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  1. I came from the Apex Pro '21 (w/ x100) and noticed some additional spin and lower ball flight which have both been helpful for my game.
  2. No direct experience but keep in mind the MMT’s profile is a lot like the DG’s. When I switched from X100’s to the MMT 105tx it was pretty seamless.
  3. I had the same revelation on Monday night with my trackman session. My instructor and I really broke down the swing into super small parts where I could get better feels about how my face needed to be more square to path (did a ton of small swings, think 8-to-4 o'clock) to sync up body and hand/face feels.
  4. Just need some candles that smell like fresh cut grass.
  5. I made the switch to the 105tx from X100's and I think you'll be really pleased with going to the 125tx. I chose the 105tx due to my +1.5" length needs to keep swingweights down, but really felt the transition out of the X100's to the MMT's was easy due to how similar they played. You'll love these in your TCB's too (I'm playing the TCB's too).
  6. It feels like the sweet spot is a tad larger on the Apex Pro's but you loose a little bit of granularity on being able to really pinpoint where you struck it on the face. The TCB's remind me of my old blades (MP-33, -18) where feedback was precise and you could immediately tell if you hit the ball a groove low.
  7. I've owned and played both for a while. The feel of the HMB's were pretty good - that typical soft Mizuno feel most of us are used to with their blades. However, for me they produced some real flyers and brought some inconsistencies into my game with my scoring irons due to balls jumping off the face (also saw this with the P770's I demo'd too). The Apex Pro's had a nicer, more blade-like look but definitely a firmer and clicky sound at impact. I did have way better dispursion numbers (front to back) and ultimately these won out. But given my WRX'er bent I have moved on to the
  8. Through trial and error I landed on 46/50/56/60. Used to have the 54 and 58 in play but found my current combo better suited to my game.
  9. That's great to hear - I called and spoke with Callaway around another issue (custom putter delay) and they've got their act together with their knowledge of the supply chain, delays, and options I could take to get my item shipping sooner.
  10. A couple of weeks ago I did a fitting knowing that potentially a ES TD head might be what I need. During the fitting I never felt I was swinging as fast I usually do - most swings were around 110mph (I was pretty sore from working out the day before). But I did put good swings on the ball so I did feel the fit was beneficial. Here's my gamer - TSi3 9*, Ventus Black 6x - tipped .5" and plays 45.5". As you can see below even while I've got a positive AoA I still generate a ton of spin due to my fade shape and negative club path angle (currently working to get it more neutral):
  11. Yes, but they'll play differently than the $taper's. I played the $taper 120's for a long time and then (gasp, it was the WRX'er in me) made the switch to playing X100's due to a smidge more swing speed. I'm a ~5/6 handicaper myself and my smooth 6-iron SS is around 90 so we're pretty close. I've loved my switch from the X100's and feel that even if I was still playing my old $taper's I'd make this switch. Keep hunting down a place to hit them if you can. The MMT profile hits like the DG's so you'll probably find that the biggest difference in how they feel to you coming from t
  12. I've been really pleased with my transition to the MMT 105tx from DG X100 - it's worth trying the different MMT flavors to see what works best for you.
  13. I finally had the chance to hit some of the triple diamond heads and think I landed on a head/shaft combo that suits me pretty well. My gamer 9* TSi3/Ventus 6x was spinning around 2,700rpm and the combo of the 9* Epic Speed LS triple diamond/Hulk shaft killed spin down to an average of 2,012rpm (max was 2,290rpm). Given I never had the chance to hit either the head and shaft (which was the biggest surprise as it wasn't harsh at all) I was pretty impressed. We did see some spin killing numbers with a TSi4 head and the Hulk, but the Callaway head was more forgiving and consistent.
  14. Sounds like my experience - I bought a single 7iron Apex Pro ‘21 with the MMT 105tx to compare to my identical iron with a X100. Now I’m a happy owner of a set of TCB’s with the MMT 105tx’s.
  15. Hitting the course today with the new TCB's - had a good session with the hard rock balls at the range last night and really like a few things about these clubs. The smaller head is a nice visual coming from the Apex Pro '21 - not too much smaller, but enough of a change it reminds me at address of how some of my smaller blades in the past framed the ball. Also found my flight was lower, but that could be a combination of the head and moving over to the MMT 105tx from the X100's. The feel of the graphite shaft with the TCB head is really, really nice. Oh, and knocking 5 swingweights off my
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