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  1. Thanks all, I'll take a trip down the rabbit hole and book myself a Trackman driver fitting. Fairways and greens to all of you.
  2. Hi all, Need help. Looking to upgrade/change my old school setup. In short, I'm currently gaming the R9 SuperTri TP with the original Fubuki TP along with the R9 13*, same shaft, the Forged TP '05 irons, DGS300. What would you guys recommend in terms of similar playing ability, feel, looks? Doesn't have to be Taylormade. I reckon that a lot has happened with driver and irons the last 10-15 years, so even though I like what I have, I feel that I might be leaving something out there. What is important to me is that the visual is pretty clean and that I'm able to hit a 4 iron without breaking any fingers. :) Playing of 5 hcp. @Mods, if this is not the right place to post, please move my post and let me know. Thanks a ton in advance.
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