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  1. It's been awhile since the original ones were released. Curious if anyone has news or heard of a newer version coming out this year?
  2. Cobra Forged Tech Black 7-PW iron heads - Iron heads are in good shape. There are a couple marks on soles of 7 and 8 irons. These are shown in pics. Standard loft and lie. Asking $260 ($65 per head) shipped. Add $5 for shipping if west of Mississippi. Cleveland CBX 2 52* and 58* - Wedge heads are in good shape. Bought this season but used minimal. 58* is bent to 57*. **SOLD** VA Composites Raijin hybrid shaft - Flex designation is Three (Reg flex). Weight is 85g's. Ping G410 adapter. Plays 39" in G410 hybrid head. Bought and put together by The Peoples Clubs
  3. Looking for some PXG gen 2 0311 irons. Shafts don't really matter as will change em. Heads only would be ideal. 7-PW or GW, or 8-PW or GW.
  4. Long shot here, but worth asking. If the shafts are .370 would you be willing to sell just the shafts by chance?
  5. Looking for these shafts. Does anyone have any to sell? Would take either reg or stiff flex.
  6. @Colej I 2nd Paderson shafts as something to try. Very good shafts. I have been looking for the Ballistic 110's for a few days now. Golfworks had some sets for sale a few weeks ago, but looks like they are all gone. I didn't find any on their site when I went there just now. They can be ordered directly from Paderson, but come with a hefty price tag. There was a set for sale on eBay I came across. But not the right tip diameter that i need.
  7. I am a fan of Paderson as well. Got fitted into them for driver, fairway, and hybrids. Then I went ahead and just put em in all my clubs all way down to wedges. Great shafts.
  8. Shoes – Footjoy Fury - Black size 12, Blue size 12, Gray size 12W / Excellent condition / Purchased this season / Worn sporadically throughout / ***SOLD - ALL 3**** Athalonz EnVe – Black/Steel Gray size 13 / Excellent condition / Purchased this season / Worn sporadically throughout / Asking $85 shipped Shafts – Driver – Paderson Kinetixx Ballistic KG70-D30 (stiff flex) / No adapter / Just shy of 43 ¾ inches long / Playing length will depend on adapter and head, but should be 45-45 ½ inches long / Grip is old will include a pulled Golf Pride MCC +4 Align grip if desire
  9. Curious as to peoples thoughts on is it better to loft up a 3 wood or loft down a 5 wood? I was fitted into my Ping G410 5 wood at 16.5* (-1.5* on the loft sleeve). So essentially a 4 wood. But I was wondering if lofting up a 3 wood (14.5* to 16* using the +1.5* on loft sleeve) is better and what would the effects be? My miss is right. So the lofting down of my 5 wood would open it some and the loft up of a 3 wood would close it some. Would it be advantageous of me to go 3 wood and loft up to gain that little bit of face closure that I desire/need or to stay with the 5 wood with face jus
  10. I did a fitting within the last month or so at a Club Champion in my state and I was fitted into a new drive shaft and also fairway shaft. My hybrids I was fitted back into a shaft I was fitted for previously. Being a person that likes new golf equipment I tinkered around with the hybrid shafts and found myself no longer playing them. Which is why it I wasn't to shocked when I got fitted back into them. But that isn't the point of my post today. Looking back over the specs for the shafts I was fitted into I have noticed that the driver shaft is heavier/weighs more than the fairway shafts
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