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  1. Me too. I'm 70 years old and I give a hard pass whenever a course is cart path only. Seems like I walk more than if I straight up carried my bag and walked the round. And my shoes and clothes are generally covered with mud when I finish.
  2. 70 years old here. I'm 5'6". My driver carries about 200 on average. My 7 iron 140. My average driver club head speed is 88mph. Everything else is high 70s to low 80s. Don't have quite enough in the tank anymore to hit a 3 wood consistently well.
  3. Yes. I switched to CP2 midsize grips last year but I sometimes think the larger grips might actually exacerbate the problem rather than fix it. Seems I have to choose the lessor of two evils - NSAIDs are good for inflammation but bad for my kidneys. Similarly, prednisone injections are great for controlling inflammation but have a negative effect on my lymphocytes and immune system.
  4. I am a right handed golfer. Arthritis aside, what causes pain in the large knuckle at the base of middle finger on right hand? I treat it with ice but I'd like to know if the cause is something I can correct.
  5. Many of us older golfers suffer from Rheumatoid and/or Osteo Arthritis and therefore have to make adjustments to our "form" in order to continue playing golf. How has the disease affected you and what adjustments have you made to your swing or equipment to compensate?
  6. Thank you for your responses. Due to arthritis and bad weather (take your pick) I took 2 months off with the intention of coming back and getting lessons as soon as possible. My question is the result of my first 2 days back on the range - disastrous to say the least. I'm hesitant to start lessons before I can at least consistently hit a golf ball again but it occurred to me that perhaps the best way to go about it is to get lessons "cold" because all of my worst tendencies will be visible in spades. Thanks again to those who replied.
  7. When starting again after a winter hiatus is it better to start lessons immediately or wait until some semblance of a repeatable swing has returned?
  8. I'd say that for most players, myself included, bowing the left wrist like that is inviting a bad case of golfers' elbow.
  9. Lighter, more flexible shafts and Bionic StableGrip golf gloves. Also, forged irons can cause more pain than cast. If you haven't done so recently, a visit to a rheumatologist might be in order.
  10. My father was an avid golfer. He loved to play and ultimately bought a house along one of the fairways of a local club where he was a member, cut a hole in the fence, and bought his own golf cart. He was also a very intelligent and logical man intent on doing things the right way. After he passed my brothers and I were sorting through his things and found a list of "Swing Thoughts" in his office. Presumably it was a list of all the thoughts that went through his mind every time he swung a golf club. There were 22 items on the list. My brothers and I had a good laugh about that. It was quintessential Dad.
  11. To tell you the truth I really don't know. Once we get on the green is really the only time we high handicappers get together. That said, the most recent golfer (and somebody whose company I really like) is about a 12 handicap. Some guys in our senior group are real sticklers for the rules; others not so much and we generally play things pretty loose and forgiving. But if he did this and our "Chairman" happened to be in his foursome and noticed it I'm pretty sure he would call him on it.
  12. Thanks for that link. Doesn't really answer my question about whether I should shorten the shaft or choke down on it?
  13. Let us know what you think of Golfsidekick. I think he's great!
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