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  1. I’m not sure exact pricing but reach out to Forest Hill. Course is nice and from what I heard pricing is very reasonable.
  2. Still using mine and still enjoying it a lot. The neutral balance gives me a lot of confidence and allows me to focus on just making a pure stroke. I love trying new clubs through the bag but honestly don’t really feel a desire to change the flatstick.
  3. For those that have, how was walking 36 been?
  4. I would say more towards the P4+ size for the opening. I don’t have a P4/P4+ on hand to compare overall but feel it’s easier to get clubs in/out than my previous P4.
  5. Okay thank you. Just didn’t know if there was USGA regulations conforming to shafts.
  6. Can you use this thing in tournaments/club competitions? I’m tempted to pull the trigger to try. Hover around 107-108mph when warmed up but maybe this is the impetus for some speed training to go 110 or above consistently hah.
  7. Switching to yearly releases doesn’t seem great from an image p.o.v...
  8. Thanks for the feedback. I hit off mats so the comments re. turf interaction are good to hear.
  9. Went for a fitting to see how the T’s were. Currently playing Apex Combo 2 degree up with DG S300s. Fitted into Nippon Modus 105s and 2 degrees flat! That was certainly a surprise. What really was eye-opening was the performance. Hit my 7 side by side and launch, spin and descent were very similar. However, the carry on the 0311s was significantly longer, 6-8/9 yards or so? Really surprising as Apex is 30.5 degrees and the 0311T is 32 degrees. Really liked the topline, overall look and performance. Only thing is I wish the soles were a little bit thinner? Decis
  10. I have Apex 19 combo set and thinking of pulling the trigger on a 0311T set. How is head size/top line compared to the Apex Pro’s? Forgiveness seems top notch just trying to get a feel for size.
  11. Thanks for the pics. The size is hard to imagine in person.
  12. I’ve played first gen P790 and CF19 Apex combo. The feel of the Apex wins for me, and in other areas they feel similar (don’t have LM numbers and different shafts too). For what it’s worth I think Callaway is releasing a new Apex line early next year (not sure if just the Pro line or both) so may want to wait for that.
  13. Good to hear! I've had comments on mine but love it too hah.
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