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  1. My father was an avid golfer. He loved to play and ultimately bought a house along one of the fairways of a local club where he was a member, cut a hole in the fence, and bought his own golf cart. He was also a very intelligent and logical man intent on doing things the right way. After he passed my brothers and I were sorting through his things and found a list of "Swing Thoughts" in his office. Presumably it was a list of all the thoughts that went through his mind every time he swung a golf club. There were 22 items on the list. My brothers and I had a good laugh about that
  2. To tell you the truth I really don't know. Once we get on the green is really the only time we high handicappers get together. That said, the most recent golfer (and somebody whose company I really like) is about a 12 handicap. Some guys in our senior group are real sticklers for the rules; others not so much and we generally play things pretty loose and forgiving. But if he did this and our "Chairman" happened to be in his foursome and noticed it I'm pretty sure he would call him on it.
  3. Thanks for that link. Doesn't really answer my question about whether I should shorten the shaft or choke down on it?
  4. Let us know what you think of Golfsidekick. I think he's great!
  5. I've played with a few guys who have a tendency to throw their ball mark down in front of the ball on the green but then place the ball ahead of the mark when they go to putt. I know it's only an inch difference and I have never called anyone one on it but what would be the penalty if someone objected to it?
  6. I'm only 5'5 1/2" tall. If I shorten a 45 3/4" shaft to 44", how much does it affect flex and kick point? Would it be better to simply choke down 2" on the grip?
  7. Guys who spend way too much time looking for balls in deep rough or lateral penalty areas. Maybe I'm wrong but I assume it's because they play with balls they really can't afford to lose. They will look forever for a $4 Titleist if you let them while I walk away from my $1.50 Srixons, etc, pretty damn quick.
  8. Don't know of any channel that is playing only. I'd say a lot of vloggers post at least some playing vlogs but the ones I generally enjoy are: Golf Sidekick, Golf Mates (especially with OMP), Paige Spiranac, Dan Hendricksen, and Carter's Golf.
  9. I bought a new putter when I started playing again two years ago - an Odyssey Red Line mallet with a 2.0 mid slim grip. Prior to that I'd always used putters with what I would call a standard leather wrap golf grip. I stuck with the larger grip because my brother, who has played a lot more than I have during the past 25 years, told me it's the new best thing because it helps take your right hand out of the stroke. When I was playing (1960-1990) no one ever mentioned that or any kind of putter fitting for that matter. It was much more basic - do you like the look and feel and can you sink p
  10. How many new golf balls do you use every year?
  11. OP, I'm enjoying this thread. Thanks for posting it. I can definitely relate to what you are feeling. I'm in the same boat right now. I bought my clubs 2 years ago next month. From January 2019 to January 2020 my handicap went from 36 to 26 and I felt great about it - going to be in the teens in no time! Not so fast. From January 2020 to now my handicap has gone from 26 to 24. Not nearly the result I would have predicted for myself after having played 109 rounds of golf and hit 25000 range balls during the last 2 years. Talk about frustration!!! Unfortunately I have not found a solu
  12. I'm retired and can play as often as I want but some days it's too hot and some days it's too cold and other days something hurts but without those limitations I would swing a golf club (play or practice) 5 times a week.
  13. Will grips which are too large cause elbow/forearm problems? I thought larger grips were supposed to ease tension on both the hands and forearms because you don't have to grip the club as hard but maybe it's the opposite - larger grips require more pressure to hold the club securely, e.g., it's easier to grip a pencil than a baseball bat.
  14. Me personally I have Tennis elbow in my lead arm and I'm getting a prednisone shot this Friday. Just curious why the malady on the other side of the arm is called Golfers elbow and how you get it (so I can avoid it).
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