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  1. Sounds like Monte and the Knightsbridge guys are on the same page. For now, I'm gonna look at it as having 2 effective techniques, and base which to use on the situation. The Pernice/Utley way seems spinnier for short bunker shots; the regular swing w/ the ball fwd and hitting 3 inches behind seems better for lower shots that need to roll out a bit.
  2. Lagshot was a total bust. Interesting, but just didn't work for me. Wasn't this year, but the only aids I've found effective have been Swing Shirt, Rukket Redhead (it's an Orange Whip for $39), and alignment sticks. Of the 3, alignment sticks are the most versatile and help you fix real issues best.... workstations, alignment (duh), aim, training eyeline, swingpath, etc. Oddly, I will comment on something else I've used to some success....that most people here found to be junk-ish. I got the free trial of Supersonic X-10 and it DID increase my swingspeed, and it was
  3. I've never played it the same, but today, during my short game practice at lunch, on the advice of the Knightsbridge Golf guys, I tried it w/ the minor setup tweaks (slight open stance and slight open clubface) they suggest. Not sold completely, but it certainly has potential, considering it was the first time I'd given it a go. I've been a Tom Pernice/Stan Utley bunker guy (extreme left wrist cup, vertical shaft at top, throw the right wrist into the sand), but using the same fundamentals as the full swing really simplifies it. Bladed a few, but for the most part, really effec
  4. The frequency vs. amount question is a good one. I think more brief practice sessions are better than fewer epically long sessions. Just less wear and tear on the joints and body in general.
  5. Got the book "Finishing School" several months back, found it to be very helpful, and then followed up w/ "Golf's Golden Rule", another book of the Knightsbridge duo. I gotta say, I've read alot of golf instruction material, found some more helpful than others, but these guys have a way of communicating information (much of which I've probably read/absorbed before, but couldn't translate it into useable results) and HOW to put it into play in a way heretofore unseen in my golfing days. It's really been transformational. Now, I've put in the work for sure, but this has been EFFICIENTLY prod
  6. Really making dramatic progress over the past 4-6 weeks w/ some pretty big changes. More shallow and a much better and more simple plane, body/arms/hands syncing better, w/ a “hammer” release. Bottomline, I’ve gone from a shortish, low-ball hitter w/ irons, and a flat driver launch that didn’t stay in the air long enough, to hitting towering short irons, high-enough middle irons, and high hybrids, with a solid driver blow w/ really good contact that is all carry and frankly, far too high (10.5* driver is set at 12.5*, so that’s an easy fix). Question then is how long do I let the
  7. Thank you, all. Red’s explanation of adding weight to increase swing weight vs. decreasing grip weight to add swing weight renders my idea on lessening grip weight to lighten the club useless, in my mind. Too conceptually contradictory. Exactly why I asked. I guess what I need to do is just go back to my fitter and see if I can find a 60-65g shaft w/ characteristics of the Project X Red, and try the Graphite Design Hybrid shaft in a 70-75g model (I know they make that shaft in those weights). Again, thanks. I wonder why Project X doesn’t make the Red shaft anymore? It was the
  8. Red4282, when you say swing weight would change w/ the install of a lighter grip, in this case, w/ the grip weight going down, wouldn't the swing weight INCREASE (i.e.- feeling more head-heavy), and if so, what would be the most likely swing/ball flight effect? The Project X Red in the woods isn't made any longer, and although I'm sure I'm giving up some swings speed, that shaft tames my hook into baby draws. Hence, my hesitance to change.
  9. Was playing 95 g Fuji Pro iron shafts, w/ 85g Graphite Design shafts in my hybrids (3, 4, and 5), and 75g Project X Red in my driver and 5W. The irons, I seemingly labored to hit good shots consistently, relative to the other clubs. Long story short, fell in love w/ Tour Edge Exotics EXS irons w/ Mitsubishi Tensei (the real aftermarket shaft, not a “made for” fraud that many shaft makers put in OEM clubs...really like the authenticity in how TE operates in that regard), weighing in at 77g. So now my hybrids are gaming heavier shafts than my irons, and I know that isn’t technicall
  10. Pros: I can hit a 22* hybrid pretty well about 190. Toe hits come back left, and the trajectory is really good for me. Quality of strike is also much better, which I don't quite understand, given that the shaft in the hybrid is longer. Cons: I can't hit a 4 iron w/ any consistency. So, the answer for 90% of amateurs is pretty simple. Better contact, trajectory, hold greens better....all improvements that nearly anyone will have w/ a 22* hybrid over a 4i. Yeah, it might create the too large yardage gap issue, but honestly, if you're a strong enough player that yo
  11. Been playing some awful golf of late (11.2 index, which isn't good by any means, but I mean, wow, I've been really more "awful-er"). I'm a really bad tinkerer w/ my swing, constantly trying to improve, but somewhere the wheels fell off...lost distance, direction, and quality of contact. Last Sunday, I was playing w/ 2 buddies and a friend of one of those guys who I'd never met....nice guy, had a lot of fun. Started noticing that although this guy really didn't have much of a consistent motion, causing all kinds of mishits (pull-hooks, blocks, thin, etc.), what he DID do was he really "free-
  12. If the ball isn't part of the equation, then I could go all Tour Edge Exotics and never miss a beat. Driver, FW, hybrid, irons, wedge, and putter. But you can't have my Bridgestone E6 ball. That or just fits me to a tee.... literally.
  13. Tour Edge Exotics EXS. Very little offset for this genre of irons. And they are LONG. I'm not a long hitter by any means, but my 7 iron is 155 now vs 140 w/ my old Mizuno JPX-EZs (2013).....and I'm just now getting them dialed in, as I've only had them 3 weeks. And the trajectory is HIGHER, despite the stronger lofts. Really great shaft, too...a TRUE AFTERMARKET Mitsubishi Tensei Blue, not a "made for (manufacturer)".
  14. Agree 1000%. It is just a minor degree of "misfire" where you are a bit fatigued, but that is all it takes to get your timing off. I've done it, and I think the over-practicing is a culprit (too much full swing work), particularly as you age. At 56 yrs of age, I'm gonna back off the Friday full swing work prior to Saturday rounds, starting this week....I MAY go to short game-only work on Fridays, but maybe just entirely rest. I know that my progress has slowed in the last 6 weeks or so....I will play an awesome 9 on Thurs. evening, diligently work on the range on Fri., and then be not shar
  15. Funny you posted that video. I refer to it often on YouTube; to me it's a tome of golf instruction, right up there w/ Hogan's book and Jimmy Ballard's book. That T-Square George is "fit" into in that scene includes him discussing something I've never heard in golf instruction before....George refers to his heels being the "target line". But you know what? I was working at the range at lunchtime, and I set up my alignment stick on my heel-line before addressing the ball, and if I struck it well, sure enough, it was right on that line. And you can see several shots in this video where from
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