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  1. I eagled a par 4 for the first time in my life last week 280 drive 160 9 iron. A guy at our club in 2009 had 3 hole in ones in 5 days. I have no idea the math behind that one . He did a bunch of radio shows and local interviews about it. But a man in our community also won the lottery twice in 7 years. In 2013 he won 3 million some and then just last month won 17 million. He bought both tickets at the exact same small corner store in his little rural small town community. Look him up Raymond Lillington two time lotto 649 winner. After seeing that I believe the odds of any
  2. The closest views I could find but I didn’t look long there’s probably a better picture out there.
  3. I love the way you recognize and separate symptoms from causes in the golf swing. So many pros and tips out there are to just “stop” the symptom without addressing the cause. “I have a bad cough I can’t get rid of” - most instructors = “ Cover your mouth with your hand and hold it in.” Monte = “Lets find out what’s going on in those lungs.”
  4. That was an enjoyable read my friend ! I get to play this track an average of 4 times a week (playing today) and definitely don’t take it for granted. Cape Bretons golf scene is getting better by the year. I got to finally play the Cabot Cliffs and Links earlier this year also and that was a great experience. Cabot also just opened a new par 3 course called the nest. I hope you can make it here for the loop sooner than later You just bring your clubs and us Capers will provide the beer
  5. My home course Now called Highlands Links , it’s so cool to watch and see how different the course was back then compared to today. And what a clinic of ball striking it was from Knudson as you said.
  6. This has been helping my sequencing so much that I’m back grooving my knuckle fade off the tee again. Aiming down the left side where the rough meets the fairway, setting up to draw the ball into the left woods, then sneaking the face open , regripping and thinking smash a draw into the left woods. Bam a smashed power fade. When my sequencing was off I lost the ability to play my knuckle fade on demand but now I just think left hip back as the club comes into golf ball from the inside. I only missed two fairways yesterday and my two misses were just into the
  7. Those are some impressive stats man! Congrats on the solid play it feels good knowing there’s a few people who had this concept click the way it did after posting it
  8. That’s awesome to hear my friend ! Ive been playing to a new level since discovering the video and my sequencing has just been clicking like never before. Increased confidence each round and can’t wait to play each round. I’m thrilled it’s had another positive impact !
  9. My career best today 73 ! And Shot 78, 80 , 77 , 75 since finding this video after averaging mid to high 80s all season. The difference it makes not having early extension in the swing is incredible. I’m sure the golf gods will get me soon but this swing thought of timing the club into the ball with the left hip socket back is golden for me personally. My misses are staying in play which I think is the most exciting thing about it. Had the putter working hot today also. I just want to bask in this feeling until the golf gods get me.
  10. Glad it already helped someone else ! It’s a good feeling my friend. The forces of what make a golf swing happen are what we need to learn and then the body’s motion is a symptom. My whole life I would try and mimic the “symptoms” of a good golf swing instead of the forces and concepts that make those motions happen.
  11. The up and back movements of the right and left hip in back swing and down swing changed how I perceived the golf swing. and like you said , I couldn’t believe it was never articulated in that manner before. Why couldn’t someone somewhere a long time ago tell me this stuff lol. As Malaska says in the video too, “you can’t see a golf swing” you only see the results of the forces so when you push right hip up and back and left hip up and back with linear forces, you see that on video and it looks like you’ve turned or spun those hips. But in reality those are results of the
  12. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5YBQ9vyL4s This recent video by Malaska and Eric Cogorno has changed my ball striking. 1 swing thought: as the club head comes into the ball , use the left leg to push the left hip socket back. Bye bye early extension , bye bye getting stuck, bye bye flipping those hands because they’re coming late ( most of the time : I beg for mercy golf gods ) The biggest concept for me was , the axle turns the wheel , the wheel doesn’t turn the axle. On camera , I’m now finally pivoting properly man feel truly isn’t ree
  13. Thank you for the reply. That's exactly what scares me is that the feel of keeping the arms straight will eventually cause me no wrist hinge and then to compensate again, ill have to "feel" more wrist hinge until im back at square one again with the same problems I have now. any tips for not overdoing the "feel" of what you need to do better? My successes only last a short period of time as I touched on in my above post to tthomasgolfer605.
  14. I decided to film myself doing what felt like "stiff / straight arms back and through 9-3 / 8-4 and what would you know? A perfect L back and a perfect L through... Feel isn't real for sure. This definitely tells me that I was over hinging in the swing and beginning the swing with instant hinge instead of at left arm parallel. I just hope that as time goes by I don't over feel this stiff arm to the point of eventually not hinging at all because one of the down falls of my golf game is subconsciously over working the feels I need to fix my flaws. For example: when Im slicing, ill fix it by
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