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  1. I just recently purchased a new set of the z785’s with stock modus3 120s without a fitting. The price was too good and I convinced myself I needed them from their reputation on here lol. I hit them better than my ap2’s which I was fitted for.
  2. Bought a tsi3 but can’t seem to take the ts3 out of the bag quite yet. I know what I am getting with it in the bag, long and consistent.
  3. I was playing a tensei blue ck hybrid shaft in 70 and wanted a little more weight so I ordered an 80. Upon arrival I noticed some differences in the shaft, mainly the “k” on the ck was blue on the new 80 and not on the 70. Also the carbon fiber pattern goes all the way up on the 70 but not the 80. Can someone tell me the difference? Is it just different generations?
  4. https://www.instagram.com/p/CJo-yEVDcyC/?igshid=1llg9lvv71oco
  5. I have a 19* with a tensei ck blue x. It’s the only hybrid I’ve ever had that I can trust not to hook. Will stay bagged for a long time.
  6. Bought an early Christmas present! 35” 340g Original never restored pro platinum finish circa 2002
  7. Cameron studio design pistol.. it’s simple and timeless, much like the pp58.
  8. If I were to play the tsi3 at 45.25 instead of 45.5 would I need the +2 weight to keep the swing weight similar? And does the tsi3 head weigh the same as the ts3?
  9. Personally I went back to the 718 ap2. I’ve been playing one version or another of the ap2 for 10 years and I guess it just feels and looks better to me. For me the t100S spun more and were too fade biased. Same shaft. Also I was able to get a good deal on some new 718s at a close out price.
  10. Went with the tsi3, kuro kage black 55 X-stiff dc 5g. Was really hoping the diamana TB would be an option.
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