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  1. rooski left Positive feedback   

    Great communication, quick shipping and awesome deals! Can't go wrong

    CoJo5434 was The Seller

  2. BirdieBob left Positive feedback   

    Thanks to a fine WRX member for the purchase. Positive transaction.

    CoJo5434 was The Buyer

  3. bluetrane left Positive feedback   

    Excellent communcation, accurate description. Couldn't have asked for a better transaction.

    CoJo5434 was The Buyer

  4. apg7 left Positive feedback   

    Best seller on the forums.

    CoJo5434 was The Seller

  5. mbegs5 left Positive feedback   

    Excellent communication and fast shipping! Thanks again!

    CoJo5434 was The Seller

  6. blastereod left Positive feedback   

    good communication, smooth transaction good dude!

    CoJo5434 was The Seller

  7. Eastflava0 left Positive feedback   

    Amazing seller, goes above and beyond - A++++++++

    CoJo5434 was The Seller

  8. barnes44 left Positive feedback   

    Grabbed G400 3 wood head. Great price, packaged well, solid communication. A+ seller.

    CoJo5434 was The Seller

  9. Eastflava0 left Positive feedback   

    Smooth transaction, great communication fast shipping A+++++

    CoJo5434 was The Seller

  10. apg7 left Positive feedback   

    Incredible seller, went above and beyond to customize the item for me.

    CoJo5434 was The Seller

  11. DanGolfs86 left Positive feedback   

    Great seller, clear and accurate description and very fast shipping, definitely recommend!

    CoJo5434 was The Seller

  12. roadtrippin4550 left Positive feedback   

    Putter was in perfect condition, shipped quickly. Would buy from CoJo again with 0 hesitation.

    CoJo5434 was The Seller

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