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  1. I've been wearing Outlier Slim Dungarees for a few years now (Black and Navy). Great 5 pocket pant. They are a little slim but have great stretch and water resistances. I have the older versions so they aren't as slim as the newest versions, but have seen office use, plane/train travel, golf, biking, hiking, and camping.
  2. > @Imp said: > I would also suggest George Wright, but... walking through (and getting off at) Hyde Park with the clubs... eek. One thing you'd be able to do is walk 1/2 the way on the course instead of through neighborhoods, but it's still a mile. Then again, we're talking about walking a mile like it's a bad thing... how many miles are we going to walk ON the course? ;) (Uber to/from GW would be a good bet though, it's a good course). > > Presidents, get off N. Quincy and it's .7 mile walk. Nothing spectacular of a course, but... it's golf and a better neighborhood. >
  3. Was at Braintree last week and they are aiming for this weekend or next at the latest.
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