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  1. For anyone curious on fit (as I was), I wear Nike/Adidas in 9 and found the same size fit for me in both MG4+ and Gallivanter. the MG4+ in particular are maybe the most comfortable shoes I’ve worn.
  2. There are also (what I assume) Asia only Linksmasters. Here’s one I saw in Korea - the material is more of a nylon/polyester type. Definitely lighter…I don’t need another bag but I’m tempted to pick one up whilst I’m here…
  3. Top: Driver, 5W, 3HY, Putter Middle: 4-9 Bottom: 46, 50, 56, 60 degree wedges
  4. The reason for mini-drivers is to create a ‘new’ category, and help part a fool (me) and his money…
  5. I have a G425 5 wood and a SIM 3HY (no 3 wood), then 4-P and wedges. Distance gapping is great and would love to have a DI in the bag but hard to give up the versatility of the hybrid unfortunately…
  6. I like my MG2s but these would be hard to resist…
  7. This is so confusing hah. Guess I’ll just order my true size and see from there!
  8. These look really nice. Will be interesting to see topline pics.
  9. Thinking about getting a pair of MG4+, am I right in saying should order half a size up from my regular Nike/Adidas size (9)? Edit: Should add I have some Gallivanters in 9 that fit fine and just wanted to check sizing of the MG4+.
  10. I had a Titleist 4 Staydry and using a Linksmaster members bag at the moment. I’m fine carrying it but the extra weight is certainly noticeable…
  11. Galvin Green rain gear is worth the cost IMO.
  12. I went from Apex 19 combo to Gen 3 Ts (4-P). Really liking them and feel forgiveness (especially thin and toe strikes) is really good. They look great and I honestly think that for the profile they’re hard to beat. I feel they’re a little longer than my Apex which is fine, and PW at 46 degrees makes wedge gapping a bit easier.
  13. This is great, keep the enabling going!
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