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  1. Agreed. I dedicated some time to his method, and if you have sound mechanics then I think it’s great. However even though I was swinging freely without any thoughts and focusing on just swinging the club head in the manner he suggested , I still had early extension, my hips still stalled , I still rotated my club face open in the back swing etc. It takes work to change bad habits that have engrained bad mechanics and that simply can’t be cured by “just don’t think.”
  2. I’ve noticed a lot on Jim’s videos and comment sections that when people explain they’re having trouble with the driver or longer clubs he seems to always reply with “ don’t rush the long clubs, groove it with the shorter irons first.” The problem is most of these people have already grooved it with the shorter irons and mid irons and are specifically asking for help with the driver / longer clubs which seems to always get the “don’t rush the longer clubs / groove the irons first” response. Also in his videos his driver seems to be quite cut down and I’m not sure if there’s any more than 2-3 videos total of him hitting driver. And unlike the shorter irons where sometimes in his videos he’ll talk , then set up and hit a shot with no camera cut , any time he hits driver there’s always a cut in between the dialogue and the shot. So we’re not exactly sure how many times he’s hitting that driver until he finds a camera appropriate upload. I think course vlogs with out cuts are an excellent way of pros showing that they can back up their methods with action. I’m a single plane , Moe / Graves swinger now a days and Todd Graves started doing course vlogs last summer using the shot tracer without any cuts or edits and it’s fun to watch and reassuring that the method you’re learning is being proven on course by the guy teaching it.
  3. Shawn explains great exact question towards the end of the video . I’m at work right now but will find the specific time of the video later.
  4. Important to note too that this isn’t a strong grip with a square face pre set up, it’s a neutral grip with a 30-40 Degree closed face pre set up and then the dynamic set up where you tilt, get the hands forward , get the lead arm above the trail arm etc that makes the grip Appear strong. it’s a lot different then a standard strong grip with a square club face. Neutral grip with a closed club face and then at set up my trail palm is almost facing the sky and my trail arm is under my lead arm , bent in a bicep curl like fashion. Then my elbows lead the swing and sling shot everything out toward my starting point. Makes me really feel more and more what Moe was feeling / talking about in his vertical drop.
  5. I use the Moe Norman / graves single plane swing and I’ve added this concept to my set up and have gained easily 30 yards off the tee. Shawns daughter Savanna carried one just shy of 300 in the air on the track man utilizing this concept. Grip the club with a neutral grip with the face between 30-45 degrees closed (what works for you) and then you tilt, get behind the ball, and get the hands in front, until the face is square. I feel like the first thing that gets to the ball are my elbows with the lead arm on top of the trail arm and I’m releasing not at the ball but out at the direction of my target. It feels like the ultimate sling shot effect and the compression is unreal. It took me a few swings as I was initially hitting a few hooks and pulls but that’s because I realized I was releasing at the ball and not out beyond Into my starting direction. Once I got that grooved they were very compressed feeling long draws. This was 3 weeks ago and now it just feels so natural and dynamic and it feels like I’m going to smash it off the planet when I address the ball.
  6. I’ve been doing great ! I can’t imagine now swinging my old way. I used to not be able to keep my rear foot down at impact and now I can’t imagine lifting it , it would feel so unnatural at this point. My stock is now a 5 yard draw. My miss is an over draw but it allows me to feel so comfortable in taking 1 side of the course out of play and letting me give myself room to bail out my misses and still be fine / in play. My biggest breakthrough was the position of the club behind the ball when I realized that Moe wasn’t just sitting it behind the ball, he was “turning” behind the ball, back cocking his shoulders. Setting up this way makes it feel impossible to come over the top and it’s why I’m striking the ball so nicely from the inside resulting in that little draw. If I want to fade the ball I simply rotate the club face at set up then re grip, adjust my aim and hit a fade with that same inside path swing. Also something else ive been doing which I added myself, was a grip change Shawn clement style , where I use a neutral grip with the club face closed 30 degrees at set up, and then tilt , get behind the ball, back c0ck the shoulders , get the hands leading and dynamically set the club face square like it’s going to be at impact. This completely took the feeling of the hands out of it for me and I don’t feel my hands at all. This hasn’t hurt my accuracy any and has added an easy 30 yards off the tee. Its made me feel Moes vertical drop even more dynamically. Here’s the video , worth the watch
  7. You said you get wrist pain when you use a weak grip ? So that’s why I suggested turning the club face open and then gripping the club with your neutral / normal grip. I use a very strong grip and hit a natural draw but fade the ball off the tee knuckle fade style where I open the face at address , then grip the club with my strong grip , aim left and then rip a draw swing and feel like I’m gonna hook it into the left trees and it produces a long , powerful fade. Nothing in my grip or swing changes , I just rotate the face open and then grip it and swing my normal swing while aiming left instead of straight. Look up the slice fixer knuckle fade.
  8. Rotate the face at address and then grip the club with your normal grip.
  9. My fade swing and draw swing are identical. I simply rotate the face open slightly at set up then grip the club and then rip my draw swing and the ball fades. Slicefixers knuckle fade
  10. Mine aren’t completely straight I have some bend in the knees. I would say my knee flex looks pretty comparable to Chandler Rusk at set up.
  11. I don’t notice any conscious difference in weight from set up to impact. All I really feel is the pressure shift into the flexed lead knee and the pressure roll to the instep of my trail foot as it stays on the ground but slightly rolls inward. I feel pretty centred I don’t feel weight too much to the heels or the toes.
  12. I agree completely ! Micromanagement is recipe for disaster. I place the face square to the ball, get my stance , then my tilt , then I slowly rotate until the club is a about 8 - 10 inches behind the ball and I feel slightly closed with the shoulders. At that point I feel my back swing is pre set and my back swing and down swing come down that 4:30 line , hands leading , lead arm above trail arm , trail arm slightly bent and I strike the ball from the inside. After the set up I have no swing thoughts. It took a long time to get to this point , but the drilling and the pre positions now have my body just making the move and the feel without any thoughts. It feels so simple and powerful and when always visualizing that 4:30 line I feel like coming over the top isn’t in the cards.
  13. This is the 4:30 line that Erickson speaks about. That’s not Moe in the picture it’s Player, but there you see the 4:30 line. Moe basically pre set to where he felt his back swing and down swing went back and through from the inside on that 4:30 line. The reason his club would look like it was so far behind him with the butt end leading when he demonstrated his vertical drop was an acknowledgement of the 4:30 line.
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