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  1. Mine arrives today and I'm hoping to get some outdoor driving range time with it tonight or tomorrow. I'm curious to see how the alignment boundaries really work - I'm guessing that there's a margin of error and then you fall off a cliff with readings when you get way too far outside the target line. If there's consistency in readings to +/- 1 foot then it makes it easier to plop this down on the range or course...but if it's +/- 2 inches than a bit more rigor will be required for alignment.
  2. My 7/10 order with PlayBetter just shipped last night - should be here tomorrow.
  3. I've had both the Apex Pro '21 and TCB's this year - currently playing the TCB. To me the turf interaction was very similar but the biggest difference was feel and sound. The TCB has a softer feel and will likely blend (feel-wise) well with your MB's. The Pro's will feel a bit more clicky and more firm. For me the forgiveness is about the same (it helps I'm a pretty consistent ball striker) and the launch on the Pro's is just a little higher, but I do know my TCB's spin more across all clubs so I've been really happy with the lower flights and stopping power. Two different ways to get to the end result at the pin, you just need to figure out which flight/trajectory you want to play in the bag.
  4. Picking this thread up again for an update... I'm potentially heading down the second week of November. How are the courses? Is flying into LV the easiest way to get to St. George? -Thanks, Todd
  5. Definitely following this thread - I fight the same SW demons w/ my +1.5" builds. I actually went from a Callaway Jaws wedge to the TCB "A" wedge (50* gap) because 1) the A wedge blends with the rest of the TCB set and 2) it comes with a lighter weight that brings the SW in lined with the rest of the TCB's (D7). -Thanks, Todd
  6. If you have time to read through a very thorough thread, head over here for all things MMT: Somewhere in the thread I have my trackman comparison data between my old Apex Pro '21/X100 versus my Apex Pro '21/MMT 105tx.
  7. I was hoping to do some sort of analysis like this the next time I got on a Trackman - what are your swingspeeds like with your irons?
  8. I switched from X100’s to the MMT and very pleased with the change. Won’t be playing steel anymore as performance was identical in my Trackman tests and scoring has improved.
  9. I went from X100’s to the 105tx and never felt anything get lost with my own swing. Took one range session and a couple of rounds to get all the kinks worked out and after ~15 rounds with my TCB/MMT combo I’m stoked on my play. Spoiler alert - congrats to Ancer for getting his first win for himself and the MMT!
  10. I came from the Apex Pro '21 (w/ x100) and noticed some additional spin and lower ball flight which have both been helpful for my game.
  11. No direct experience but keep in mind the MMT’s profile is a lot like the DG’s. When I switched from X100’s to the MMT 105tx it was pretty seamless.
  12. I had the same revelation on Monday night with my trackman session. My instructor and I really broke down the swing into super small parts where I could get better feels about how my face needed to be more square to path (did a ton of small swings, think 8-to-4 o'clock) to sync up body and hand/face feels.
  13. Just need some candles that smell like fresh cut grass.
  14. I made the switch to the 105tx from X100's and I think you'll be really pleased with going to the 125tx. I chose the 105tx due to my +1.5" length needs to keep swingweights down, but really felt the transition out of the X100's to the MMT's was easy due to how similar they played. You'll love these in your TCB's too (I'm playing the TCB's too).
  15. It feels like the sweet spot is a tad larger on the Apex Pro's but you loose a little bit of granularity on being able to really pinpoint where you struck it on the face. The TCB's remind me of my old blades (MP-33, -18) where feedback was precise and you could immediately tell if you hit the ball a groove low.
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