, less inclined at address swing, at 12 degrees (I'm 56 yrs young). With the new setup producing higher ball flight, would reducing loft to 10* help??
  15. I'm sure in some way I'm wrong, b/c unlike anything else in my life, this game keeps me confounded and doing stupid things in my pitiful attempt to gain competence in it. Right now, I'm so awful and don't even know what I'm trying to do,nor what I need to do (other than quit playing this God-forsaken game). Part of it is questioning going to a 1 plane swing; I've become friends w/ a Level 2 Plane Truth advisor here where I live, and he has been very adamant after watching me swing that I should be a 1 plane swinger (in fact he says my inconsistency stems from having a 1 plane backswing and a 2 plane ("LOP") release, which is supposedly pretty incompatible. So anyway, I started devouring Hardy's material. His Plane Truth book says "I cannot overstate the importance of the left arm rotation and release of the right arm. A one-plane swinger can release the arms as hard as desired as long as the club is moving in an arc" (in-to-in). But, and seemingly contradictory, his book on the release says that a one planer using RIT (and Plane Truth says that 1 planers cannot use LOP) does NOT rotate the right forearm over the left, instead throwing with the right wrist and extensioning the left wrist. So what is the truth?
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