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  1. I'm sure in some way I'm wrong, b/c unlike anything else in my life, this game keeps me confounded and doing stupid things in my pitiful attempt to gain competence in it. Right now, I'm so awful and don't even know what I'm trying to do,nor what I need to do (other than quit playing this God-forsaken game). Part of it is questioning going to a 1 plane swing; I've become friends w/ a Level 2 Plane Truth advisor here where I live, and he has been very adamant after watching me swing that I should be a 1 plane swinger (in fact he says my inconsistency stems from having a 1 plane backswing and a
  2. Been really struggling of late, and anything that works is just a temp bandaid. So, anyway, I'd seen this work by Suttie and Tomasi before, but hadn't done anything with it. https://www.golftipsmag.com/instruction/faults-and-fixes/laws-revisited/ Via their philosophy, I'd clearly be a "width" player. I'm the classic barrel-chested, wide-shouldered, thick-torso guy. As you might guess, I struggle to get high hands and that long, flowing swing that "melts" into the ball ala Schauffle, etc. Anyone had success with this? I know Suttie is highly respected.
  3. Agree. I tend to think that if you get the trail elbow connected in the sidearm/underarm position at the delivery position, you've basically done the Malaska feel, b/c you've offset the natural desire of the club in motion wanting to fall so shallow as to be headed to the ground behind you. MM is correct; you do have to offset the force....but that tipping move isn't something you actually DO...if FEELING as if that is what you're doing helps you hit the slot in delivery, then great. I think MM himself alludes to the "move" can't even be seen in his swing. That's because he doesn't actuall
  4. You raise a great point I've never understood. Why do hybrids seem to want to get left so easily? Even many solid strikes want to go left. That said, the hybrids are predictable in that way, so I'm pretty much always playing for an 8-12 yard draw w/ a hybrid vs. a 5-7 HD draw w/ irons. My driver and 5W draws are more akin to the irons than the hybrid.
  5. Well, after reading that, I feel better now b*itching myself out. That is all. LOL! I take it you prefer a short backswing, Mello?
  6. I've never thrown a club; too afraid to do something after which I couldn't live with myself. Now, I have banged clubs into the ground, but no throwing. Probably stemmed from being hit by a flying club about 5 years ago. Guy hit it in the water on a par 3 and turned and slung his 6 iron, not at me purposefully, but it came at me knee high as I was just off to the right, about 15 yards behind him. I jumped as high as I could, but not high enough; steel shaft caught me right across the shins. The guy was aghast as he ran over to help me up. Hurt like a mother.... That guy and
  7. Appreciate the kind sentiments. But just to clarify, I don't see this as a "transformation"....I'm not some wild-Word not allowed hothead every Saturday. This is something that the consensus opinions in this thread (and I will take them under advisement) indicate I need to work on to handle 1 in 10 Saturdays better. As I said, I'm a 12 index; several have accused me (without even knowing me) of thinking I'm a better player than I am...categorically false. I fully expect to play like a 12 index most of the time; once in awhile much better, a few times some better, a few times some worse, a
  8. No, I don't do that after a bad shot. I go hypercritical on myself occasionally when a ROUND goes off the rails. I hit bad shots aplenty, and just go to the next one. When I start double, double, double, 3 putt bogey...yeah, I can get down on myself. Sorry I'm not as perfect as you obviously think yourself to be, Lord Hammersia....
  9. In an attempt to end this thread positively, given that several have opined strongly that even kept to myself, I could be affecting the group negatively (and I'm still not sure I buy that based on my experience....another being aggravated at himself on the course doesn't impact me AT ALL, I'm sure 1000% of that, and never has), I will be consciously more cognizant to not fume at myself moving forward when a round goes more awry than just the normal stuff that makes a mid-capper a mid-capper, b/c I sure don't want to negatively impact others. Love my group; we've played together every Saturday
  10. No, I don't need him to agree; I need him to leave well enough alone that doesn't concern him.
  11. I'm a 88-90 mph driver swinger on avg., lowball hitter w/ irons, mid trajectory w/ hybrids/woods. I'm one of those guys who hits his longer clubs better than his short clubs, driver better than hybrids, hybrids better than irons. As an example of my trajectory issues w/ irons....had a 9 iron 3rd into the par 5 18th yesterday from 125 a bit uphill, and hit it pretty solid right at the flag, but flattish. Hit just under the hole, and rolled out to 10 yards above and off the surface. Easy up and down, but no birdie opportunity on a shot/club/yardage you expect to have one. I will al
  12. Gonna see if I find a demo of their Eleven irons to test against my Tour Edge Exotics EXS. Typically, I'm a pretty low-ball hitter, getting lower. Could definitely benefit from higher launch and trajectory. Xxio's counterbalancing shaft technology seems intriguing.
  13. I seriously doubt it. The other 2 of my particular 4some yesterday included one of my better buds, and a guy who i play a ton of my golf with; if something was bothering him, he would certainly not be shy about saying something. That's what I mean about keeping it to myself and getting a bit of space from the others, to be considerate. I honestly never pay any attention to how someone else is playing, and the kind of day they are having just doesn't impact me, good, bad, or indifferent. Golf is just so "solo" in that way....as long as they don't try to get all up into me & give me the
  14. I guess when I say hype, I mean their obvious targeting of those past our prime from an age, swingspeed, distance perspective?
  15. Just wanted to get feedback from those who've played or are playing XXIO as to their quality, and do they deliver higher launch, more forgiveness, distance gains, and ease of hitting for us at or approaching senior status (I will be 57 this summer), as per their marketing claims?
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