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  1. I had a black 5x snap right above the ferrule and it was replaced.. basically below the VeloCore logo and you’re good
  2. For some reason I never got along with my tsi3. Went back to the ts3. May try a tsi2 during winter tinkering.
  3. Any word if there will be a blue or red 5x?
  4. I go with either the Holbrook Prizm dark golf or more recently the mainlink prizm jade
  5. I’ve recently done the same with a ventus black 5x. Stable enough to let ‘er rip or swing smooth with high ball speed.
  6. Put a Nickel inside each of the 15g weights if you don’t want to buy the 20g weights
  7. Bought the putter in decent shape, just had it refinished by the Scotty custom shop.
  8. You can find them on eBay built to spec. Bought one about a month ago and enjoy it so far.
  9. I wondered the same. Regardless superstroke needs to make an all black option. I used to like the black/silver ones from around ‘14-‘15.
  10. John Pinney from the Scotty custom shop told me BOS never did any finishes for Scotty so I don’t know who to believe because I’ve heard that same tale for years as well
  11. I prefer the black, I had weird timing with the blue in driver.
  12. Used mine today for the first time in a ts3 head. Coming from a tensei raw blue 55x. No monitor numbers to report just on course, but i can say it feels very stable and by feel I could tell I was getting less spin with around the same launch and distance (swing speed avg. ~110). Hit more controlled cuts, but it was still easy to turn over and draw. I’ve always been a blueboard guy but this shaft is going to stick around for awhile.
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