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  1. I just wrapped up a call with Discount Dan's to get an order built up with the 105tx and the Callaway TCB head. Waiting will be hard... Here's how I got to the decision to make the move over to the TCB's. I have a current set of AP21's/DG TI X100's but they're sledgehammers (see below for length details). I ordered a single AP21/MMT 105tx 7iron to test which was delivered yesterday and I went straight to the range. Wow, to say I'm impressed is an understatement! This shaft is legit! With the +1.5" length the SW came down from E3 to E0 - so much easier to swing last night.
  2. Now the next test is to see if Callaway can build me up a set with the 105TX and their TCB heads using a lighter weight to get the SW down to the mid-D range. I think they can adjust the weight in the TCB head by 9g - but from my research it's pretty much a tour van only modification and not sure if they can accomodate my ask with a factory build. Fingers crossed that they can make it happen.
  3. My AP21 MMT 105tx 7iron showed up yesterday and immediately made it to the range in the evening. Needless to say I’m impressed and sold on this shaft. Felt like a love child of a smooth MCA graphite shaft with the flight characteristics of my DG TI X100’s. I can see why people who are properly fitted make the switch. It even brought a smidge more of a forged soft feel to well struck balls on the AP21 face which some (myself included) say is a little clicky. This shaft in a true forged head would be a great combo. Swingweight with the same build specs came down from E3 to E0 a
  4. I picked up (if memory serves me right on player) the Jimmy Walker 64* that came out back around October of last year. 64/04 specs that depending on my ability has either saved me in some situations or have harmed me (to be fair, I need to spend more time dialing in my wedge game). I had it built up with a KBS shaft but after playing some S400's recently in the rest of my wedges I probably shoult make the change for consistency sake.
  5. Anyone know if these are 0.370? Or 0.355? -Thanks, Todd
  6. I looked through the last 16 pages and saw one person with the MMT 105tx shaft with the TCB head. Any others try this combination?
  7. At +1.5" any idea how the swingweight worked out (I also play +1.5")?
  8. How does that face feel? I'm hoping to try one out this weekend.
  9. Wow, spent way too much time reading through this thread but there's a ton of helpful experiences and stories. So I decided to dip my toes into the MMT pool and give it a shot. A little about me - 6'9", 7iron SS around 93mph, driver around 115 with a super smooth transition. I had a set of Apex Pro '21's built up earlier this year with DG TI X100 at +1.5". Unfortunately these are heavy hammers with the 4iron at E0.5 and the 7iron at E3. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Callaway was selling individual iron builds with the MMT 105TX - I figured with the shaft weight around
  10. I'm thinking of the same Apex Pro '21 and MMT 105tx combo. Yours show up yet?
  11. Now I just need to track down a retailer where I can buy a single MMT 105tx shaft to test out with my AP21's.
  12. I'm curious to know if folks have more experience with the 105tx and how they might compare to a DG X100. I play +1.5" on my irons but looking for a potential option to drop SW as my current Apex Pro '21 4iron came in at E0.5 and the 7iron at E3. Also, curious to hear if hard-stepping the 105tx might make it play more like the X100 too. -Thanks, Todd
  13. Very cool - great to see someone else playing +1.5".
  14. toddmanley

    2 ball ten

    If you had said you'd build it into a 38" I would be first in line to buy it from you if you didn't like the putter and wanted to off-load it (btw, being tall I build my putters to 37-38").
  15. I'm currently playing the Apex Pro '21 but these look really good. Has anyone had luck picking up the TCB's with a lighter-weight option? I'm curious because given my height I play +1.5" and being able to play a lighter head TCB would be a great option. I had previously heard the weight changing options are pretty much tour-only but figured there might be a WRX'er who might have some insights. -Thanks, Todd
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