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  1. So I probably shouldn't tell you that we will have brand new Tour issue M5 and M6 heads in about 6 weeks? ;) M5 Tour... about 9.5... Now I know they have the same adapter as the M3, but why not get a new shaft too? :)
  2. Synergy Black is very unique in that it feels incredibly smooth, launches more mid, but the spin is incredibly low. That feel is very hard to get in a shaft this low spin. The closest thing, now that Black profile is gone is probably Synergy Green Proto, or the protos we are testing out right now, that I should be able to discuss sometime next week. Looking forward to it. I ended up buying a 7.2* M4 with a PO tipped 1.5" but will still be on the lookout for shafts if this doesn't cut the mustard. Where did you find a 7.2* M4? Sign me up for one of those! The one and only Will Peoples
  3. fingers crossed! Post below you current favorite Fujikura shaft::: Evo II What is your favorite classic Fujikura shaft::: Evo II
  4. I started with the 70tx in a tour issue M1 460 head. Loved it. Got greedy and went with a 60tx in the same M1 head and absolutely love it. Can't confirm any speed increase but in a recent tournament I flew it onto a 353 yard par 4, hit a few tee shots in the 370 range (down wind) and averaged around 335. Qualified and won 3 match play rounds mostly due to turning the course into a pitch and putt. Love the shaft. It will be hard to beat out for me. "averaged" 335? what keeps you from Q school? The whole scoring low regularly and keeping away from the huge number. Been told recently quite
  5. There were 300 of them sold and I rarely see any for sale, so I'd say that's a yes. Haha. I still play it myself and can't really see anything beating it out any time soon. Same. Put it in a M3 440 head and it is easily the best combo I have had.
  6. Adding my thoughts from 5-days @Bandon... This thing is a frigging MISSILE. Yeah, I know, it's Bandon... but it is March, and it isn't like the fairways are pool tables right now. Played 6-rounds... 114-118 swing speed @ 45.5 tipped 1/2 inch in an M3 440. I believe part of it is the M3, but I rarely miss a fairway when I am not trying to swing out of my shoes. Ridiculously better than the M1440 I had tried for a few months. Distance... really good. I'm not a gym rat, and I love beer... and that leads to not being in the best shape. It would scare me if I could get my lazy-Word not allowed i
  7. This almost makes me sad because now matter much how much I like my current setup, I won’t be able to resist. I’ve literally gone through all of these in these in the last year or so: Rogue 125 70s Rogue 125 70x Rogue Black 70x Hzrdus black 6.5 Hzrdus t1100 6.0 Tensei PO V2 60tx Tensei PO V2 70TX Tensei PO V3 70TX Tensei PB 60tx KK DC XT 60tX KK XT 60 TX Diamana D+ Ltd 70x Diamana BF 70TX That’s just drivers. Please help. I feel like you have given me proof of my addiction. In 4 months, I have purchased; - Mamba 70 and 80 - Tensei White TX - Synergy 60 (returned for 70) TX - Evo 2
  8. I'm all ears on the XD and Rogue 135. I would love to see Aldila get back in the game. I feel like they've been kind of an afterthought over the past couple of years. 135...??!?!?!?! grams??!!?!?!? Jeebus... If so, I hope the thing swings itself. I have an old NV 95 and the thing is a frigging tank. Aldila is back in the game... Synergy is all you need to know. Mamba was good, but I am so glad I picked up a 70tx from Toll... can't wait to get it on Torrey South and Bandon in the next few weeks!!!
  9. I can absolutely attest that ball-shaving can add upwards of 2MPH for your swing speed... less friction during the pivotal "bump" move to start your downswing. Just be careful... if you shave to much and catch a bit of skin... your "slice" will be a bit more painful...
  10. Absolutely. Just like with Kuro Kage Dual Core XT, it's very important to have us go through tipping and set up info with you. They get too tight in a hurry and not tipping enough for your swing can totally ruin the desired results. Buying someone else's used one on a whim is a very bad idea with this shaft. Update: Weather finally broke here for a day in CT and I was absolutely murdering the Synergy 65TX (untipped), Synergy 65TX (tipped 1/2 inch), and Pro Orange 60 TX (no tipping) at my local outdoor range in my Epic SZ. There is a net about 230 out so hard to tell what was going the
  11. JEEBUS. Thank you Toll... My 70TX is tipped 1/2 inch (115-118mph). Just got it in an M3 440... this is a frigging rocketship. It seems night and day different than the M1 440 I had it in for a couple months. Just could never get comfortable. From the first swing today this felt great, just bomb after bomb. Can't wait to play it in a bit warmer weather, and not have almost everything plug. Maybe just me, but the M3 just sets up better to my eye. Will be interesting to get this on a Trackman.
  12. Just got my 70TX trimmed and glued up, can't wait to hit it! Thanks for the tipping advise Toll! Gio- Best of luck and hope all works out for the best. You information in this forum has been invaluable. Take care of yourself and your family.
  13. I am probably jinxing myself with the user name, but after a couple beers... its funny what the first thing that comes to your mind is; TaylorMade Community username ||| DJnoTJ_2017 Current driver model / specs ||| r9 8.5 RIP80x and testing several shafts in a M1440 8.5 or 9.5 Current handicap ||| 2.4 RH or LH ||| Righty "YER MY BOY BLUE!"
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