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  1. What change in SW would you likely see if you took a 7-iron head (Miura TC-201) and bored it to .370? Asking to determine if it makes sense to do this for a potential set of overlength clubs (+2"). -Thanks, Todd
  2. Is the tip diameter for these clubs 0.355? -Thanks, Todd
  3. Over on the WTB board there was someone looking to pick up the Planemate and Superspeed aids. It got me thinking...since I have both of these and The Hanger, I thought I'd throw out the question to see if anyone ever put combinations of these training aids together. It would be pretty interesting to hear if anyone has done this. -Thanks, Todd
  4. Has anyone hotmelt'd their TSi3 head? I'm curious to hear any experiences others have had so far.
  5. Previously purchased from other Golfwrx members and in need of a new home. My SS has increased and the 3w Atmos shaft doesn’t meet my needs and for some reason I never really clicked with the feel of the IZ in my SIM. Both shafts currently have TM adapter sleeves. Open to trades - looking for these: Ventus Black 7x Ventus Blue 7x Atmos TS Black 7x Tour AD HD 7x Graphite Design Tour AD IZ 7x Price - $200 $175 Length - 43 7/8” (played a shade under 45” in my SIM) Grip - Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 back/gray (2 wraps) SOLD -
  6. Are these the correct replacement ferulle for sleeve adapters on the SIM? https://www.golfworks.com/the-golfworks-taylormade-adaptor-ferrule/p/bb9097/
  7. Curious to get some opinions here. Several points of reference - 1) been playing the Atmos TS Black 7x (untipped) in my 9* SIM at 45.25", 2) ball speed off the SIM today was around 161-2mph and spin in the low 2,000rpm, 3) SS is ~112-115mph (getting faster due to super speed training). My local PGA SS didn't have a wide selection of x-flex shafts to try - only the 60 gram version of the Smoke Black RDX and the AV White Raw. I normally play 70 gram shafts so it took a few swings to get used to the lighter weight shafts. I started with the 10* head (set to A-1) and was averaging
  8. I pulled the trigger on the Vokey Jimmy Walker 64/04* wedge and hit it for the first time yesterday. I didn't find the low bounce too hard to deal with as long as I was accelerating through the ball - anytime I found myself decel'ing through impact I'd get chunky.
  9. Same here - sold it on BST almost as quick as I acquired it!
  10. Curious to hear how it goes - I play the same shaft in my SIM and hit your combo last week at a Titleist Thursday event and it felt great.
  11. Today I changed up my warm-up routine and it worked better. I previously had warmed up by hitting a few balls into the net in my back yard and slowing bringing up my SS over the course of ~20 swings. Today I decided to jump on the Peloton and bang out about 5 minutes of medium intensity to get the blood moving - then moved over to my TRX setup and did a quick single circuit of back, legs and chest (I will usually do this circuit 3x for a full workout). Feeling pretty warm and prepped I went outside and did my ~20 swings and then began the protocol. Big improvement around feeling
  12. Quick update - grabbed a good deal via eBay on a new Atmos TS Black 7x and put it into play Saturday after a few swings of the shaft on the range that same morning. Going up from the 7s to the 7x was really easy - the shaft felt really smooth and allowed me to feel that I could really go after the ball and eliminate more of the left side of the hole (which it did really well). For now the 7s is now in rotation for my friends to try in their TM drivers.
  13. Can you post the length of the 6i shaft?
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